Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Healthy Me

As you can probably tell I do not take much time to take care of me, physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually.

I need accountability in this area.

Physically my plan is:
-walk 5,000 steps a day, with at least 15 min. being done at one time (with plans to eventually increase to an hour)
-drink 8 glasses water (I have stopped doing this and need to get back)
-no eating after 8 pm

I am contemplating giving up meat, eggs, and dairy as my cholesterol is really high (like 3x's normal.) I am praying about that. I also know God wants me to give up sugar, as it is an addiction for me. I have done better, we have no sugar in house just raw honey and raw agave (which I don't like.) But it is not enough as I seem to have gained weight still.

I am the heaviest and out of shape I have ever been. That being said I am also probably at the lowest income I have been (as compared to expenses.) So my plans for physical health have to be virtually free, as the walking, and water is.

Emotionally my plan is:
-??? hoping working on other two areas will help with this

Spiritually my plan is:
-30 min. with God at 9:30 am everyday, this will be 10 min. in prayer (in my journal), 10 min. reading Bible, and 10 min. doing a study book I have

Are you struggling with something, maybe we can be accountability partners? We can do so through email, letters, etc. Let me know if anyone is interested.




Sisters of the Blog said...

Following a vegetarian diet made me gain weight. My tastebuds were happy, but the rest of me wasn't. I had to go back to eating meat protein at every meal.

If you want to lose fat, intervals are better than just straight cardio. So if you're walking for instance, do two minutes as fast as you can, one minute slow. Repeat that cycle for 15 minutes. If that's too much to start with, then do one minute fast-two slow and build up so that you can do a 1:1 ratio (i.e., one minute walking fast, one minute walking more slowly).

I need to stop my sugar consumption, too. I gave it up for Lent this year, but seem to be making up for that ;-)


Becky R said...

My main goal right now is to lower my cholesterol. That is where the no meat, eggs, or dairy comes in.

I know exercise is necessary, but as to not overwhelm myself I am just sticking with my goal of walking 15 min. a day and 5,000 steps for now. Plus the lots of water and am trying for 3 weeks no meat, egss, or dairy (I am on day 2, so we will see how even that goes.)

My goal is to add minutes each moth for 6 months, so I am up to 60 min. a day walking, then after that is my routine add additional exercise during that 60 min.

Sisters of the Blog said...

If you want to lower your cholesterol, you also need to look at the kind of fat you're eating. Many of us eat way to much omega-3 fat (found vegetable oil) and too little omega-6 fat (found in fatty fish like salmon).

You should also look to see what your ratio is, not just the total cholesterol number. Some people freak out if the total number is 201, but the ratio is a better indicator. The closer to 1 it is, the better.

If you're already doing that or know about omega-3 and omega-6 fat, then just ignore my comment. I felt i had to say something because i've seen too many times where people get hung up on a number, but they don't look at the whold picture. Like cholesterol or weight.

Case in point: my first trainer was told by his doc that he needed to lose weight because he weighed too much. At the time, he had an incredible six-pack and less than 10% body fat. The doc got hung up on the number on the scale rather than look at the whole picture. He didn't take into account that his patient was a body builder.

I wish you well with your plan!


Becky R said...


I appreciate any advice as I may have never heard what you or someone has to say. I am going to take my test results to a woman who used to train me (physical trainor) and a woman who reads these kinds of thins and works in a hospital (both are friends of mine.) This way I can see what they recommend. As my doctor is recommending medicine, which I am against.
Basically I am unhealthy, it is evident by the way I look and feel and my digestive issues. So I need to change that.
I also have been trying to do what God wants. His ways are the best ways. But sometimes I get confused on what those are.
Thanks for the advice.