Tuesday, July 29, 2008


entrance to street cabin is on
path to house
the lake

Day four of our Ohip Vacation

Monday we woke up in the hotel around 9:00am and went down for the continental breakfast. Then we packed up the room and headed to Indian Echo Caverns. That was really neat. Jason loved it, Joshua was a bit bored. We learned of a man who lived in the caverns for 19 years in early 1900's, I bought the book about his life and living there. He was called the Pennsylvania Hermit. Poor guy. He died in the cavern as around 68 years old. I am not sure I would want to live in a cavern, but it is cool to tour.

outside the caverns

we are going in

Kevin & Joshua

us inside caverns

Next we went to the Kit Kat cafe for lunch. It was yummy.


Then we went tp the Hershey Chocolate World tour. It was fun to see how they make chocolate. I love chocolate!!!

Jason on chocolate tour

Josh on chocolate tour

Kevin was literally a kid in a candy store buying all kinds of goodies as souvenirs, including a 5 lb. bar of chocolate. The funny thing is that he does not really like to eat chocolate. Go figure.

Monday around 6:00 we arrived home. It was a nice trip, but it is always nice to be home. I am so thankful God brought us there and home safely and without incident. It was a great trip and I am so glad we got to go.

I remember reading somewhere how we all need to go somewhere with a screen door once in a while, and every time this trip I heard that screen door close it relaxed me. Not sure why, but the cabin we were at is so relaxing and it reminds me of my childhood as we went there often as kids. It is sad that the trip is over and the cabin will probably be sold this year as my grandparents can no longer maintain it anymore. But still this trip was a real blessing to me all the same. I think that is what a vacation should be. Praise God for how good He is to us. -Becky

My favorite photo of the trip

I love this picture that Kevin took. It is so cute that the boys are holding hands. It is my favorite picture from the trip. I wanted to show it in a larger size. This is the path from the lake to the back of my grandparents house. Too cute!

Day three of our Ohio Vacation

Sunday was the third day of our vacation. We all slept in until about 9:00am, we watched a little tv on our dvd player while my grandparents slept in later than us. Then we ate and went back down to boat and out on it again. Plus we took lots of pictures in woods and with my grandparents. We had a lazy relaxing day. The boys played with lincoln logs that were my dads from about 50 years ago. Jason loves to build, Joshua was pretending the long sticks were music instruments and ice cream cones. It was too cute. Jason built an awesome log cabin.

Sunday around 4:00 we left the cabin and drove to a hotel in PA. It was sad to say goodbye to our grandparents. We did have a nice time at the cabin though. -Becky

entrance to where cabin is

boys walking up to house

Jason & Josh ready for boating

me at back of cabin

boys by boat

us with grandparents

my grandparents

Ohio Trip Budget

I had $550 for this trip. Kevin was not supposed to spend any money as we were driving his car which he got tuned up so we could go.
The $550 was supposed to be:
$200-Kevin's spending

But it did not really work out that way, we ending up changing plans and staying in a hotel and going to Indian Echo Caverns and Hershey Chocolate World tour on the way home, so we spent more than planned for.
This is what we spent for entire trip:

$100-cash (used for all meals driving up and misc.)
$ 25-a store in Ohio town on some silly stuff kids wanted-debit card*
$ 35-gas-debit card
$ 30-gas-debit card
$ 7-Rite aid I needed Motrin-debit card
$141-hotel one night-debit card
$ 10-Indian Caverns gift shop-debit card*
$ 33-Lunch at Hershey Kit Kat cafe-debit card
$ 30-gas-debit card

$412 -total

$120-cash (food, tolls, mics.)
$ 20-gas-debit card
$ 40-Indian Echo caverns admission-credit card
$ 92-Hershey gift shop (souvenirs-yikes)-credit card*
$ 20-Hershey 3D movie-debit card*

$292 total


$$704 total trip


*absolutely not necessary, could have easily been cut from trip (then we would have been at budget and still went to caverns and free Hershey tour.)

I know where $65 of my cash went ($25 food Fri. night, $22 food Sat. convenience store, $10 mini golf, $5 dinner tip, $3 hotel tip, but am unsure about the other $35, that is weird.) I also know where all of Kevin's $120 cash went as well ($40 dinner Sat., $25 McDonalds Sun., $25 tolls, $15 WAWA, $4 scratch offs, and a few misc. dollars.)

But overall it was fun and worth it. It has been three years since I have seen my grandparents, and it was great to have four days for boys and I to bond with my brother.

I still was able to pay all July bills after all and my gas tank is full which will last about a week. GOD IS SO GOOD! Not only does He provide for all our needs He even gives me so much more. We are SO blessed! -Becky

Day two of our Ohio Vacation

Saturday was the second day of our trip. We all woke up about 9:00am. We dragged the boat down to the lake after breakfast. Literally the boys were lugging this row boat (I helped too) to the water from my grandparents backyard. Then I made us some sandwiches and Kevin rowed us out onto the lake. It was just Kevin, Jason, Joshua, & I on the lake. It was fun. We did have some trouble getting back to the dock as the current was against us. That was funny.

boat we went in

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5228465685470643730" /> Jason & Joshua

Kevin rowing

me, Joshua, & Jason on row boat

After boating the boys went swimming in the lake. We saw these amazing butterflies.

boys in lake

Jason on tire swing

butterfly on Josh's sneaker, one also landed on my sandal two times while I was wearing it

Saturday we also drove into town (about 35 min. away) and had dinner and played miniature golf, or putt-putt as they call it in Ohio. Then we drove back to the cabin and all played Tripoloy, which is a really fun card game. Jason beat us all, I think that's beginners luck. He was elated. Then around 11:00 we all went to bed. It was a great day! More on day three later! -Becky

Day one of our Ohio vacation

Joshua excited to be going to Ohio

Jason excited to be going to Ohio

Kevin driving to Ohio

Fri. at 9:00 we (Jason, Josh, my brother Kevin, & I) headed out for Ohio. We were all very excited to be going. We stopped at WAWA for breakfast and gum, then we were off. We stopped at a rest stop for lunch (the lunch I packed.) And we stopped at McDonalds for dinner (yum-sarcastically!) We arrived at my grandparents cabin just before 7:00. We made great time and stopped only three times for food and potty. That was a small miracle with two small children. My grandparents were so happy to see us. We chatted and relaxed a bit and then went to bed around 11:00pm. More on day two of our trip later. -Becky

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great day

We had a great day! We actually got some down time and fun family time. We did a craft together and went in the pool, after we cleaned for 30 minutes together. I also got a nap earlier today. We did not get any school work done (we are supposed to be doing a little each day,) but I did not yell today and that is a VICTORY. We also went to lunch with Jason's Nannie (his dad's mom) and I sold a bookcase for $20 on craigslist that was picked up today, so I was able to put gas in my car. I
actually have only one bill left to pay for July (which I am expecting a check in the mail that will cover this bill) yet still managed to get gas and food taken care of for rest of month. GOD IS SO GOOD!

Tomorrow I have work 9:30-4:30 (my mom is watching the boys), then we are going to a free concert in the park.

Then Fri. early we are going to drive to Ohio with my younger brother, Kevin, so we can visit my grandparents (my real dad's parents.) We are going for four days and I am so excited to get away. I actually already packed all the boys clothes. Tonight I am going to pack my boys clothes and the boys treat bags (I have been saving toys and crafts that can be used in the car, I will wrap them all up and in the car the boys each get to pick one every hour or as they are bored; my mom always did this with us as kids when we went on car trips.) Tomorrow night I will pack all snacks and food for the Fri. car ride. We will stop to eat but we will eat what I am packing (this is a very frugal trip.) My goal is to actually come home with money left from my trip money, we will see.

But overall we had a great day! Now we are going to watch a movie and then the kids are going to bed. -Becky

My two little blessings doing a craft

Jason, notice how neat his paint is, too funny
Joshua, notice he mixed all the colors to make all black, lol!
Jason & Joshua painting sun catchers

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Job

Update on my new office job two days a week. Well, they are pleased with my work and have asked me to go full time, which I can not do since I don't have a sitter, am going to home school Jason, and really don't want to. I am so grateful to have a job that is so flexible especially in this economy, but honestly I do not think office work is for me. I dread going to work and leaving my kids and at work I am so bored!!! I get all my work done then I go around and clean and still I am so bored! I know I should not complain but I miss my in home daycare and the kids and such. I miss running around and doing crafts and playing games and having lunch with all the kids.
Yes, I am still doing daycare 1 or 2 days a week, but it is not the same. I feel like I am always running around. Drop kids at sitters, go to work, pick kids up, dinner, get ready for bed. Plus all our doctor's appointments and other stuff. I know all mom's feel this way, but I miss being home ALOT!!!!

I am sorry if lately my posts have been complaints.
Still I know I am so blessed in:
Jesus loving us
our health
our home (thanks to my grandmother)
our two running cars (thanks Erli's)
always having food
we get to sleep 8 hours each night
my free aerobic class I attend (thanks CINDY)
the Bible study I attend and the awesome ladies in it
my mom watching the kids for free ALL the time! (thanks mom)
all bills from Jan-June paid in full
Jason got to go to camp
Jason is home from camp, safe
Jason loves the Lord & has given his life to him
this computer I am typing on
working stove & running fridge
I can have ice any time I want (can you imagine many in this world can not even say that!)
my wonderful church family
my wonderful family
my amazing friends
freedom to type this blog!!!

We are so blessed, so blessed indeed, I guess I will pray that I give 100% at my job even if I don't love it all the time and hope that I can be a witness for Christ in my actions at my job so that seeds for HIM would be planted- I want to be the fragrance of Christ. -Becky

YIKES! Electric bill!

I just got my highest electric bill since moving 11 months ago. It is $223.08. I only budget for $100 a month for electric, so obviously this is no good. I have had the air on everyday since June 20th, and I have greatly enjoyed it, so I guess now I'll pay for it. Yikes! I do have lower bills in Sept. & Oct. after the air and before the heat. And also in April & May, so it will balance out. I just set the thermostat 2 degrees back, I will deal with it being 75 degrees in here. I think my biggest problem is that I have very little insulation in my house, so I am cooling off the outside too. Plus it is so hot in my boys room, but nice in my living room. My room is ok as well.
I just can not have 2 more bills that are over $200, which I probably will July & Aug. bills as it will probably get hotter in Aug. I guess complaining does not help much, but ahhhhh!
How are your utilities, are they much more than they were last year? -Becky

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sponser a child through Compassion

Hi! We have so much in America. One way I try to counteract my kids wanting more is that we sponsor a child through Compassion. We sponsor a 13 year old boy named Edelson. We write and he writes back quiet often.
Once Jason asked me if we could get cable, so I showed him our budget and said what do you think? I said cable costs about what we send to Edelson every month, would you want to stop sending this money and get cable. He immediately said, "no way."
To remember to pray for Edelson daily we pray at every red light for something for Edelson, his health, for his family to have enough food every day, for clean water daily, for his baby brother, for his parents, for his dad's fishing and his mom's sewing work.

I challenge you to also sponsor a child, Compassion is a legit organization who are doing God's work! We think sponsoring a child will change that child's life and it does, but more so it will change your life! It has really changed ours!!! -Becky

Compassion International

Sponsor a child online through
Compassion's Christian child
sponsorship ministry. Search for
a child
by age, gender, country,
birthday, special needs and more.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jason is home

I just got back from picking up Jason. I am so happy he is home. He looks exhausted (and really dirty) but he said he had fun. I did not realize how much I missed him, but I was overwhelmed with emotion when I saw him. I am so happy!!!! -Becky

Worst financial month so far

I messed up big time this month. I have spent about $400 not budgeted for and just paid all July bills, but for the first time in a long time I am not able to pay them all (because of the spending on unbudgeted stuff.)

I paid all bills but phone/online which is $70 and although it is only the 18th I have no gas money or food money at all until Aug. Opps! I am going to list a few things on sale with craigslist and a local free site. I hope to get about $40 for gas to last me until the end of the month. For food we will just eat up everything in the house. Plus I have a check coming next Fri. that will cover the phone/online bill, but still this is very poor planning.
I need to immediately cancel my debit card and unlink my savings account from my checking account.

I do still have $600 for our trip next Fri. and $300 for Jason's homeschool curriculum, and $300 for the breaks my car needs in savings, plus 3 months living expenses in a cd. But I need to seriously halt any additional spending. It would have been way better to buy $70 worth of food as opposed to the crafts we bought at AC Moore the other day. YIKES!!!!! I think stress makes me spend, but I need to take my stress to the Lord and also put it into energy for cleaning my house, which so needs a good cleaning! -Becky

how is your summer spending going?

no news till Wed.

I did go for my sonogram last night, but the techs can not tell me anything, they will send it to the doctor to read. I will know Wed. the results of all my blood work and sonogram. Pray that it is not even a fibroid at all, pray that if it is it is so small that it requires no action on my part. Pray that any pain associated with my monthly cycle goes away and pray my hormones get back in balance. Thanks!-Becky

praise that I am in no pain right now!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Awesome praise!

Last night at my First Place Bible study we had an intense time with the LORD, great conviction, but also awareness, but although God was absolutely speaking to us ladies, I also felt satan there ready to pounce us. Well, this morning one of the ladies on her way to bible study,thankfully after she dropped her 5 year old twins at day camp; and she got into a bad car accident, her SUV is totalled, she flipped it, but amazing she walked away with just a few scratches. God is so good! AMEN! -Becky

I think I am really like 58

Ok, I am a little confused. About five years ago I had my gall bladder removed and was told, you are a little young to need this (I was 23.) Then a few years ago I got shingles, what??? that is an older person thing. So weird. Well now I have a uterine fibroid. Seriously this is common in woman over 35. I swear I am living the life of an older person, but I want to stay healthy like a younger person. I have been having some problems so I was finally able to see a doctor today. That was not fun. Tomorrow I go for a sonogram to determine size to see how they will remove. It's gotta go because I have been having pain related to it. In addition my hormones are out of whack so doctor will have to figure out how to re balance me. I figure a month stay in Hawaii with no kids will balance me real good, do you think my insurance will cover that, it's for my mental health. LOL!
Seriously I know my weight is playing into all this, which makes me want to lose some all the more. I need to be healthy, I need to remind my body that I am only 28. Getting older is NO FUN! Weird cause I can still have tantrums and whine like a adolescent. I guess all this confusion is really wrecking havoc on my body. Pray that all goes well tomorrow and simple laser surgery will zap this thing away asap. Thanks! -Becky

Monday, July 14, 2008

Please pray

Hello! I am having a hard time right now. I need prayer. I don't feel so good. I have to go to my lawyer's to discuss ankle case at 1:00. I am sad Jason is at camp. Also I have this weakness in my life (ok, many weaknesses) but this one keeps coming back. I have not been able to overcome it and I need to. Please pray that I would give this to God once and for all and OVERCOME! Thanks! -Becky

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jason is at camp

We just got back from dropping Jason and his friends off at camp. I was sad, but I think he will have a great week. I get to pick him up on Fri. at 6:00. Pray for his and his friend's safety and health. Thanks! -Becky

Jason at camp
Jason, Liam, & Peter
boys looking at lake
Leighann & I had dinner at Cracker Barrel, it was yummy (I am still full!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I think I am going about this loss of income the wrong way

Since closing my in home daycare full time I am making less money a month, yet I still seem to be spending the same (or more). It is only July 12th and I have already spent $255 not budgeted for. I am blown away. I think I need to completely cancel my debit card as it seems too much a temptation. I also need to unlink my savings from my checking, it is too easy to transfer money when I overspend.
Here is what I spent so far not in my budget for July:

$28.68* Burger King (2 adults and 4 kids)
$14.00@ Avon (bug spray and sunblock for Jason for camp)
$30.00@ workout (I forgot I only had money till end of June)
$50.00@ overage on water bill to fill pool
$22.00* shuttle for Duane so I did not have to drive him back to airport
$68.48* AC Moore crafts for summer
$50.00@ misc
$10.26* Wawa snacks

$255.00-total (rounded to nearest dollar)

*-paid by debit card
@-paid by check

YIKES!!!! I need to seriously watch this. My savings account is slowly dwindling. I have only $1300 left in there, but $600 is for OHIO trip at end of July to visit my grandparents, and $300 is for Jason's homeschool curriculum and membership into Home School Legal Defense (which is $100 in itself), the other $400 is also earmarked for something as well. So really I have no savings left. I do still have my emergency fund of 3 months living expenses, but that is in a cd so I can not access it as easily as my savings, and I do not want to. I also have $300 put away in another account, for new glasses but I actually need a brake job so that will cover that. New glasses will have to wait until next year. I need to be more disciplined and stop spending money. I actually still have to get Jason a throw away camera and toothbrush for camp today, ahhh!!!!! Pray for me on all this. I will be doing another virtual garage sale next week to try and recoup some of the money I spent unnecessarily. This has been helpful in the past. -Becky

ps-Thanks mom for putting gas in my car, putting money on Jason's camp card, and buying us groceries and a box of angel food (you are so great to us, I would not be doing all this without God and you!!!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day five of VBS

Today was the fifth and final day of vacation Bible school. I had a blast working with the two and three year olds (and working with Barbara.) My boys had a blast too. But I am exhausted.
Last night was our parents night and all the kids sang there songs so well. It was great!
I love meeting together at church everyday and praying together. It really helps me to focus on the Lord more.
Today Jason has two friends over and Joshua has one friend over. In an hour we are going to take one of Jason's friends home. The other two kids I am watching till late as there mom (my best friend, Monica) is at her brother's rehearsal dinner for his wedding. The kids are of course playing video games. But they barely played all week, so it is ok with me.

Joshua's dad is actually still in NJ (he lives in FL) and he is stopping by in a few minutes to say goodbye to Joshua. He has been here three weeks and it has been weird!!! I am so glad that he spent time with Joshua though. Joshua so needs that!

Tonight and tomorrow we have to pack Jason's stuff as Sunday he is going to sleep away camp for a week. He is excited and a bit nervous (or is it me who is nervous?) I will update about dropping him off on Sunday.

Tomorrow at 5:00 I have my part time job (babysitting at someones house.) Sunday after church we are driving Jason to camp. It is two hours away, and we stay like 2:30-4:30 to tour and stuff, so we will not be home until about 7:00 (we will probably grab dinner on the way home.) Joshua is sleeping at my mom's on Saturday and staying until I get home from dropping Jason at camp Sunday night. I hope I am not too sad to leave Jason at camp. -Becky

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day three of Vacation Bible School

Today was day three of VBS. It went well, but one little girl did not want to stay and was screaming so her mom took her home. I felt bad about that. The other two and three year olds continue to have fun. Today we added red, yellow, blue, and green ice cubes to our water table. It turned grayish brown but they loved it all the same. We also had them put foam stickers on foam visors and paint foam picture frames. They love putting the foam stickers and regular stickers on stuff. They also love the sensory table. Today we put shells and letters to spell JESUS in sensory table. I am enjoying myself.
My own boys are behaving very well and also enjoying there time at VBS.

Now we are having lunch and then we are going to bring Jason's friend home. After that I have to get an oil change on the new car and fix a flat on the old car, plus get copies of the new car key as I only have one set which is a super no no for me (I lose keys, ALOT-lol!) Tonight we have to straighten this house and get ready for tomorrow VBS and go to bed early. Tomorrow is another busy day. Thanks for your VBS prayers! -Becky

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just to clarify

I ran over Jason's bike with my car, not the lawn mower yesterday. No, my grass was not so high that I did not see the bike (mom.) The lawn looks great, the bike not so much. The car remains to be told.
Today was day two of VBS. Another great day. After we went to our friend Darlene's and went swimming. We had a blast. Then I took a nap. I also went to aerobics (we did pool aerobics tonight.) And then my Bible study. This is also going great! I did not weigh in as I was still wet from the pool. But I do not think I lost anymore weight this week. I actually think I gained, so please pray for me on this. Thanks! -Becky

Monday, July 7, 2008

First day of VBS

Today went so well. I only hit snooze 3 times. Not too bad. We actually made it out of the house by 8:10 and got my grandma and made it to VBS by 8:30 (on time.) Last night I laid out all the boys clothes and mine too. Plus all my VBS was ready to go in a bag by the door. I also put bowls, spoons, & cereal on the table with the boys vitamins. Then I put a baggie of cereal and piece of fruit for each of us in in VBS bag in case we did not have time for breakfast, but we did so it made a nice after VBS snack. I will do the same tonight.

The 2 and 3 year olds were so cute today, we had lots of fun. We taught that God is good to everyone and told how God parted the Red Sea to free his people. We played in sensory table I brought to find items that the Egyptians took with them as they fled from Pharaoh. Also we made fishy crafts and went fishing as well. The theme is a luau. We also made life preservers from brown bags and rode on a raft wearing them, that was too cute. We also made mats we can sit on (like beach mats.) And we decorated the vests and mats with stamps and markers. It was alot of fun.

After VBS we came home and had lunch which I also prepared last night (to avoid fast food.) Then we relaxed. Then I took Jason's friend home and we stopped at AC Moore to get white t-shirts the older boys needed for a VBS craft. I am not sure why, I think I had an out of body experience, but we spent a little over $68. YIKES! The t-shirts were only $10. But I bought myself two clearance scrapbooks one was $4, one was $5. Jason bought a bunch of wood stuff to make his dad a birthday gift, plus paint (about $30 worth of stuff.) Josh also bought a wood thing to paint. We also got model clay. And a few other misc. crafts. Seriously I walked out of there like WHAT? I had stopped using my debit card, but today for some reason I used it. AHHHHH!!!!!

After store we stopped at my friend's, boys played video games with her kids and we talked homeschooling as I want to order Jason's curriculum by the end of this month. I picked his spelling, English, and Math stuff, plus a handwriting program. I also know what I need for his science, history, and literature at co-op. The stuff will run me new about $200, plus $90 to join home school legal defense and $20 to join REAP(local home school group), in addition his gym class is $20. I have $400 for his stuff, so I hope I do not need too much else. I also want to get Jason a digital camera and potable dvd player for his school stuff (and a laptop, but that is a dream.) I want the potable dvd so he can do his math if we are not home. Anyway that was a productive time at her house. Now I just have to actually order the stuff.

After that we came home and had dinner (chicken patty sandwiches and green beans Jason picked from his grandparents garden.) We ate dinner in front of the tv, we watched a Little House on the Prairie episode on dvd. Then we went outside, the boys went in the pool, I took laundry off the line and hung another load (it will dry tomorrow.) Then I weeded the garden and mowed the grass. Then I moved my car to mow under it and I accidentally ran over Jason's bike. I feel bad, but he also is told time and again to put it in the back yard. I am hoping we can fix it. He is devastated. This was his new bike that he got for his birthday that was stolen once and already fixed once. Pray it can be fixed.
Now I am putting boys to bed and going to get ready for tomorrow. -Becky

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Duane and I

ok, here is a picture of Duane & I. Jason took this, he takes really good pictures.

My three day weekend in review

Hello! It is Sunday night! I had a great weekend! Thur. I worked then my mom watched Joshua overnight and Jason spent the night with his grandparents. I got to relax and clean my whole house. Then Duane came in for the weekend. Fri. we were going to go to the beach but it was overcast so we just hung out. Fri. night we all went to the boardwalk, went on some rides, played some games, and watched the fireworks. It was really nice. We saw my brother, Kevin at his job (he let us play in his arcade for free and gave us free ride tickets.) The fireworks were nice too. It was raining a bit, but still we got to see them.
Saturday was set up day at my church for Vacation Bible School. Duane helped with that too. Afterwords we went to my mom's for a very nice barbecue. We had a super fun game of volleyball. So what if even though my team had like nine people on it, we still lost. We did had fun.
Then Saturday night my mom watched the boys again so Duane and I could go on a date. That is always nice. Today we went to church and just relaxed, then Duane left. It is so nice to have him visit. It helps me to relax while he is here, but of course my clean house from Thur. night is already a mess again. But it is nice to relax now and again.
Tomorrow is the first day of Vacation Bible School at my church. I am teaching the 2 and 3 year old class. My boys will each be in there own classes, plus each is bringing a friend. My grandmother is also going to the ladies class they have (WHAT A PRAISE!) I am excited. I took off work this week, so all I have is Vacation Bible School 8:30-12:30 everyday and Tues. night aerobics and Bible study, and Thur. Jason has a doctor's appointment at 3:00 and social skills group at 4:00, then we have VBS parents night at 6:30. But Fri. after VBS we are all going to a pool party! Yeah! Then Sat. we will be getting Jason ready for camp and I work at 5:00. Sunday after church we will be bringing Jason to a week of sleep away camp. He is so excited!
So my week will be different a bit, but exciting!
Pray for all the teachers at VBS and all the kids. Pray it is a safe week and lots of seeds for Christ are planted into these little hearts! Thanks! -Becky

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2008 budget

Becky’s Budget July 2008

Jason $386
Joshua $170
Food Check $206 (May’s check)
Daycare $ 88 (2 days)
Office Work $450 (missing 1 week for VBS)

Total $1300

Tithe $130
Savings $
Offering $ 70 (compassion child $35/Solutions $25/$10 focus on the family)
Rent $500
Car Repairs $
Car insurance $125
Gas for car $120
Allowance $60
Gas & electric bill $170
Phone & online $70
Business supplies $0
Food $100
Non groceries $20
Spending $0
Clothes $0

Sat. night job $120
Tithe -$12
QVC payment -$40
Budget short -$65


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I am in a book

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Hired@Home answers the question: How does a Christian woman unlock her work-from-home potential? The book helps women sort through the issues surrounding working from home in light of their other responsibilities.

Anchored by stories from Christian stay-at-home women who work from home, the book discusses, among other issues:

How to evaluate from a Scriptural standpoint your family, financial, and personal situation to see if working from home is right for you;
How to decide on an at-home business;
How to set up your at-home business;
How to market your business; and
How to juggle family, work, and time for yourself
Sarah Hamaker is an at-home mother of three young children, who works as a freelance writer and editor in Fairfax, Virginia.