Sunday, October 30, 2011


The boys and I are very upset. We have to take down our trampoline. Eric picked this up for us and put it together in April 2009 (we lost him in June 2009.)

Not only is it sad because it has Eric memories attached my boys use that thing all the time. They love jumping on it. It is a good outlet for their energy.

We have to take it down because I had to get new homeowners insurance (my old policy dropped this area after all the hurricane claim damage.)

So the boys and Kevin are outside taking it down. Sad day.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today would have been my cousin Cristie's 35th birthday. I say would of been because she is no longer with us here on earth. Five years ago we lost her in a tragic gun accident. You can read more about it here

She is still greatly missed!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goals update

I have set some goals for myself:

-walk 5,000 steps a day
-walk at least 15 min. at one time each day
-drink 8 glasses water daily
-do not eat past 8pm

My progress:

-Most days I have gotten my 5,000 steps in (my goal.)
-About half the days I have taken a 15 min. or longer walk. Yesterday and today I even walked about 45 min.
-I am at about 4 glasses of water a day (and I feel fine, so not sure if we really need the 8 or not.)
-I am doing very poorly on the eating past 8pm.

I am still reading up on giving up meat, dairy, and eggs and embracing a vegan lifestyle for health reasons. I have read about four books on the vegan lifestyle so far. I have even tried a few recipes. Some I have enjoyed, some not so much.

One thing I am certain is that foods in their most whole form are the best for us. I was convinced long ago to eliminate white flour products, and I started using whole wheat, even grinding my own grain. Now I am going a step further and eating grains that are soaked. This is the best fiber their is.

I also believe that raw fruits and veggies are excellent for us. Tonight I had a cabbage and vinegar salad, along with a veggie and grain burger without a bun, and an apple for dinner.

I also have been convicted to give up processed sugar. I do not have it in the house for baking, however I am still addicted to candy and had 3 carmel candies minutes ago. So I have to take the next level and stop eating processed sweets. I will still be using raw honey and pure maple syrup.

So this are enough changes for now.

Off to bed (as a long time goal is to be asleep by 12am and up by 9am.)


2011 income, expenses, and debt update

I know exactly how much I have made so far in 2011. This includes all earned and unearned income. This includes every gift as well.

I also know exactly where 90% of it went. The other 10% was misc. And if I went through my bank statements could figure out probably where 99% of it went.

I like to know this to keep me accountable from wasting money.

I also know my exact debt:

$177 dentist
$720 MasterCard
$116,200 mortgage

My goal is to have dentist paid off before 2012, and credit card before I get my 2011 tax refund.

How are your 2011 finances?


Saturday, October 22, 2011


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yesterday's progress

Yesterday I did not get in 5,000 steps or a 15 min. walk. It rained all day and we were stuck inside. I made it to just over 3,500 steps. I did drink about 6 glasses water, so that was good. I also ate past 8 because I took a veggie burger to church to eat instead of the meal they were preparing (we eat dinner at church on Wed. evenings.) Somehow my roll got lost and just a veggie burger is not very filling. So I ate when we got home.

I did however wake up at 8am before my boys and have time with God, so that helped the entire day to run more smoothly and I was calmer.

Today is a new day, I will start over.

These are my goals again:
-walk 5,000 steps daily
-walk 15 min. in a row (briskly)
-drink 8 glasses of water throughout day
-don't eat past 8 pm
-30 min. daily with God (preferably in am)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For Me

I discovered this Christian conference center, Sandy Cove in Maryland, about 2 1/2 hours from my home (from searching the web.)

They are having a wellness week at the end of April / beginning of May. Once I discovered they give scholarships for those in need, I became very excited. After talking with my mom about babysitting and other logistics, I decided that I needed to be at this conference. So yesterday I put down a deposit and am waiting for scholarship paperwork. If I do not get a scholarship I can get my deposit back.

The idea of a week alone focusing on my walk with the Lord and me, sounds amazing!

Plus since it is 6 months away I can use those 6 months to begin my healthier me journey with goals I mentioned yesterday.

I am super excited! I pray I get the scholarship!



Last month I was able to pay all bills, except the electric bill that ended up being higher than expected. I just got a readjusted bill, and I only owe $100 (and that is for service all the way up to Oct. 14th.) Apparently they estimated my bill and when they did the actual it was much lower. That is a huge blessing!

Now I am all caught up on my bills and all Sept. bills are paid in full!

Praise the Lord!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today's me progress

Today I have walked over 5,000 steps (5,060 as of right now.) I also walked for 15 minutes straight while at Jason's horseback riding, and it was a brisk walk. This also allowed me to watch Jason for the other 15 minutes (he enjoys when I watch him.) I haven't eaten anything since dinner.

I did not get 8 glasses of water in. I got about 4. That is better than none.

What I ate:

breakfast: heated barley (I soaked it overnight) with chopped apples and ground flax seed in it with a glass of pineapple water (water I soaked the pineapple core in)

lunch: peppers and beans that I heated and added some taco seasoning (the peppers were some from my garden that I cut and froze) with a glass of water

snack: 4 dates and a coconut water

dinner: homemade stromboli with wheat dough, almond cheese, marinara sauce, and vegan pepperoni with a glass of water

I feel like I am leaving something out as I was really full all day. At breakfast that was just 1/3 cup barley with 1 chopped apple and I could not even eat half (I saved for tomorrow's breakfast.)

I am also sipping water now, and plan on having a cup of sleepy time tea in a bit.

I feel proud. Now to keep this up.


Healthy Me

As you can probably tell I do not take much time to take care of me, physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually.

I need accountability in this area.

Physically my plan is:
-walk 5,000 steps a day, with at least 15 min. being done at one time (with plans to eventually increase to an hour)
-drink 8 glasses water (I have stopped doing this and need to get back)
-no eating after 8 pm

I am contemplating giving up meat, eggs, and dairy as my cholesterol is really high (like 3x's normal.) I am praying about that. I also know God wants me to give up sugar, as it is an addiction for me. I have done better, we have no sugar in house just raw honey and raw agave (which I don't like.) But it is not enough as I seem to have gained weight still.

I am the heaviest and out of shape I have ever been. That being said I am also probably at the lowest income I have been (as compared to expenses.) So my plans for physical health have to be virtually free, as the walking, and water is.

Emotionally my plan is:
-??? hoping working on other two areas will help with this

Spiritually my plan is:
-30 min. with God at 9:30 am everyday, this will be 10 min. in prayer (in my journal), 10 min. reading Bible, and 10 min. doing a study book I have

Are you struggling with something, maybe we can be accountability partners? We can do so through email, letters, etc. Let me know if anyone is interested.



Lee Turkey Farm 2011

My family has gone to Lee Turkey Farm to go apple picking every fall since I was a little girl. I love this place! This year we went on Oct. 10th. We was my mom, sister, nephew (the cute baby), Jason, Josh, my sister in law, my niece, and my mom brought her pastor's daughter. Oh, I was there too.

We picked apple, corn, and cabbage. We did the 6 acre corn maze. We played on the playground. We also did the farm tour hayride. It was a great day!

Lee Turkey Farm sign

in the apple orchard (I was taking picture and Jason didn't want to be in picture)

mom and sister

nephew in apple cart

sister in law and niece

Josh (what boy goes anywhere without a sword? lol)

Jason taking a break from pulling apple cart

entrance to corn maze

nephew in pumpkins

Jason on tree stump of tree that used to have tire swing (we were sad about the tree being cut down)

sister and Josh on hayride

nephew on hayride

Back online

I had to take my computer down and move it. My nephew, Kaiden pulled the wires and so I decided it was not safe to leave in the living room. I moved it to the kitchen, but had to wait until yesterday to get it back online.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Should not have stressed

"Your heavenly Father already knows all your needs, and He will give you all you need from day to day if you live for Him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern"
Matthew 6:32-33

I need to keep the above verse in my heart and not allow the stress of finances to overwhelm me.

In a previous post I was extremely stressed about where I was going to come up with monies needed, but God already knew.

As of right now almost all Sept. bills are paid in full. The only one still due is the electric bill of about $180.00.

I also have my taxes that are due Nov. 1st ($1,200.)

I also have a new home owner's and flood insurance policy that is set to go into place as of Nov. 1st.

And I have a new car insurance policy that is set to go into place next month as well.

My current debt is:

$177 dentist (was able to pay $40 this month)
$180 owe electric bill
$750 credit card

This month I will be able to pay at least $30 on credit card and $30 on dental bill, plus all my other bills. I hope to also pay half the electric bill due (plus the regular monthly bill.)

This is all because of God!!!


p.s. also want to thank my mom for looking into house insurance policies for me; and want to thank HS for donating to my monthly bills as well.

Almost free, healthy snack

I got some free apples that were on their way to being rotten. Last night I juiced some and made apple juice (which was more like cider.) Then I took the pulp and mixed it in with the dog food to give her a healthy treat.

Today I took the remainder and made applesauce. It was super easy.

I had about 3 tablespoons raw honey left in my honey jar so I added warm water to the jar (about 1/2 a cup) to get it all out. Then I put the water / honey mixture in the blender. Then I cut up about 6 apples (with the skin still on.) I put one slice of apple at a time in the blender and hit the chop button. I added a slice every few seconds and chopped for about 1-2 minutes. Then I blended the whole thing. I also added about 1 tablespoon lemon juice to keep the applesauce from turning brown.

I poured in bowls and we had a healthy snack. I added flax seed to mine.

This made about 5 cups applesauce. We (Kaiden, Jason, Josh, and I) each ate about a cup and I put another in a glass bowl in fridge for later. Not sure how it will look / taste later, but if you are going to eat immediately that is not an issue.

I added the raw honey because the apples that were given to me were green and a bit sour. I may not have added any sweetener to another brand of apple.

I really liked the applesauce, so did Josh and Kaiden. Jason didn't like the texture since occasionally he would taste the peel. Gotta love those sensory issues.

Have you ever made applesauce? Did you cook the apples? Did you wonder why you had to cook the apples?


p.s. I have a pretty bad blender (I so want a Vitamix) that was given to me free years ago. It probably would be about $20 in stores today and yet it still did a good job on making the applesauce.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Great Birthday

I woke up to a great card and lego woman from Josh (which he wrapped in a shirt of his he cut up with a thumbtack, so funny.)

Then the boys and I went to the Franklin Institute in Philly, PA (we have a family membership for the year.) At the museum my friend got me a photo and key chain of the kids at the museum (we went with friends who also homeschool.)

Last night my sister cooked me dinner and my mom and stepfather brought pound cake with cut up strawberries and whip cream. My brother came to dinner too (I love spending time with family.)

Sat. I got a pedicure.

I also got a kids stuff coupon book from my friend, and a card from my dad.

I am so blessed! 32 is going to be a GOOD year!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walk for Life

Today the boys and I walked in the Walk for Life which supports our local pregnancy center. We raised $405 for this great ministry!

The walk was held on the boardwalk in Belmar, NJ. It was so nice down by the beach, with a cool fall breeze blowing. It also was nice to have fellowship with the other walkers.

Plus I got some exercise which is always good!

It is not too late you can still add a donation if you click here.