Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So proud of Josh

Josh got some money in the mail for his birthday today. He spent it on dinner for us at church $10.00 and these items at food store:

3 boxes cereal $4.50 (sale)
1/2 gallon organic fat free milk $3.50
1 gallon Arizona $2.50 (sale)
1 bag apples $4.00
2 organic pears $1.50
2 boxes cheeze its $3.00 (we had a coupon)

This was his idea to spend his money this way.

He is so sweet.

I wouldn't usually get the Arizona, although we LOVE it, it is on the no limit list in our house with the high fructose corn syrup, but since Josh was spending his money and so kindly on everyone in our family I allowed it.

I also am proud that at the store Josh and Jason were really careful to stretch that money. This will give everyone in our house breakfast (cereal w/milk and fruit) and snacks (cheeze its and a piece of fruit) for 4 whole days. We already have items for lunch and tomorrow's dinner (Fri., & Sat. dinners I will be at work, boys with family.) Then Sunday we can go food shopping for real (YEAH!!!!)

My boys are such a blessing to me!!!