Monday, August 10, 2015

Met another fitness goal

Officially down 30 pounds.
I have many scale and non scale goals, and I have made them small to set myself up to succeed.

My next goal is to get below 190 (I am at 190, want those 190's gone forever.)
Eventually to be at 60 pounds lost or 160. I am halfway there!!!
Also to lose more inches off my arms, middle, and hips.
I want to go down in clothes size, eventually down 3 more sizes.
I want to be able to full plank 1 full min, no modifications.
I want to do 20 burpees a minute.
I want to consistently drink 80-100 ounces water daily.
I want to be able to jog 20 min.
And 1 day run 20 min.

What are you health and fitness goals?