Thursday, August 4, 2011

Homeschooling and reading

I am itching to get some time to do some Sept. lesson plans. I am eager to talk to the family we co-op with about next year's schedule. I have a new Bible study I can't wait to start with the boys as well.

Jason finally (like last hour stuff) completed his schoolwork for the year. All his Math, Language Arts, History, Science, and his Reading. It is all done. Praise the Lord!!!

One thing I also want to do is create more refined goals than finish the book, or get at least 75% on all tests.

I also want to start reading aloud to both boys about four times a week. I used to read aloud to Jason all the time and still read aloud to Josh at night, but I think their is still value in reading to the kids at any age. We are going to read the Chronicles of Narnia as a family. I have already read through them twice with Jason, but never with Joshua.

I love reading and I love to read with my boys. I also want them to love reading on their own all of their lives!

So for Sept. we will read one chapter daily (Mon.-Thur. at least) of the Chronicles of Narnia, and they also still read their Bibles daily, as well as reading for school, and reading for pleasure daily.

15 min. read aloud by me
15 min. read Bible
15 min. read for school (book I assign)
15 min. read for pleasure (book he chooses)

60 min. daily

15 min. read aloud by me
30 min. read Bible
25 min. read for school (book I assign)
20 min. read for pleasure (book he chooses)

90 min. daily

15 min. read aloud to kids
30 min. read Bible daily
30 min. read for learning
30 min. read for pleasure

105 min. daily

What are your reading goals? Do you like to read? Do your kids enjoy reading?