Monday, August 8, 2011

Fitting it all in

There are so many things I want to fit into our weekly homeschooling schedule this fall. Field trips, co-op, guitar lessons for Josh, and horseback riding for Jason. Plus we have a standing weekly doctor's appointment we have to schedule in. And I want at least one no drive day a week. But I have to have limits or actual school will not get done.

Right now our tentative schedule is:

Mon. 10-2 school / 3-6 homeschool co-op
Tues. 10-2 school / 2-10 me work
Wed. 10-2 school / 2-10 me work and church 6-8
Thur. 10-2 school / 2-10 me work
Fri. 8-4 me work / Jason writing class at 1:00-2:30 / Joshua guitar lessons at 2
Sat. 8-4/4-10 work (two separate jobs)
Sun. 9-1 Sunday school and church / either dinner with extended family or church activities

My work is in home childcare, so I have flexibility to take daycare child(ren) on field trips and to church (except Sat. night.)

Tues. or Thur. will be our no drive day and the other day will be horseback riding and weekly doctor's appointment after 2.

Right now I have to decide will we do Mon. co-op or not? I also have the opportunity to work Mon. afternoons (without my kids) and I want a field trip day built in every week. So Monday is still up in the air.

I have to start praying as I want to ultimately do His will, not mine.



Becky R said...

We signed Jason up for the Fri. writing class and Josh will also do his music lessons at that time as well.

Now to decide about Monday co-op or Mon. as field trip day.