Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goals update

I have set some goals for myself:

-walk 5,000 steps a day
-walk at least 15 min. at one time each day
-drink 8 glasses water daily
-do not eat past 8pm

My progress:

-Most days I have gotten my 5,000 steps in (my goal.)
-About half the days I have taken a 15 min. or longer walk. Yesterday and today I even walked about 45 min.
-I am at about 4 glasses of water a day (and I feel fine, so not sure if we really need the 8 or not.)
-I am doing very poorly on the eating past 8pm.

I am still reading up on giving up meat, dairy, and eggs and embracing a vegan lifestyle for health reasons. I have read about four books on the vegan lifestyle so far. I have even tried a few recipes. Some I have enjoyed, some not so much.

One thing I am certain is that foods in their most whole form are the best for us. I was convinced long ago to eliminate white flour products, and I started using whole wheat, even grinding my own grain. Now I am going a step further and eating grains that are soaked. This is the best fiber their is.

I also believe that raw fruits and veggies are excellent for us. Tonight I had a cabbage and vinegar salad, along with a veggie and grain burger without a bun, and an apple for dinner.

I also have been convicted to give up processed sugar. I do not have it in the house for baking, however I am still addicted to candy and had 3 carmel candies minutes ago. So I have to take the next level and stop eating processed sweets. I will still be using raw honey and pure maple syrup.

So this are enough changes for now.

Off to bed (as a long time goal is to be asleep by 12am and up by 9am.)



Jeannette said...

I think your achievement this week so far is fantastic. You rock!
I think a few pieces of candy should be okay, if you go cold turkey you will just sabotage yourself.

Keep up the great healthy lifestyle, although not sure what you are going to do on Saturday

Becky R said...

I am not sure. I think because it is such an addition cold turkey may be the only way to kick my sugar habit. Studies have proven that sugar, especially white processed sugar is addictive.
Plus their is no benefit for sugar, we do not get any nurtrients from it, so it empty or wasted calories.
Maybe eventually I can just have a piece now and again, but for now it is like alcohol or crack I need to stay away!

Becky R said...

that's addiction, not addition. lol.