Monday, August 10, 2015

Met another fitness goal

Officially down 30 pounds.
I have many scale and non scale goals, and I have made them small to set myself up to succeed.

My next goal is to get below 190 (I am at 190, want those 190's gone forever.)
Eventually to be at 60 pounds lost or 160. I am halfway there!!!
Also to lose more inches off my arms, middle, and hips.
I want to go down in clothes size, eventually down 3 more sizes.
I want to be able to full plank 1 full min, no modifications.
I want to do 20 burpees a minute.
I want to consistently drink 80-100 ounces water daily.
I want to be able to jog 20 min.
And 1 day run 20 min.

What are you health and fitness goals?


Friday, July 31, 2015

Healthy journey

So this is not an easy post for me. Obviously this is a journey and I still have goals to meet, but today marks 3 months of consistent exercise for me, along with healthy eating (I gave up sugar, following modified trim healthy mama food plan.) I am doing Beachbody 21 day fix DVDs daily. Me, the girl who hated exercise, now really ENJOYING it. In addition, even though my youngest cutie refuses to sleep through the night I have enough energy to get through my day. He also nurses still day and night. This is amazing. I love my naps, but I haven't needed 1 in months. Since I can do this, I know others can too. I want to share your healthy journey with you so I have become a Beachbody coach (officially tomorrow.) I would love to welcome you to my upcoming challenge group starting Aug. 14th. A challenge group is a private facebook group of those with goals to be healthier too. We will encourage and support each other daily and have fun while doing it. I also will be personally praying for each participant daily as well. Because I couldn't do any of this without God! 
Message me if interested, with questions, or just because! 


Thursday, July 30, 2015

I lost a toddler

                                 This little cutie weighs 26.5 pounds per his pediatrician's scale.
                                                                He's a runner too, lol.
                                                        And he is a great exercise partner.

I am so excited to share that I have lost a small toddler off my body, over 26.5 pounds gone. Through healthy clean eating and daily exercise. I am doing Beachbody's 21 day fix. I love it so much I have decided to become a coach. And I will be starting a facebook challenge group for anyone who also has a healthy goal for themselves. Start date is Aug. 14th. Message me for any questions or if you want it.

Tomorrow I will post my before and after pics and measurements (seriously not my favorite thing to do) but this is real and I know some of you need proof.

Do you have any healthy goals, in regards to what you want to eat, daily exercise, having more energy, etc?


Friday, July 24, 2015

Is anybody still out there?

I used to write in this blog a few times a week, but life has taken some crazy turns the last few years. Although we moved back into our home after hurricane Sandy we are once again out while our home is being raised to meet new FEMA flood guidelines. What was supposed to take 3 months has now taken 10 and still counting. It is really frustrating and stressful, as well as a huge drain on our finances (as we pay bills on our home and in our rental.)
In addition since my last post we added a new family member, another son (in case you missed it I got remarried a few years back,) Jonah who is now 18 months and a typical toddler with a flair (must be his red hair.)
With all the craziness that is life I have decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle recently, with no more excuses. Currently exercising daily along with eating healthy, whole foods. And I gave up sugar, gluten, and most processed foods. It is all a learning curve but I feel pretty good. Especially considering above mentioned toddler refuses to sleep much, going only 2-3 hours before waking at night.
I am really curious as to if anyone is still out there? If so leave me a comment and say hello. Thanks. -Becky

                                                                This is me the other day!

       The family at Six Flags Great Adventure in June. Jason is now 17, Josh is 12, Jonah is 18 months.

                                              Hubby (Jay) and Jonah on Father's Day this year.