Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day four of our Ohip Vacation

Monday we woke up in the hotel around 9:00am and went down for the continental breakfast. Then we packed up the room and headed to Indian Echo Caverns. That was really neat. Jason loved it, Joshua was a bit bored. We learned of a man who lived in the caverns for 19 years in early 1900's, I bought the book about his life and living there. He was called the Pennsylvania Hermit. Poor guy. He died in the cavern as around 68 years old. I am not sure I would want to live in a cavern, but it is cool to tour.

outside the caverns

we are going in

Kevin & Joshua

us inside caverns

Next we went to the Kit Kat cafe for lunch. It was yummy.


Then we went tp the Hershey Chocolate World tour. It was fun to see how they make chocolate. I love chocolate!!!

Jason on chocolate tour

Josh on chocolate tour

Kevin was literally a kid in a candy store buying all kinds of goodies as souvenirs, including a 5 lb. bar of chocolate. The funny thing is that he does not really like to eat chocolate. Go figure.

Monday around 6:00 we arrived home. It was a nice trip, but it is always nice to be home. I am so thankful God brought us there and home safely and without incident. It was a great trip and I am so glad we got to go.

I remember reading somewhere how we all need to go somewhere with a screen door once in a while, and every time this trip I heard that screen door close it relaxed me. Not sure why, but the cabin we were at is so relaxing and it reminds me of my childhood as we went there often as kids. It is sad that the trip is over and the cabin will probably be sold this year as my grandparents can no longer maintain it anymore. But still this trip was a real blessing to me all the same. I think that is what a vacation should be. Praise God for how good He is to us. -Becky