Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We are all sick

I am still feeling pretty bad, and now so are my boys. They are cranky and not eating well (if Josh is not eating, he is sick.) My nephew is also here and he is really sick.
For some reason when my kids are sick (which thank God is very rare) they do not sleep just get cranky.

Three cranky kids + I still sick mama = NO FUN!


Aug. bills

All Aug. bills are paid in full.

We have everything we need to start school.

I also got my Mastercard down to $200.00 (from $700.00.)
I still owe the dentist $217.00.
I owe Kohl's about $25.00.

Praise God!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We ended up evacuating due to Hurricane Irene. We left early Sat. and stayed with friends. While there I started feeling sick. We came home Sun. afternoon. I went right to bed. Sun. night was horrible, my throat and head were in so much pain. Yesterday I called my doctor but they were closing by 12 and I couldn't get there by then (many lights near us are still out and lots of detours with lines and trees down.)

Anyway my stepfather took me to the EMO and they diagnosed me with strep. Even after the first antibiotic and a nap I felt a little better. And I feel a little better still today, but not great. But the all over body aches are gone, now I still have sore throat (though not as painful as Sun. night and yesterday.) I also have a slight headache and feel weak, plus the antibiotic is causing stomachaches. But I will take this over the way I felt just yesterday morning.

My house did well in hurricane, no damage inside, we never even lost power. We did lose some limbs in the yard. They are piled waiting to be cut so they will get picked up. I am going to call the town to see if anyone is cutting limbs, because usually they will not take them unless they are cut into 3 ft. pieces, and we do not have a power saw.

The boys have been playing video games and watching tv for 2 days straight and of course are fighting today. My mom is coming to get Josh around 2:30, then I will go back to bed, because the more rest the faster I will recover.

If you were in the hurricane's path how did you and your family fair? Your house?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome new followers

A big welcome to Barbara and Megan, my two new followers.


Conflicting reports and spending money

The town I live in is very close to the bay. Hurricane Irene is headed to hit us sometime tomorrow afternoon. The police told me we had were having a mandatory evacuation by 11am tomorrow, but the fireman said they can't make you leave (but that if you have an emergency help may not come.)

We have a few invites to go to other's houses inland, however these are without Lady. I can't leave her home alone. Our house will not flood, but may lose power or have wind damage. I am debating staying home. Will make the final decision in am.

In the thought of staying home we hit the food store. We spent 80 unbudgeted dollars on pretty much junk food, and dog food. We probably have not spent $80 on junk food in the past 6 months. I know other than the dog food the items were not a need, but occasionally you just have to blow the budget. And we will really enjoy our snacks as we are stuck inside for the next three days.

Are you in the path of Hurricane Irene? Are you staying home or moving elsewhere until it passes? Did you stock up on snacks?


Free Credit Report

In NJ (and other states) we are entitled to 1 free credit report from each of the three agencies every 12 months. I just got all mine. If you want yours go here.

They do not give you your credit score for free, there is a fee for that (so I didn't get that today.)

I just ordered and viewed all three of my reports online. I am happy to report that I only have one negative on each report (the same negative.) In 2006 I went bankrupt after acquiring debt from my ex through our marriage (you better believe somewhere in dating process in future I will be asking, "Can I see your credit reports?") Did you know when you get married you assume the debts of your spouse, and they can even stick with you after the divorce. Especially bad are the things he charges while you are married but you have no idea about. Anyway, I digress, it is not my goal to bash my ex, and I chose to willingly entire into that marriage (crazy little thing called love.)

Everyone should check their reports to make sure everything is correct and to see how they can improve (pay off amounts owed, and so on.)

I know in the grand scheme of things credit reports and scores are not that big of a deal, however they are being used for more than loans. You can be denied a job if you have bad credit. You can pay through the roof on insurance premiums. So it is in our best interest to make sure they are correct and try to keep our debt to income ratios low.

So go here and check your reports today.


p.s. I am against debt and feel when we have debt we should pay it off. I went bankrupt after a bad situation and much prayer. I needed a fresh start that I was not getting even after my divorce. I did not want the divorce or bankruptcy, but sometimes in life we have to choose the lesser of two evils when faced in such a situation. My best advice would be to stay out of them in the first place. And learn from your mistakes when they are made.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today and more homeschool stuff

Today it is very hot and humid out. We are expecting a storm (from a hurricane), so this makes it more humid. It really stinks because my central air is not working (praise God is has worked since May, because I am cranky when hot.)

As we have been doing more school planning I am getting more and more excited!
Joshua is also excited about doing carpentry. He has been learning how to build things from wood by just spending time with wood and tools. He just got his own saw and hammer last night at Lowe's, so now he can really build stuff, as he said.

I am very excited about studying astronomy and we have been watching documentaries about the planets, moon landings, and other space missions. Did you know they sent a rover that landed on Mars and it took almost a year to get there? You can see images and videos the rover sent back. It is so cool.

We are going to get a telescope so we can spend many nights gazing at the planets and constellations. All I ever see though is stars, the images that many can see seem to escape me. But still the night sky is so beautiful.

We are looking for planetariums in NJ that we can visit as well. And we are planning at least one visit to the Franklin Institute Space Command as well.

One of the many reasons I love homeschooling is learning all this cool stuff with my kids. Plus when I get excited they tend to as well (but not always.)

Let's pray this enthusiasm stays right through to June. LOL.


No drive day

No drive days this month:


This is my 4th no drive day this month. My goal is 4-8 no drive days a month. This means no driving or going in any one's car at all. A walk around town is fine.

I started doing this because at one point last year I could not remember a day we had been home all day in weeks. You would think a homeschooling family would be home all day, but we weren't even home one day. So I decided then to purposefully stay home 1-2 days each week.

How many days a week are you home? Would you like to be home more or less?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

13th & 14th books read

Just finished:

This series has a book for every grade. Usually I am not too impressed with this series, as the idea behind is this is what every third grader in USA should be learning this year. One of the reasons we homeschool is to learn at our pace and somewhat things that we are interested in. But I did glean some useful ideas, and since it is such an easy read, (I read this book yesterday) it is worth getting your child's grade from library and at least skimming through it.

This series is a great resource, especially for someone just starting out in homeschooling, but will also add to a seasoned homeschool family.

Monday, August 22, 2011


We have two more glorious weeks of summer left. How will you spend them?

Our schedule this week:

Today walk down to beach / hopefully no drive day / Josh is doing an outside movie with my mom tonight, Jason is going swimming with youth group tonight
Tomorrow Six Flags Great Adventure
Wed. last beach seining class, lunch with cousin and her kids (summer favorite, subs)
Thur. arts and crafts day and hopefully a no drive day / Josh has guitar lessons at 4
Fri. visit to horse farm with daycare kids
Sat. watch Kaiden 8-5 / work night job 5-10
Sun. 9:15 Sunday School / 10:30 church / watch Kaiden all day

What does your schedule look like this week? Any summery stuff planned?


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everyday Miracles

I have family that reads this blog, so I am precursing this post with:


Today my gas tank was on E, my three local bank accounts at $0.00 (I have money in my ING, but that takes 3 days to get) anyway I was scheduled to work at 4:00, and around 1:00 I got $5.00 cash in the mail and found $2.00 upstairs cleaning. The $7.00 was enough to get me to and from work and will take me to and from church tomorrow. Monday I will go to the bank to cash my check from work.

God provides miracles all around us, and He really does care about the details.

God uses so many things and incidents in my life to show His power. Sometimes all I have is Him to trust in, not a paycheck, or my spouse's income, but that is the way it should be. When times are good, when money is flowing it is easier to take the glory ourselves, and not see His blessings. Poor or rich, good times or bad we need to solely rely on Him and give Him all the glory.

Once again He has provided for us today.

What everyday miracles has He done for you lately?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Deal

Kohl's sent me two $10 coupons, plus 15% off coupons. I just got Josh a lunch bag for about $2.00 and Tony Hawk Sneakers for about $12.00 (after the coupons.) So cool. The funny thing is Josh asked me for a new lunch bag (because being homeschooled he eats lunch out about 3 times a year, lol.) Anyway I told my mom because she likes to take the boys back to school shopping. He told her he didn't want a lunch bag (I didn't know this yet.) When he saw this in store he liked it. Then when we got home I told my mom we got one so she didn't have to do. She told me what he said about not wanting one, so I asked him, then he said, "Oh, I didn't want one." So why did we buy it then? It will get use so no big deal, but kids are so funny. Sometimes my mom and I think we have two separate kids with Josh because he will tell me one thing and her another.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

At the beach yesterday

Sandy Hook

Yesterday was the only day all week that rain was not in the forecast. We took advantage by heading to Sandy Hook. We first went to the free Visitor Center, which shows much of the wildlife and plants on Sandy Hook as well as some of its history. Sandy Hook was an old army base and is now government property. They have free classes, museums, a working lighthouse, Coast Guard base (closed to the public,) bird observatory, protected Osprey nests, seining classes, old barracks, old cannons, and so much more cool stuff, including the bay and beach (as Sandy Hook is a peninsula.) It has been a favorite place of mine since childhood, and every time I go I learn something new.

Jason and Josh

beautiful blue sky, and cool helicopter

Jason taking daycare girl in

daycare kids jumping waves

one of the many shells Jason found

Josh after his castle washed away

Jason catching fish


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

12th book read

Just finished this book as well. If you want to take your mind of life and just relax you might try Amish fiction. It works for me. Plus I read this entire book in about 3 hours.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Homeschool Supplies

Some things I need for school to start:

Math U See Delta workbook, and possibly teacher's book and DVD $65.00 plus shipping

Some things I want for school:

Story of the World I cd's and audio book

Rosetta Stone Itialian level 1 $159.00

Family Pass to the Franklin Institute (good for 1 year) in Philly, PA $200.00

Family Pass to Bronx Zoo and 5 other places (good for 1 year) $159.00

Overall we do have everything we need to start for Sept., as Josh has 6 more lessons in his math to finish before we need the Delta book (about 6 weeks) anyway.

The other stuff are just wants and we can homeschool just fine without them.


What else I am reading

Currently I am reading:

Upgrade by Kevin Swanson

Good and Angry by Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller

The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell

Taking Care of the Me in Mommy by Lisa Whelchel

Will Medicine Stop the Pain? by Nancy Leigh Demoss

I like to read a few books at a time. I also want to start:

Sarah's Gift by Marta Perry

The Mom Factor by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

I just got the last three (one from the library and two I ordered as they were unavailable at the library.)

Do you like to read? Do you read one book at a time or more? What types of books do you read?


11th Book Read

I literally just finished this book. I really had no clue that Christians were still being persecuted so intently today for their faith. This seems like something that would have occurred years ago, but still today?

Imagine you are sitting in your living room, reading an old family Bible or singing songs of praise to God. Without warning the police storm in. They ransack your home, taking what they want, especially that Bible you are reading. They may arrest you. They may harm you. Your crime: worshipping God. If you have children at home it is worse, as it is illegal to teach them about Christ, they most likely will be taken into custody.

Honestly, it is very hard for me to imagine, as we have so much freedom in the United States. It is a mighty reminder to thank God so much that I can say His name freely. Also, I need to pray about what He wants me to do now that I am aware that not everyone has the freedom to do so.

I will admit that the writing of this book is a bit choppy, and hard to follow at times, but the message needs to be heard.

I read this 400 page book in two days, mostly with tears running down my face. I kept wanting to believe that this was all fiction, but God used this book to show my heart that although this particular book is fiction, the message is all too real.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

10th book read

I have always fantasized about living in colonial or pioneer days. This book painted a great picture of that life and yikes they all worked so hard.

Waking up at like 3am to light fire and make bread, um not for me (the waking up early part.)
Getting to site of your home and having to build it from scratch, including making wooden nails, and living in a cave, tent, etc. until it is finished. Maybe I could do that (I know you are laughing now.)
Making your own socks by shearing sheep, making yarn, possibly dying yarn, and then knitting them, I could possibly handle that.
Saving seeds, working land, harvesting produce, and possibly starving if something went wrong (flood, drought, bugs.) Scary.

I am thankful for all we have learned from those who came before and all the advances made over the years. I am saddened that as each year passed the trust and reliance on God and community has diminished.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

My "bedroom" in Pictures

This is my 10'6" x 6'6" bedroom.

this is what you see when you walk in, minus the armoire to the left. I painted the walls yellow, which I love. The carpet (not shown here) is pink, it came with house, I hate pink, but it still functions.

my bed, see how bed touches three walls, this is half my room

my window, the sun was shining in, I hung my grandmother's old lace table cloth and I love it there

art on wall that touches side of bed, a framed verse and an old flower press that we still use

art on wall at foot of my bed, cloud photo, my favorite verse Jeremiah 29:11, a butterfly painted by a friend in high school, and a butterfly poster (my kids broke the frame)

my armoire

my night stand

art above my night stand, friend plaque and two stars

my picture frame with all my friends in it, I love this. The best part is it opens and holds all my jewelry (about 7 whole pieces, all costume. lol.)

my robe hanging in corner next to door

The best part is that the armoire and night stand were free and I like them and they fit (God does work out all the details.) The mattress and frame/jewelry box were a gift from my mom and stepfather. The bedspread and all the sheets I own were also donated to me.

The only things I bought in this room were the two stars, the framed photo of the clouds, and most of the books on the nightstand.

I want to tell you again how much I enjoy my room, it is mine. It (when clean) is relaxing. God has really blessed me with this room.


My "bedroom"

My "bedroom" is 10'6" x 6'6". Technically it is not actually a bedroom as it has no closet, but it still works for me.

It is big enough to fit my full size bed (with the bed wedged in between three walls,) my night stand with all the many books I am currently reading, and a small armoire (30" wide x 66" high x 20" deep) to hold all my clothes. Also Lady's dog bed is on the floor since even when it isn't she still sleeps in there.

God gave me this house, and for that I am so blessed. And in saying that I realize my house is not too small but exactly what He wants me to have, so I have to have only enough stuff to actually fit in this space.

I had taken the playpen that Kaiden uses when he is here (5 days a week) and somehow shoved it between my armoire and bed (making getting in and out of bed pretty difficult.) Two days ago I decided I had had enough of that, so I took out the playpen. I also washed, dried, folded, and put away all my cloths (some ended up going to the delutter pile.) I managed to fit all my shirts, pj's, underclothes, socks, shorts, and capris in this armoire. I took out all my jeans (5 pairs) to put in shed until fall. This was no easy task, as this armoire's size. But I made it work. I put all my socks and underclothes in a bin on the floor of the armoire and all the pj's and shorts/capris are also on the floor. All my shirts and skirts I hung up.

I also took everything but dog bed that was on my bedroom floor and put it away (how these things, like the babies toys, and Josh's books ended up there I have no clue.) And I organized (once again) my night stand. Putting all books I have read on the bottom and keeping only the books I am currently reading and my Bible on the top.

I also removed some taped up verses to the wall that Josh was memorizing (can you see the theme that the kids use my room?) My room looks so nice, relaxing, and actually larger now.

My goal is to have no kids in my room, they have the rest of the house, I want something that is all my own.

Josh graciously allowed me to put the playpen in his room (pray Kaiden doesn't start climbing at any time soon as then the stairs become a safety issue.) I also told Josh I do not want any of his toys or books in my room, he has to keep them all in his room.

Tell me about your room? Do you let the kids in? Is it your haven?


Declutter update

I have a goal to declutter 365 items in 2011.

My rules are it only counts if I give it away, not throw it away or sell it; and the item must have been in my house before 2011 began; oh and if an item goes out to replace something that just came in it also does not count.

Basically I want to actually have 365 less items in my home by the end of the year.

As of Aug. 1st I was at 270 items. Yesterday I donated 20 more items, making my new declutter total at 290 items. Only 75 more to go in 2011.

It feels good to have less stuff.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Peach Picking

Wed. we went peach picking at Eastmont Orchards. It was fun. Here is our day in pictures:

getting ready to pick

in the peach tree

daycare kids

the peach thief

some serious picking

love that sun in my eye smile

my sister and me

my mom and stepfather

everyone with the peaches they picked

Where are you?

Lately I have been feeling lonely here on my blog. I haven't had many comments lately (thanks Mom and HS for still commenting.) Is anyone still reading my blog? Please post a comment and let me know you are there.

Also what would make you or others read my blog and / or comment more? I would really like to get a few more followers and have some more comments daily.

Can you help me to do so? Maybe you can write a post about my blog with a link to my blog on your blog? Or facebook a link to my blog? Or tweet about it? Email your friends with a link?



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hired at Home updated

I was interviewed by the author of Hired at Home a few years ago, my comments made it into her book. The book has been updated and is now also available for your ereader. This book is a great resource for working from home and ways to make that dream a reality.

You can buy the book from Amazon
or want it on your ereader click here

Check it out today!


p.s. I am not in any way being compensated for this post, but I think this is a good book and it has my name in it. lol.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Homeschool Confidence

Homeschooling can be very overwhelming. It is a huge commitment and amount of work (although I think so worth it.) When I began homeschooling in 2008 I felt I couldn't do it without going to co-op. The co-op we started going to back then was huge, 2 full days a week with 60 some odd kids. It was like school. We went for a year and a half and then decided to try a smaller co-op. We meet for about half a year with four families in a smaller co-op. Due to tremendous variation in age groups (1-13) this group also was a bit much for us (although I loved the fellowship.)

So last year we did a co-op with just one family. We met Wed. & Fri.'s from 3:00-6:00. We did art (the younger kids anyway), history, geography, science, and free time. It worked really well for our family. I got some fellowship with another Christian, homeschooling mom, the kids got some time learning with other kids, and free time as well. I was all set to continue with this group next year, but the building we were using (for free) is being torn down and we have no prospects other than each other's homes to meet. My home is too small (at just about 900 square feet.) Hers could work, but still not ideal.

Even though I am sad, I also am alright with not doing co-op at all. I am finally at a place that I feel competent (with God leading) to homeschool my boys completely.

I don't mean isolating them as they will be doing church Sunday morning, youth group Wed. & Sunday nights, and children's program Wed., plus guitar lessons for Josh, and horseback riding and a writing class for Jason (ok I am getting some help with the homeschooling with this writing class.) But for all the major subjects we will be doing them together and without other families.

The boys also know we will not be co-oping (verb I created) with other families and they also are alright with that.

We may meet monthly at night with past co-oping family to view night sky since we are all doing astronomy this year; and will certainly do museums and other field trips with other families as well, but the day to day will be just us.

I am excited.

If you homeschool, do you co-op? How often does your co-op meet? What subjects are covered?


Homeshool Update

We have official finished, recorded, and packed up all homeschool stuff for the Sep. 2010-July 2011 year. Yipee! We can have a real break until we begin school again in mid Sept. The boys do read daily, but they enjoy that, so it doesn't really count as work.


p.s. of course break means that I am planning next year's lessons, paperwork, and daily/weekly schedules, and reading up on homeschooling (I can always learn new ideas) but I love doing that stuff so no big deal.

Play dough fun

Will they ever get too old to play with play dough? I hope not. I know I still enjoy playing with it, especially a new pack that has never been opened. So far Joshua still likes to create with play dough too.


On the first day of VBS last week Jason and Kaiden showed up at VBS in these outfits. We did not plan this or even know they had matching outfits. Too cute! Kaiden's shirt says, "Wild Child" and that is him to a t. He is very active. But no matter what he really loves his cousins Jason and Josh.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fitting it all in

There are so many things I want to fit into our weekly homeschooling schedule this fall. Field trips, co-op, guitar lessons for Josh, and horseback riding for Jason. Plus we have a standing weekly doctor's appointment we have to schedule in. And I want at least one no drive day a week. But I have to have limits or actual school will not get done.

Right now our tentative schedule is:

Mon. 10-2 school / 3-6 homeschool co-op
Tues. 10-2 school / 2-10 me work
Wed. 10-2 school / 2-10 me work and church 6-8
Thur. 10-2 school / 2-10 me work
Fri. 8-4 me work / Jason writing class at 1:00-2:30 / Joshua guitar lessons at 2
Sat. 8-4/4-10 work (two separate jobs)
Sun. 9-1 Sunday school and church / either dinner with extended family or church activities

My work is in home childcare, so I have flexibility to take daycare child(ren) on field trips and to church (except Sat. night.)

Tues. or Thur. will be our no drive day and the other day will be horseback riding and weekly doctor's appointment after 2.

Right now I have to decide will we do Mon. co-op or not? I also have the opportunity to work Mon. afternoons (without my kids) and I want a field trip day built in every week. So Monday is still up in the air.

I have to start praying as I want to ultimately do His will, not mine.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Special Needs Children

I know many of us out here in blogashpere have kids with special needs. However in my real day to day life I don't have many friends who have kids with special needs, and those I do have younger kids, so they are not where I am yet.

The thing is the special needs my kids have are not visible. You could not tell they are any different from any other child by looking at them, but this is real. My boys have symptoms of:

-Sensory Issues
-Learning Disabilities

Usually the people in my life or those around us think:

-my kids are brats
-I am babying them
-they could use a good spanking
-they are spoiled

Most people have no idea about many of the special needs that exist, including the things my boys have.

I remember a few years ago I used to leave church early to go get my son from the church childcare. I did that because once other parents and noise started he would cry, but if I got there first he was still ok (the fact that he would even stay in there was actually such a blessing.) Yet I had a few church members tell me that it was rude to leave church early to get my son. Would it be rude if my child was diabetic and needed insulin at that exact time? Sensory issues are no less real than diabetes. However the "treatment" of behavior modification (for parents as well as child), prevention, and realizing the limitations of your child and not going too much beyond those limitations seem unacceptable.

Let's all be honest, parenting is hard. Harder than everyone will ever tell you and harder than you will believe even if they try.

Parenting as a single parent even harder, and throwing in some special needs makes the job seem impossible. Actually it is impossible.

I could not be doing any of this without God. But I also need my friends, family, and fellow Christians to help me and love me, not judge me and blame me.

I love my kids, I want what is best for them. God gave them to me, special needs and all, so I am trying to do what I think He wants me to do. I fail daily, and I make many many mistakes! I know I can use help and advice, but I need that to come in love.

I wish that when people look at my kids they do so in love and when they want to say what they are thinking regarding to the reason behind my kids behavior or what I should be doing according to them that they would pray first and then speak to me in LOVE. And even if they are speaking to me in love, doing so during a particular episode of either child will also not be helpful.

Now I also want to add I know that I am too easy on my kids at times and I know that they do manipulate me and get away with it at times. I know that I am not perfect or any where near in my parenting, but I also know that these boys were born with some of their issues. I have been working with kids since before I had mine; I have an AA in Education; and over 100 hours in continuing education classes. Also I have been parenting these boys for over 13 years. I have taken them to specialists, and second and third opinions; I have worked with child study teams. I have read more books on special needs than I ever would have cared too. I also worked in an office that treated children with special needs and delays (so thankful to God He put me there, that was the best education regarding my own boys.) I do know some about children and children with special needs (but I can always learn more.)

I pray that when I see another parent struggling I will not be quick to judge or assume or anything. I pray I would lift them up in prayer (in my mind at that moment) and offer to help them in a way that would bless them (i.e. taking other child or children for a walk, so they can give full attention to child needing it, etc.) And I pray that those around me would do the same for me.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Homeschooling and reading

I am itching to get some time to do some Sept. lesson plans. I am eager to talk to the family we co-op with about next year's schedule. I have a new Bible study I can't wait to start with the boys as well.

Jason finally (like last hour stuff) completed his schoolwork for the year. All his Math, Language Arts, History, Science, and his Reading. It is all done. Praise the Lord!!!

One thing I also want to do is create more refined goals than finish the book, or get at least 75% on all tests.

I also want to start reading aloud to both boys about four times a week. I used to read aloud to Jason all the time and still read aloud to Josh at night, but I think their is still value in reading to the kids at any age. We are going to read the Chronicles of Narnia as a family. I have already read through them twice with Jason, but never with Joshua.

I love reading and I love to read with my boys. I also want them to love reading on their own all of their lives!

So for Sept. we will read one chapter daily (Mon.-Thur. at least) of the Chronicles of Narnia, and they also still read their Bibles daily, as well as reading for school, and reading for pleasure daily.

15 min. read aloud by me
15 min. read Bible
15 min. read for school (book I assign)
15 min. read for pleasure (book he chooses)

60 min. daily

15 min. read aloud by me
30 min. read Bible
25 min. read for school (book I assign)
20 min. read for pleasure (book he chooses)

90 min. daily

15 min. read aloud to kids
30 min. read Bible daily
30 min. read for learning
30 min. read for pleasure

105 min. daily

What are your reading goals? Do you like to read? Do your kids enjoy reading?


Vacation Bible School

We are on day 4 of VBS and I am exhausted. I am teaching the pre k/k class and have about 22 kids daily. I love them, they are so sweet at this age. Yesterday a boy in my class told me, "You look beautiful." Then today another boy said, "Your breath stinks." They are an honest bunch too (I had just eaten egg salad in the snack room.)

Tonight was our parents night for VBS and it was a great turn out. The kids all put on a great show for their families.

Tomorrow will be our last day.

In addition to VBS I have house guests (who came from Maine to go to our VBS. The family used to go to our church,) and am still doing childcare, (the kids I watch come to VBS each day with me) so it has been a hectic and exhausting week.

Sunday after church I am going to rest all day (oh and get my house back in order for Monday.)