Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Reading Books 1 and 2

Each year I challenge myself to read a book a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
So far I have read two.

The first book I read is:

This is an ebook, and is currently only .99 cents here. It is a great book for those just starting to homeschool or those who have been homeschooling already. It reminds you why you should simplify and some ideas on how to do so. I went to a class given by this author at Enoch. She was very down to earth. She also has blog that I also am enjoying as well. This book is a quick read, but still worth it.

The second book I just completed (for the second time) is:

The author was at the Wellness Week I attended in May. She was so encouraging to me on my exercise journey. I bought this book at Wellness Week and quickly read it while there. But I wanted to reread it and fully digest each chapter. It is a great book. It also is a great motivator to seek Christ in all your endeavors, and give exercise to Him as an act of worship. It has a lot of heart from the author and also testimonies from others throughout the book. All while centered in Christ. You can buy the book here. Of course yours won't be an autographed copy like mine, but you still will want to read this book.

What are you reading now? What is on your summer reading list?


p.s. I was not given free copies of these books, nor was I paid to do these reviews. These are just my opinions on these books. I also do not get any commission if you buy these books from the authors directly or any online stores.