Saturday, March 26, 2011

Praise the Lord

All March bills (including April 1st rent) are paid in full.

Praise the Lord!!!

The bad news is I used my credit card this month and it is not paid in full. It should be by the end of April though. I bought two Shark Vac then Steam's. One is for my business, so I don't have to lug dustbuster, stick vac (which mine broke), and mop. This product does the work of all of these plus steams the floor killing germs without chemicals (since my cleaning business is Green Clean that is a plus.) I also ordered some toilet brushes (I don't want to use same one at each job, so I ordered one for each job.) I ordered ones made in America because I am sick of all business going overseas. (But this made them $9 each, plus shipping.)

So in addition to my mortgage I have $400 in debt. But like I said I hope to have it paid in full by the end of April (I hate debt.)

How are your March bills?



Jeannette said...

My March bills will be marching right into April

Make sure you keep your receipts for any cleaning supplies you use, and I hope your tracking your mileage

Becky said...

March was a lot better than January and February for us. Our heating bill is finally starting to go down now that it is warming up here :)

sylvia said...

march bills are sort of good: i had to spend some time on the taxes, which thankfully i don't owe more on one than is coming in from the other, but i had someone new do them this year and it was more money than i was expecting. lesson learned there. he is good and thorough and asked tons of questions, but the time spent [i had some complicated events last year] drove up the price.

i am ahead on one utility, i try to pay ahead since i don't have work in the summer. and i have a small part of the property tax that is due may 1 saved. guess i need to get going on that.

Becky R said...
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Becky R said...

I keep track of all work income and expenses, especially miles. I learned all that when I ran the daycare in my home. Plus it helps when I go to do my taxes. I have created excel sheets for each month and I can fuse them together when needed.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how you like the steam vacs... I keep seeing them and really really want one. I think they'll do better on tile than anything else (used to have a swiffer, but I hate buying the pads all the time)

Lindsey :)

Becky R said...

I love my vac then steam. But do not order from infomercial. Order from Amazon $150 with free shipping. I paid $420 for 2 of them. When I could have paid $300 for two of them. I did get a 2 year extended warranty plus extra pads, but neither is worth $120.