Friday, April 30, 2010

Ohio Trip

Last Sunday we left NJ to drive to Ohio. We, was my brother, Kevin, my boys Jason and Joshua, and myself. We left about 12 in the afternoon. It is an 8 hour drive. We got to Ohio Sunday night about 8. We checked into the hotel and then went to see my grandmother.

The boys and I stayed at the Best Western and Kevin stayed with my grandmother. We like that the hotel has an indoor pool and free continental breakfast.

Monday we went to the Football Hall of Fame and spent time with my grandmother. Tuesday we hang out in hotel and spent time with my grandmother. We also took my grandmother to Friendly's. She loves to go there. We also stopped by a cemetery that had my great and great great grandparents. My grandmother also has two plots there. It was interesting to see some old family headstones.

Wed. we hung out with my grandmother some more and then we left about 1:00 in the afternoon.

It was really nice to spend time with my grandmother again. The sad thing is her health is ailing and she lives alone since my grandfather died last year. She refuses a nursing home. She doesn't even really want to leave her home either (which I so get, my grandfather and great grandfather built it!)

Please pray for her health and decisions regarding living. Thanks!


Pictures of our trip to Ohio

us at Pennsylvania sign (we couldn't do this at Ohio sign it was over road)
us at Football Hall of Fame in Ohio
Boys on tree in park
Kevin, Jason, Josh, and my grandma

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weight Watchers Update

I started WW on March 29, 2010. So far I am down 9.6 lbs.
I so can't wait to get to the 10 lbs mark.
Although I still have a long way to go, I am proud.
I even managed not to gain while in Ohio and Washington D.C.
Of course walking 7 plus hours one day, surely helped with that.

My daily WW goals are:
-write down everything I eat and drink
-drink 6 glasses water daily
-walk or other exercise at least 5 days a week for 15 min. or more

So far I have been good about these goals. I already feel better!!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Win a free handmade bookmark

My friend's daughter has her own blog and is having a contest. She is giving away a cool bookmark she made. Check it out here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scott is awesome!!!

Before I tell you all about the great trip we had, I want to give a huge thanks to my stepfather, Scott. While we were away he repaired the ceiling in my living room (from water damage); repaired a hole upstairs, replaced Jason's door (which was needed since Josh kicked a hole in it); fixed my flat tires; and turned over soil in yard so I can start my garden.

I feel so blessed and am so thankful!

Thanks so much for all your hard work! I love you!

Another post about trip will follow soon (we got in late last night, so I am still very tired.)


Sunday, April 18, 2010


I will be away until Friday. We are going to Ohio to visit my grandmother. It has been one year since my grandfather died. My grandmother is not in the best health, so she is limited in what she can do. I hope our visit will lift her spirits.

My brother Kevin is going with us so we should have a good time bonding.

I will post pictures when we return.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Venture. I need prayer and help!

I have just started selling Pampered Chef.

I am really excited as I am starting to really enjoy cooking and like having good tools to do so.
Plus the Pampered Chef products are well made and have a great guarantee.

Here is what I need from you:

First, prayer. Please pray that this would provide some income for our family. Also that I could be a positive witness to those I meet and have shows for.

Second, would you consider hosting a catalog show to help me out.

For a catalog party I send you catalogs and order forms, you show them to anyone you wish. Take orders and mail back to me (at my expense.) If you have some orders you can earn free and half price items.

Even if you are out of state you can host a catalog party for me.

I would really appreciate prayers and if you can host a catalog party.

Even if you don't wish to host any parties you can order just for yourself. Let me know and I will drop a catalog in the mail to you. If you are out of state you can have items shipped right to you.

Thanks so much!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free Summer Bowling For Kids

Go here to sign up for free bowling everyday for your kids in the summer. Available in many states.
We did this last year.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What do you think?

Mom "returns" her adopted son.

A U.S. woman sent a boy she adopted back to Russia.

read full article here

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why I do the crazy things I do

I do some crazy things. Like using all cloth products in the house, not using shampoo, and making my own cleaners and laundry soap. Crazy in that they are different from most of my friends and family, but no so crazy when I discover some of you are doing them too.

Why do I do these things?

I am frugal. I want to save money. I also want to be a good steward of the money God has entrusted to me.

I want to protect the earth's resources. I want to be a good steward of the earth God has entrusted to us.

I have sensitive skin and chemicals irritate me. Plus I don't want as many chemicals on my skin or my kids skin.

I realize we all do some things that others may think is strange and although I am fine with the choices I am making others think it's weird. So I have to learn when to talk about my crazy ways and when to hold my tongue.

Thanks goodness for my blog, where I can share my crazy ways and even find some fellow bloggers doing some crazy stuff too.


Two Weeks Completed

I weighed in at my Weight Watchers meeting tonight. I am down another 1.6 lbs. For a total of 7.8 lbs. down.

This week I continued to write down everything I ate. I also ate lots of fruits and veggies. I tried to drink 6-8 glasses water. I also exercised five days this week. I walked three of the days, 20 min., 20 min., and 40 min. The other two days I did yard work and outside stuff.

I am excited.

It makes me want to exercise more and eat healthier as well.

This morning I made a fruit smoothie with flax seed. I want to start making green smoothies for energy as well. Tomorrow I am going to get some spinach.

I also ate a salad for lunch and veggie stir fry with dinner.

I am still toying with a no sugar and almost all raw diet. But one step at a time.

I also want to eliminate fast food from our lives, but again baby steps.


Yesterday we had my sister's baby shower

Yesterday we had my sister's shower at this cute tea room by the ocean (in Ocean Grove, NJ.) It was an awesome day! We all had a good time.

my sister Sam
my 14 year old niece Amanda
my cousin, Charlene
Sam and her best friend Megan
look my Grandma is smiling
Sam, my mom, and Mrs. Sieh

Sam and I at her baby shower
Sam with special bow belt. She looks so good for being 8 months pregnant!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today update

I woke up at 7:30am and lazed around till 9:00am. Not too bad.

I am not yelling that is the best part. Also kids ate healthy breakfast and are eating lunch (which is half healthy.)

We are doing schoolwork (while they eat) and then I have errands to run.

This is my to do list for rest of day:
-finish schoolwork -done
-go to bank to get cash -done
-go get stuff for devotion for my sister's baby shower (which is this weekend) -done
-get supplies to make favors for sisters shower -done
-get fabric for surprise boys are making for there new cousin -not done
-go to old house and get all my stuff out!!! -not done
-clean my house (my grandma is coming over tomorrow to help with favors) -done
-help boys start state reports (that are due Tuesday) -done

Yikes! At least I have until 8pm to do all this (about 7 hours.) And I can even clean my house after boys are in bed.

How is your day going?


It is 9:49pm we are still doing this stuff. Jason is writing up one of his state reports. I put Joshua to bed after he helped me clean (about 10 min. ago.) I just straightened up but still have about six loads clean laundry to fold and put away. Plus I have to put my homemade laundry soap into bottles.
In addition to above list today I also did yard work. I cleaned up some sticks. I raked up some dead leaves. I set up my fire pit with log seats around it. I also hung 3 loads of laundry online and and took them in when dry.
And I did not take a nap or watch tv at all today. I actually have only sat to use computer once before and now. I have to get back to chores now.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Eric after a skateboard mishap. He was pleased with himself.

Last night I was watching tv and a scene came on that had me in hysteric tears. For a split second I forgot, and wondered why I was crying. Then it hit me with such intensity that Eric was gone.


How could I have a bother who died? I wanted to pretend it couldn't be true as I tried so hard to do when I first learned about his death.
But I can't. It is true.

I am trying so hard to be a better person, closer to the Lord, a better mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

But no matter how many positive changes I make or good days I have, he is still gone.

I can't just go on with my life, because my life is no longer the same. I have to find a way to go on in this new life. This life that Eric is not in.

I could never imagine before that 10 months after a death I could still be so raw with emotion.

Yet here it is almost 10 months since we learned the horrible news, and yet my heart still aches. I long to hear his voice and talk about anything with him. It still is so hard!


Happy Birthday Charlene

It's my cousin, Charlene's 35th birthday! Have a great day!

I need a life coach

I so can not get getting up in am down. It is horrible. I have the best intentions, yet either get up and go back to sleep or don't get up at all. This has been a life long struggle, as even as a child and teen I loved to sleep in.

My kids, of course love it, as they watch tv, eat candy, and play the computer. But we are wasting so much time.

Then I wake up like a crazy woman yelling and barking orders, because now we have stuff to do or places to go.

I feel so lazy and like a bad mother. My own mother gets up early daily and used to make us breakfast and be cheerful before we went off to school. I am not setting a good tone for the day.

I need advice. What do you do to get up in am?

Ideally right now I want to be asleep at night by 12am and up by 8am.

Please pray and offer suggestions. I am so frustrated and at my wit's end.

I so need to get this right.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Weight Watchers

As you may realize in the few pics I post of myself, I need to lose some weight (about 60lbs to be exact.)

Three years ago (before my ankle drama began,) I started Weight Watchers and lost 22lbs.

I have decided to start again.

Last Monday was my first meeting. So this week I have been doing the plan. I wrote down everything I ate (part of WW plan.) I tried to stay within my daily points (I did everyday except yesterday.) I have 26 points daily, plus an extra 35 weekly (to be used a little at a time or on a splurge.) I tried to drink at least 6 glasses water a day (also recommended by them.) I also tried to get my 5-7 fruits and veggies in. Not to hard for me, as I like fruits and veggies a lot.

It has been a huge reminder about what I am putting in my mouth, especially stuff I don't like that much. Why bother? Also realizing what a serving is. I could eat many cashews, but a serving is only 3 tablespoons. I realize before I was eating a few servings. Yikes!

I believe God gave us food to enjoy, and we should, but in moderation. Plus some food (especially some processed stuff that does not even resemble food) is not worth it. I also believe my body is His temple, but I am misusing it. I need healthier foods, less food, and more exercise. This is a sin in my life.

WW is helping me to treat His temple better.

Tonight I went to my second meeting and I was down 6.2 lbs. I think some of that is that I had heavier clothes on last week, plus it was the beginning of my time of the month (which makes me bloated,) but some of that was weight loss, so I am excited!

Usually a healthy weight loss is about 1/2-2 lbs. a week, but they said the first few weeks you may lose more. I also may not lose anymore this week, because I lost so much last week.

The best thing is my cousin, and three friends are all doing WW as well, so we have more accountability. We are not going to same meetings, but can talk about challenges and victories together. WW recommends having a buddy, and I have four. Yeah!

I will post weekly struggles and successes here.

Anyone else on WW or a similar plan?


Responding to a comment

I got this comment today:
Anonymous said...

I check in on your blog all the time, and I find it very interesting. As an atheist, I disagree with A LOT (lol) of what you say, but I really appreciate your outlook and your adorable boys. I guess I was wondering, since we're pretty much opposite on the religious front, if you minded my reading your blog? I live in a religious area, and generally keep my atheism under wraps to avoid hurting my family. I wanted to take the opportunity to as a religious person anonymously, would you try to convert me if you knew me in real life? would you keep your kids away from me or my kids (assuming you were fine with me as a person, and then found out about my atheism?).

I hope this isn't too inappropriate or personal, but I figured you could just ignore or not publish the comment if you didn't want to answer. :-)


Dear Anonymous,

Hello! First, let me thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I encourage readers of any beliefs to read my blog. I am glad anyone is reading it at all (lol.)

Second, I have many people in my life that have different beliefs and no beliefs at all. They all add value to my life. I would not avoid you because you don't believe as I do. Also, although I would not try and convert you, I would share things in my life and if I gave God glory would hope you were not offended. I would want you to share things in your life with me as well.

I hope that you are not experiencing prejudices for being an atheist.

I do think it is kind of you to respect your family and I hope they are doing that for you as well.

I would not keep my kids from you or your kids. My own brother was an atheist yet my boys and I loved him dearly.

If you were say a mass murderer than I may have my hesitations (lol.)

Your comment was not inappropriate or impersonal. I am happy to answer you and will be happy to answer any future questions as well, especially since you were so polite (that is a big deal for me, we can all disagree civally.)

Have a great day!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time with mom and sister

Yesterday my mom, sister, and I went to get pedicures (I also got an eyebrow wax and they got manicures.) We went to this awesome spa that uses all organic stuff. I loved it. I felt so pampered. But the best part was the time talking with my mom and sister with no agenda or kids around. That does not happen too often. They are really cool people so I actually enjoy spending time with them. So I am super grateful for yesterday!


How am I doing with 2010 personal goals

Recap of 2010 personal goals and how I am doing with them:

1) daily time with God (in prayer, Bible reading, and devotion) goal 45 min. -not happening yet

2) sleep routine (in bed by 12, up by 8) -am falling asleep by 12, but still not up by 8 every day

3) regulate hormones (with doctor's help) -I think this is going well

4) go back to drinking 6-8 glasses water daily -I am doing this

5) exercise 30 min. 5 times a week -not yet, am doing about 30 min. once a week

6) healthy body, lower cholesterol and lose weight -not yet

7) read for pleasure at least 15 min. a day -not yet

How am I doing with 2010 financial goals

Here is a recap of my 2010 financial goals and how I am doing with them:

1) rebuild my emergency fund, starting with $1,000, and then to 6 months living expenses (about $10,000) -check

2) up my giving (after my tithe) to 10%, so I would be giving away 20% of my income (it is all God's anyway, our job is to be good stewards of His money and tell other's about Him) -check

3) add vacation fund:
-$800 for hotel, meals, and misc for 4 days in Washington D.C.
-$800 for gas, hotel, and meals for about 4 days to go to Ohio to visit my grandmother again.
-$1,200 for 3 plane tickets to visit my friend Courtney for a few days (I have wanted to do this for so long.) If I did drive I would have to rent a car which would be about $700 for a week and plus gas about $200. And staying in a hotel on the way there and back about $300, because it is too far for me to drive in one day. So it would be same cost. -have Ohio trip funded, but not other two trips

4) start fence fund, need about $6,000 to have fence installed -have not started

5) start pool fund (kids really want a pool), need about $2,500 to buy and have above ground pool installed with all chemicals and supplies needed to run for one year -we have decided not to add a pool

Not too bad. Realistically the fence fund will not start this year. Also the trip to visit Courtney will probably not either, but I think we will be able to swing D.C. trip in fall.

Thur. trip to Manasquan Reservoir

Moms (me on far right)
Jason & Joshua
kids on rocks
all the kids (except the 2 year olds)

Friday, April 2, 2010

March unbudgeted for spending

For March I overspent:

$47.81 puppy food (supposed to be reimbursed)
$20.89 Blockbuster (in store rentals)
$14.02 Burger king
$25.00 adoption donation
$10.00 other donation
$32.00 basketball pictures
$10.50 Girl Scout cookies
$14.74 Chocolate village
$48.00 thrift shop
$13.00 thrift shop
$ 5.87 Five guys
$12.18 McDonald's
$86.77 JcPenny (clothes and sneakers for boys)
$50.62 puppy food (supposed to be reimbursed)
$30.00 adoption donation
$18.18 Blockbuster (online monthly fee)
$210.00 A.C.Moore (sewing machine and supplies)
$21.50 supplies for mentos experiment
$ 8.58 pizza
$ 9.95 Wawa sub
$ 9.52 Burger king
$ 7.49 Blockbuster
$55.65 sewing supplies
$25.50 new checks
$19.47 Blockbuster (in store rentals)
$157.27 Costco (for 7 person tent)
$10.85 books online

$953.86 (I am too tired to recheck that amount.)

Yikes! I am in shock! This is so bad. I didn't even know it was this bad. I am embarrassed!

We have a library almost as close as Blockbuster, yet I gave them over $60 this month on movie rentals and late fees. We so do not need that!!!

And I am trying to eat healthier and lose weight, yet we frequent fast food places.

This has been such an unhealthy and unfrugal month!!!

Some things like the clothes and checks were needed. I also sold some things online to make extra money this month. In addition I got a rebate I was expecting (that I used for the sewing machine.) The puppy food I am supposed to be reimbursed for.

I did get my tax refund this month, so this is where the extra money came from. But I can think of some better ways to spend some of that money (like not on movies and fast food.)

Typing these things really helps me to see I need a heart adjustment.
I, of course, can not overspend like this every month or any month.
I just moved all money from my checking to my savings account, as to not spend it on other stuff.
I also am going back to cash only, my debit cards are obviously not working very well for me.

Mia Culpa!!!


March bills

All March bills are paid in full!

I also got my roof done and paid for this month!

I also bought myself a sewing machine (no, I couldn't wait.)

It feels good to pay all the bills and balance budget at the end of the month!
It is such a testimony to God's provision.


Meeting update

The meeting is over. It went better than expected.

At first he (Jason's dad) was all about himself (as usual) but then he did say he wanted to be in his son's life and was willing to work on Jason's level and terms.

I hope that he is. I hope that they can have a positive relationship again one day. Jason needs that so much!

I just need to get over feeling so sick about confrontations or conversations with his dad.

Now on to a pedicure with mom and sister. Yeah!


Prayer Please

At 10am today I meeting at our therapist with Jason's dad. After lots of drama and mistreating of my son by his wife, he has been m.i.a. for the past two years, but now wants to be back involved. I am so torn. I want God's will. I want my son to have a positive, loving relationship with his dad. But I do not want to deal with his dad, or what he and his wife put my son through. I physically am sick thinking about it all!

Please pray for me.

At least the meeting is in a safe place, but still.

I covet your prayers!

Thanks! -Becky