Saturday, August 30, 2008

His calling

Hello! I know I have posted before how I feel God wants me to homeschool Jason. Well, He has really confirmed that by closing some doors and opening others that all point to homeschooling.

Anyway, in order to do so I felt closing my daycare was wise. This allows me to leave work at work, and be involved in the homeschool co-op. Well, that also means I am making about half of what I was making before. So some things had to be cut from my budget, alot of things actually. My new budget is almost completely bare bones.

All our needs are still being met, God is so good. But homeschooling is a sacrifice, of my time and money. But what better way to spend my time and money than on something I feel God calling me to do. Not to mention, he is my son and I love him alot.

Unfortunately after cutting much and tweaking the budget I am still short about $225 a month.

So today I called to cancel my internet and reduce my phone to bare bones, no features, no long distance. This saves me another $45 a month. But I will tell you that this hurts. I love my internet, I love email, and I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!! I will be able to go to library, my moms, and a friends now and again to check email and update this blog. And I will, but it will be hard as I am online everyday!!!

But this got me thinking that I am neglecting my walk with the Lord and some days can't find time to spend with Him, so perhaps no internet will be a good thing, as I will have all that time I was spending online to devote to HIM. So this is actually a praise. I will be saving money and spending more time with the LORD!!! Yeah!

But I still am a little sad. I think that is ok, too.
Pray I find away to make another $200 a month ($20 tithe, $180 for budget short!) Thanks!