Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to the world

I finally have internet back at my new house. It felt like I was cut off from the world-lol. We have unpacked alot and are enjoying the last few days of summer. Tomorrow we are going to get everything else we need for school which starts next Wed. Thur. is my last day at work with the autistic kids. I will miss them. Fri., Sat. & Sun. we are going camping. Mon. is a end of summer barbque slash birthday celebration at my mom's. My mom, sister, aunt, brother, cousin, and grandma all have Sept. birthdays. Yikes. I hope they all like my signature gift, a nice photo of my kids. I know my mom loves to get that. Tues. my in home daycare will resume for full time. I have two boys enrolled for full time. I am excited.
Over the past few days both my sons father's have been going through some hard times. I would ask that you pray for them. Jason's dad's name is Jason, he and his wife need encouragement as it seems they have been hit with many hard blows including illness and unemployment in the
past year and with an extremely pressing legal issue last week. Joshua's dad's name is Jose. He is out of work on temp. disability due to back injury and may need surgery. He also is on a break with his girlfriend and seems very sad about this. Please lift them up in your prayers. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We moved in!!!

Hello! Here it is Wed. 4 days since we moved. We got all the stuff in, but now I have to put it all away. This will take a few months-lol. Saturday was the most beautiful day ever. It was calm and cool, not a typical summer day but we were so grateful. I had about 20 people helping from my family and church. It was so awesome to see how God provides for me, it is not just enough it is more than enough.
I actually feel at home already. It is so weird, and hard to explain but I feel so calm.
One thing driving me crazy is I have no internet at home until the end of the month. I am typing this at my mom's.
Well, I have to type some stuff so I have to make this short. Enjoy your day! -Becky

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Friday!!!

1 more day to go!!!!! Tomorrow at 8:00 am we are moving. We have painting to do today at the new house. My dad is here to help with painting, he is so good at it. I am so blessed to have so much help! Internet is going until Monday, I will be so lost. Keep us in our prayers! -Becky

ps- update Monica got valid co for new house, thanks for your prayers

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 days to go!!!

Hello! It is late Wed. night. I did not have to work (for money today.) But I sure did work. My awesome mom took the kids to the park and then to her house so I had 5 hours to pack. I finished my room (about 99 % any way.) I am exhausted. I also did my closet and 3/4 of Jason's room. He and I are going to work up there in the morning for an hour then go to pool before I have to go to work tomorrow. We did get to jump in the pool after dinner (dinner at my mom's again, thanks for the yummy shrimp Mom.) Then we got to watch some of Beethovan 3. We rented 1-3 at the library cause we don't get anymore channels on tv since I cancelled the service. It is nice, we go to the library once a week and get a few free movies and best part no commercials. The movies are cute, they are about a St. Bernard dog. They are old, but my kids have never seen them. Very family friendly, no bad words, nudity, or even overly rude kids.
Joshua and I finally finished The Mouse and the Motorcycle. I am surprised but each night while I read he stayed quiet so I could finish each chapter (that's my rule, if you talk I am done, Joshua loves to talk-me to-lol.)
As I have been packing I am reminded of how blessed my family is. We have so many clothes, toys, and books. We have never gone hungry and God allows that all our bills get paid. Actually having to get about 50 boxes to pack up all this stuff has further reminded me of how much we truely have and how others have so little. I will ask that you once again to pray for our sponser child, his parents make a combined income of $70 a month. They live in a hut with a bamboo roof. I am sure they would not need 50 plus boxes if they needed to move. I am glad we can be part of his life through Compassion Child.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

4 days to go!!!

Hello! I just got home from my teaching assistant job. I am tired, but my mom took the boys so I have to pack. Tonight is the front hallway closet and finish the upstairs. Tomorrow is my room (so much in there left to do.) But I can do this. I got more boxes so I will be ok for tonight at least. How can three people have so much stuff? I am giving or throwing away so much so it's still too much. We are so blessed!!!
So many people have offered to help Sat. Again we are so blessed! Pray for no rain. Pray for no injuries. Ok, it's back to work for me -Becky

Monday, August 13, 2007

Taking a break for FUN

Hello! We just got back from playing mini golf. We went to this cute golf course built and run by students of a local high school. The admission is only $1.50 per child, but we had 2 buy one get one free admission tickets from library reading program. So it was $4.50 for 5 kids to play. Then after each child got an ice pop and chips (or some combination of snacks) for $2.50. We brought drinks from home. For $7.00 seven of us (moms included) had 2 hours of fun, except towards the end when the boys were having too much fun and girls were appalled at the boy humor. Why are bathroom topics so funny to them?

On the ride home I found about 20 awesome boxes on someones garbage, looked they just moved in. I was about to go buy some I needed more, I had to call Monica to get some because they would not all fit in my car.
Now on to more packing. More later... -Becky

Jason & Peter in background

Joshua doing his "Oh yeah" dance after scoring in mini golf

It's 5 days to go

5 days until we move. today as you go about your day please pray for a friend of mine she is in great need especially today! Thanks! I will update later. -Becky

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hello! I am moving Saturday! That is 6 days away. I am so not ready. I NEED BOXES! I need to pack so much stuff!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!
On a good note I have help on Sat. My youth pastor, my dad, and a few other men from church will be here Sat. at 8:00 am. I have the truck reserved and the money for the truck as well. My family and church family are so awesome. I appreciate them all so much! -Becky

Friday, August 10, 2007

Courtney & Brians blog please read



For His Glory Orphanage in Haiti


I wanted to write about my friend Courtney again. Her and her husband Brian, are just ordinary people (almost my age a few years older) and yet they are accomplishing amazing things. They are trusting God and doing what He asks. You can read there story at there blog (see my favorite blogs to the right.) But God asked them to adopt and they said yes. They knew they could not do it alone, financially, emotionally, or physically, but with God they would be able. Courtney is one of the most positive people I know and her family and kids are happy and polite. Not common with many kids today (I know I am working on the polite with my kids.)
I love talking with Coutney as she always makes me feel good about me. What a great friend. I am thankful that God allowed us to actually have a conversation on the phone today without any of my 4 kids here or her 7 interrupting, now that is truely only God.
I am glad through prayer and small donations I can be involved in there ministry.
You can too, the orphange in Haiti has started another project. They hope to have 100 people commit to sponser a child in 100 days (for the year.) To commit you can click on there website For His Glory Adoption Agency. The committment is $30 a month for a year. How many of that spend that on one trip to McDonalds or something we don't really need? $30 a month will help a child in Haiti have a chance. Imagine if your kids had not enough food, clothes, or worse love. Well in a way these are our kids in Haiti. God calls us to care for the widows and the orphans. It is only $1.00 a day.
If you feel called to further help they also run mission trips where ordinary people go and help with things that need to be done at the orphange. You can also see they website to get more information on thses trips.
Thanks or listening. Please check out Courtney & Brian's blog and the orphanage in Haiti. -Becky

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

underwear on the ceiling fan?

I am way to not mature enough to have children. Jason is having a sleep over and these rowdy boys will not go to bed. I just walked into the living room (it's 11:33 at night) and they had the friends underwear on the fan and were turning it on to see where the underwear would go. Well, instead of being mad I thought this hilarius. Underwear on the ceiling fan, yes, but at least they were not still wearing it-lol Goodnight ( I hope.) Oh and mom sorry for keeping you up all those nights I had sleep overs. -Becky

Sunday, August 5, 2007

flylady.com really helps

Hello! I am so proud of myself, after church, food shopping, watching a movie with kids, swimming in pool, and a nice dinner with boys (and ice cream sundays for dessert), and after I put Josh to bed I did something I have been procrastinating. Flylady says to do something for just 15 min., to keep us for getting overwhelmed, well I did not want to tackle my coat closet as every time I open it stuff falls on my or rolls out. I took 2 boxes and 1 garbage bag and opened the door. I set my timer for 15 min., and in that time I got all winter stuff in that closet gone (packed or disposed of) and packed all soccer stuff. It took less than 15 min. All balls are also back where they go. It was too easy. If you have trouble getting stuff done and organized try Flylady, it is free (you can buy stuff to help, books, etc, but not required.) I am not getting paid or anything for telling you about the site, but since it is so helpful to me I wanted to share.
Oh I also packed all Jasons books from his room that we are moving and got rid of about 15 that we are not. It was another good day.
By the way no one in the house, we are all safe, and I got a key again so I can keep my door locked from now on. -Becky

Jason, Josh, and Grandpa Scott crabbing

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Scaredy Cat

Hello! I got home from my part time job about an hour ago. The boys are sleeping at my mom's (my mom & stepfather took them to the rodeo.) I am actually scared to be home alone. I am convinced someone is upstairs and am way to scared to go look. Why does having a 9 & 4 year old home comfort me?

Anyway this morning we cleaned the house, we being Josh & I. Jason refused until after his meds and a shower calmed him down. Then he did a few things, but we were almost done. Sometimes I forget his meds as soon as he wakes up and this is so bad!!!!!

After chores we went crabbing with my mom & stepfather. They kept catching baby ones and we had to throw them back. When I left to go to work they were still at it and had only 1 keeper. Joshua would pull his cage up the second he threw it down, how can we work on patience?
Jason enjoyed it. I will post some pictures when I get my camera from my mom's.

Then I went to my part time Sat. babysitting job. It was not bad, best behaved kids every. They are twins. They are now 7, but I have been watching them one night a week since they were 3. The boy has severe nut and shellfish allergies and some others, so his parents never left him with any sitter. I met them cause I worked at the preschool they went to. Mom liked me cause I was not a teenager, has an AA in Education, and was certified in first aid, cpr, and epi pen. So it is good for me to make more money. I usually end up only going 2 times a month, usually one Sat. they are busy and one Sat. I am busy. But the parents go out on a date. It is so nice. And after kids go to bed I straighten up and relax with about 400 channels on there tv. Fun, since I have none.

Well, that's my day. I will update on stranger in the house and will rectify my door lock situation tomorrow so this will not happen again. -Becky



Thank God for friends

Hello! Yesturday I was working and my great friend, Monica called to see what I was doing later. She asked if we were having a painting party (I have been procrastinating painting for weeks.) I had not planned on it but she said she would come over and help me and we would order chinese (one of my favorites.) What kind of person gives up there Friday night to help someone else paint? She is so awesome. So she brought her kids over, we got our food, and we painted. It was not fun work, but having her help made it all the better. The best part was that for four hours our kids (4 boys total) played almost without interrupting us. They even "helped" a bit. So now Joshua's room is very much closer to be ready for us to move out. (I have to paint over the colors I put up in boys rooms and my room, so I can get my security back.)
God is so good to have given me some real Proverbs 17:17 friends "A friend loves at all times." And what better way to show love then helping me do a hard chore. Of course while we worked we pretended we were out relaxing with no kids, her with a drink and me with a non alcoholic smoothie something. The breeze was blowing and we were listening to some band playing backyground music. Oh wait, that was the air conditioner and kids in the background. ONE DAY MONICA, one day very soon!!!!! -Becky

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's August?

Hello! Wow it's August already. Only 18 days till I move. I am so not ready!!!
Today we had a great day. After errands (including finding a sandbox on someone' s garbage and then shoving it in my small 1992 Dodge Shadow with the trunk open and my kids scrunching low in there seats-yeah!!! now we have a sandbox for our house) anyway, after all our errands we went to the water park. My brother, Kevin, got us tickets. We had so much fun. Joshua liked the lazy river best, Jason liked the hot tub and slide that shot him into open air. Lots of sunblock and three hours later, they didn't even want to leave, but I was SO ready for a nap. The wanted to then go on rides (waterpark is next to boardwalk.) I guess I really am getting older (I will be 28 soon and all.) Maybe another day for rides.
When we got home I did take nap and kids watched a movie. My ankle was hurting me a lot, so this stinks. But now it feels much better. I am not used to standing and walking around for 3 hours on my broken ankle.
We had a nice dinner together (the nice part was sitting together at the table about 30 min. with no fighting- dinner was not too bad either- I made myself stir fry with veggies from my mom's garden on rice. Boys had plain rice, cooked carrots, and yum-corn dogs!)
After dinner boys were exhausted so Jason took a shower and read and Josh and I read a chapter of The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Jason has already read this.) Josh always begs for another chapter but we only do 1 a night (although I have to admit sometimes I read ahead.)
Ok, I am even beginning to bore myself. Overall, great day and week so far.
Oh and I packed 1 1/2 boxes and got rid of 1 garbage bag full of stuff and 8 more magazines.
-Becky in NJ