Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today's me progress

Today I have walked over 5,000 steps (5,060 as of right now.) I also walked for 15 minutes straight while at Jason's horseback riding, and it was a brisk walk. This also allowed me to watch Jason for the other 15 minutes (he enjoys when I watch him.) I haven't eaten anything since dinner.

I did not get 8 glasses of water in. I got about 4. That is better than none.

What I ate:

breakfast: heated barley (I soaked it overnight) with chopped apples and ground flax seed in it with a glass of pineapple water (water I soaked the pineapple core in)

lunch: peppers and beans that I heated and added some taco seasoning (the peppers were some from my garden that I cut and froze) with a glass of water

snack: 4 dates and a coconut water

dinner: homemade stromboli with wheat dough, almond cheese, marinara sauce, and vegan pepperoni with a glass of water

I feel like I am leaving something out as I was really full all day. At breakfast that was just 1/3 cup barley with 1 chopped apple and I could not even eat half (I saved for tomorrow's breakfast.)

I am also sipping water now, and plan on having a cup of sleepy time tea in a bit.

I feel proud. Now to keep this up.



Kate said...

Great day for sure! That's awesome! You are an inspiration :) Keep up the great work. I'm cheering you on!!