Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dog cost so far

Since we got an older dog from a person (as opposed to an organization) our cost have so far been relatively low.

$30 bed and treats at Costco (boys used their allowance)
$15 new engraved name and number tag Petsmart (again boys own money)
$3 treat bought by me at Petsmart
$5 Hermit Crab treat (since dog was getting a treat)
$5 bird treat (again since other pets were getting treats)

Almost $60, but I only spent $13. Not too bad.

Lady came with her bowl, leash, yard dog chain, and a huge bin of food. She also came with three months heartworm meds (she took the once monthly pill.) Her previous owners also gave me flea treatment if needed (2 vials since she is a large dog.)

I do have to pay the town to register her as my dog, but I think I will wait until Jan. since we have to get a new license every year. I think it is $20, but that includes a rabbies shot, so it is not too bad.

We also need to budget monthly:
$20 food (bag at Costco she has been eating for years)
$20 grooming ($100 2x's a year)

I know that if we had gotten a puppy the cost would have included fee or cost for puppy, all puppy shots, all stuff (bowl, leash, etc.) and who knows what else. Even an older dog from a shelter would have had a fee plus not come with her stuff.

I have been praying for a long time about getting a dog and all these upfront cost were prohibiting me from doing so.

With Jason's sensitivities and special needs a pet is highly recommended. It is someone he can show love and feel unconditional love from. Plus he can talk to and such without fear of rejection. Not to mention getting more exercise with walks, and more fresh air just playing with pet outside in yard.

Having Lady come up for adoption was a huge blessing for our family.

Please pray for a smooth transition for all of us. Also pray she remains healthy for many years to come (she is 6 1/2 years old right now.)


Unknown said...

DOGS are the best! I'm so glad you adopted this dog for Jason. Dogs often come in and out of our lives, often to teach us something along the way.