Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ready for bed

It is about 10:30pm. My kids are in there own beds and are asleep. I actually made them go to bed in there own beds tonight. This is a small, but awesome victory at our house.

We went to church this morning (even made Sunday school) and then went to lunch with my cousin and her kids (she paid-she offered.) It was nice. Then after church we did nothing. We hung around the house, played some board games, watched a movie, and had dinner. We didn't clean or anything. I did manage to do the dishes and get all our clothes and snacks and lunches made for tomorrow, but for the most part we relaxed.

So now I am actually going to get in bed and read a bit. I realize that I need 7-8 hours of sleep, in addition to daily exercise, and healthy eating, so even if the house is a bit messy, I am going to bed. I am going to focus on being in bed by 10:30pm this week, and getting up at 6:30am to do my devotion. Pray that I can succeed in at least that.

Goodnight! -Becky


Permission to Mother said...

Two of mine are still in my bed all the time and the other one uses the other bed in the room most of the time. We are happy.