Monday, April 13, 2009

We are home

We are home from Ohio.

The funeral service for my grandpa was uplifting. My grandma is still in shock I suppose, or overwhelmed by all the people in her usual quiet house.

The very sad thing is that decisions have to be made about her that no one should be making at a time like this. She can not live alone. She is not well herself. So my brother, Kevin, has decided to go live with her until she gets into assisted living. This is very noble of him, yet I am selfishly very upset by it. He lives in the next town from me right now, not 10 hours away by car. I don't want to go months without seeing my brother. But the reality is someone needs to care for my grandmother. My dad has his new wife, Nola and son, Matthew (my baby brother who will be 1 next week.) They live in North Carolina. Nola can not leave her job until March 2010 due to her contract or she will have some sort of penalty fee (her job paid for some of her schooling.)

My mom drove to Ohio with me (Kevin left before us and is still there.) My mom was amazing, she did most of the driving and kept the boys occupied when necessary. It also was nice to spend three whole days with her. We played a fun license (Texas) plate game. Well, at least it is fun (Arizona) to me.

My kids were amazing on the trip as well. Today is another story. They are misbehaving because they do not want to have to do anything. I did finally get them to play outside about 5:30pm. They stayed outside beating each other with big sticks for over an hour. Wait, that is not a good game for kids? LOL.

We have gotten so off track with school work and chores over the past month (with Jason's standardized testing and Joshua being sick.) But now they do not want to do anything. My house is a mess. I have to clean it before Thur. I also have to get Jason's lesson plans caught up to date and write his lesson plans for the next two weeks.

I am overwhelmed, tired, and stressed. I am so nervous about my surgery Thur. Plus I am grieving my grandfather. I know this is life and tomorrow is another day. But I don't even want to talk on the phone at all (which I usually due a few times a day, especially to my best friend, Monica.) I guess it is good that I am blogging.

Now, I am going to straighten up and then work on Jason's homeschool lesson plans. Tomorrow is co-op. Wed. I will spend all day cleaning and getting ready for Thur.'s surgery.

Have a great week yourself and keep us in your prayer's.



Permission to Mother said...

With sympathy.

Jeannette said...

mourning is a normal part of (missouri) life. You have to mourn and feel the sadness (arizona) I too do not like Kevin being so far away, but he needs to do this and I think it will be a good thing, (New York) and I see alot of change in him as far as becoming an adult. At least with him in charge I know (mud) he will protect you and your brother..