Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homeschool co-op progress

Two days a week, for 3 hours each day, the boys and I participate in a homeschool co-op.

Weekly we do geography, history, science, and pe. Monthly we do art as well.

I teach geography, history, science, and art to the k-2nd grade class.

We are officially more than half way through our lessons.

In geography we are studying all 50 states in order they became a state as well as where they are on map. We also do basic map skills.

In history we are studying famous Americans, which includes famous events from the revolution to about 1980.
We also are learning all the presidents. We are up to FDR.

Joshua can tell you info. about 15 famous Americans (non presidential) so far.
He knows 25 states and where they are.
He also knows about 5 presidents so far.

In science for Sept.- March we learned about human bodies, and how to keep them healthy. In the months ahead we will be doing:
the life cycle of a sunflower
the life cycle of a leopard frog
the life cycle of painted lady butterflies

In science we journal by drawing each learning activity. The kids really enjoy this and we review drawings occasionally to assure the kids still retain what we learned.

In science Josh knows the basic components of the human body, as just today he passed his quiz (it was a drawing quiz.) He also has prepared his lab for studying the life cycle of a seed. And he is anxiously awaiting our tadpoles that are due to arrive in May.

Jason recently passed his midterm in History. His class is studying 1800-present day in America as well as around the world.

In geography he is learning about countries all over the world. He has decided he wants to live in Italy one day and wants Italian to be the language he learns starting next year.

His science is environmental science. They are building a sustainable house (a model), with solar panels, a green house, and more. They also have built an engine that runs on water and batteries. The tragedy in Japan has given them concern over the environmental effects of this earthquake, especially in regards to the nuclear power plant.

I am really glad we participate in this co-op. It is very small, and works well for our family.

Jason's class has one of his best friends who is a year older and two friends who are younger as well, so it is a nice mix.

My class is just three kids, one is Josh and another is Josh's best friend.

If it is God's will I continue homeschooling next year, I hope it is also His will that I can participate in this co-op again.

If you homeschool do you participate in any co-ops? Do they meet weekly, monthly, once in a while? What do the kids take there?