Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prayer Request

Jason will be going with our church youth group on a mission trip this week. He leaves tomorrow. Please pray for a safe trip and return. Pray for those they will be ministering to to have their hearts softened. Pray for our youth Pastor, Josh and the adult female going, Leighanne.

Pray especially for Jason who is a bit of an introvert and who struggles with new situations, new people, and especially with conversations with those new people.
Pray that God would give him the strength and courage to share his faith. Pray he would be able to handle the week away and all the new situations. Pray that his moods and emotions would be stable and pray that he is able to stay in each situation and if not the leader involved recognizes he needs time to calm down.




Unknown said...

Hey Becky,

He will do just fine! don't worry too much... I did say a little prayer to make you feel better.


Becky R said...

Hs, thanks. I appreciate it. He may be ok, he may not, but they will only be about 2 hours away, so I can go get him anytime.

Having a child with special needs brings a host of things beyond the normal I miss him stuff. Sometimes he gets too hot or cold, but instead of doing something about it the thought just consumes his mind and he usually ends up throwing up over the stress. There are other issues as well. He doesn't sleep well even at home, plus his appetite gets suppressed due to his meds and he usually needs to eat dinner later than most (but he will not have this option on trip.) Plus his sensory issues make new experiences and food more of a challenge for him than most.

However, I am at peace beacuse I know I can get him if needed, he is with two adults who know him and have for years, and God is ultimaetly in charge this week is about serving Him.

Extra prayer never hurts though!!!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry I didn't know it was that bad! he seems perfectly normal on the pics but of course I'm not there on a daily basis...

Maybe the change will help him? he'll probably be busy etc..


Becky R said...

Don't be sorry, I feel extremely blessed to parent both my kids, irregardless of their challenges.

Jason is am amazing kid. He is very bright. He has a very kind heart, and most times is "normal." I don't like that that word, because what is normal, but for lack of a better one I use it myself as well. But some things he is not quiet at the 13 year old level yet.

Lots of children have sensory issues, but they can be frustrating to parents, since to
us it seems made up, but it is real.

He is happy because he is with one of his best friends, so most likely will make it through week and be fine. He will need time to decompress when he gets home though, and from past experiences I know he needs very little stimulation for 1-7 days after returning from a trip (even an overnighter at his grandparents.) He can't even leave the house, which can be a challenge for me.

But again I am so gald he wants to serve God and God will use whatever Jason has to give.