Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day three of our Ohio Vacation

Sunday was the third day of our vacation. We all slept in until about 9:00am, we watched a little tv on our dvd player while my grandparents slept in later than us. Then we ate and went back down to boat and out on it again. Plus we took lots of pictures in woods and with my grandparents. We had a lazy relaxing day. The boys played with lincoln logs that were my dads from about 50 years ago. Jason loves to build, Joshua was pretending the long sticks were music instruments and ice cream cones. It was too cute. Jason built an awesome log cabin.

Sunday around 4:00 we left the cabin and drove to a hotel in PA. It was sad to say goodbye to our grandparents. We did have a nice time at the cabin though. -Becky

entrance to where cabin is

boys walking up to house

Jason & Josh ready for boating

me at back of cabin

boys by boat

us with grandparents

my grandparents