Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 2012 Budget


10% tithe
$ 38 Compassion Sponsor child
$ 22 Solutions Pregnancy Center donation

$400 mortgage
$400 property taxes
$155 home insurance
$ 70 gas bill
$100 electric bill
$ 50 water bill
$ 60 sewer bill
$ 80 phone/internet/cable
$ 80 car insurance
$120 gas for car
$ 32 Jason's writing class ($8 a week)
$ 30 cell phone bill
$ 30 MasterCard payment
$ 15 Kohl's charge
$350 food

If I work all my jobs, 6 days a week (watching toddler Tues.-Sat.; cleaning every Mon.; and babysitting every Sat. night) I will just make above bills. But that will not include any spending above this budget. So we have to be extremely careful about not spending beyond this budget!!! I have cut up my credit card and may have a friend hold my debit card so we can actually stick to that. I will also try to sell anything I can, including homemade laundry soap for some spending money. I know I need $14 for next Thur., so we can go to a bug museum with other homeschooling families. Will only go if I sell $14 worth of stuff.

Do you have a Feb. 2012 budget?


Barbara said...

You can do it!