Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aug. bills and unbudgeted for spending

Although it is already Sept. I have still been working on Aug. bills. As of right now almost everything is paid. I only ended up being $30 short on bills (which goes towards my sewer bill, which is not due until Oct. 1st, but each month I put $50 away to have money to pay it in full every three months.) So I still have to come up with that $30. But overall not too bad.

It is the first month I did not have everything squared away by the end of month, but I also had a lot of unbudgeted for expenses that were needed and many that were not.

These were:

$20 AC Moore for camp supplies
$30 Shoprite (take out)
$10 mailing a box out
$103 Kohl's clothes for Jason to go away with and for school (paid cash, not put on Kohl's charge)
$20 Wawa lunch
$15 Homeschool magazine
$3 Blockbuster
$33 Amazon (Homeschool stuff)
$14 Target
$22 Blockbuster
$32 cloth diapers for Kaiden
$11 Blockbuster
$29 China Buffet (so not worth it)
$7 Post office
$25 KFC
$45 Cracker Barrel (also not worth it)
$18 more cloth diapers for Kaiden
$78 payment on Kohl's charge (I still owe about $70)
$24 Costco
$58 Whole foods
$9 library late fees

$606 total

This month we spent a lot on eating out, because I forgot to budget food and then never got around to actually going to buy some. It ended up being very costly getting so much fast food, take out, and even going out to eat twice. Plus we wasted a lot renting movies and paying late fees for movies at library.

I am happy to report that despite all this I did get 95% of all school supplies. We just need to pay to chip in for Jason's science at our co-op.

I was able to do so with some extra income from this month (extra work),a donation from my dad, and a dear friend as well. I pray that God blesses them both!!!

I am unhappy to report that last month I opened a Kohl's charge for the coupons, but even after payment this month I still owe about $70. (I used cash for Jason's clothes, but then bought Josh and Kaiden stuff on charge and a baby shower gift as well.) So not worth the interest to get a coupon!!!

So so far for Sept. I need to make up $30 I was short for last month and about $50 for Jason's science. That is doable.

Now to repeat what I do most months, I have to have NO unbudgeted for spending this month!!!

How is your financial situation? Are all your bills paid in full?



HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

See stuff always comes up... we are still in debt :(