Wednesday, April 29, 2009

this is getting old

Yikes, this whole cast thing is getting old. I am still in pain and am frustrated that it is hard to do stuff. Yes, I knew what I was getting into, but still it is hard. Well, except the hours I get to sit around and read and watch tv, that is

Also, I am daily reminded of all the amazing people God has put into my life. My house is clean, our laundry is done, we have been getting meals, and the boys have had numerous play dates with friends lately. Plus the boys have been getting rides to and from school and other activities.

ok, this is not so bad after all!



Monday, April 27, 2009

My cast

I took this today while I was outside sitting on the deck

Thursday, April 23, 2009

proud of myself and prayer requests

Although I think I may have overdone it, I am proud of myself because today I spent all day downstairs. I did dishes (in a chair.) I got my own breakfast, lunch, and snack. I also made dinner (tacos.) My mom did have to help with that a bit. And I went to Josh's soccer game. This was great because he got to be goalie again. I didn't have my camera, but at least I got to see it.

I am in a bit more pain now (which is why I think I may have overdone it), but I feel accomplished.

Of course this pales in comparison to a day in my life when I am not on crutches, but it was a good day for me now since I am on crutches.

Continue to pray for blessings for my mom, stepfather, sister, and brothers, who are all really picking up the slack and doing what I can't (especially my mom!) Please also pray we all stay healthy at this time as well.
Also pray for blessing for all my friends and extended family who are also helping in one way or another. Especially Leighann, Monica, Cindy, Joanna, Brian, Gerri, & Eileen who are all helping drive Jason & Joshua to and from school and co-op. Pray for a hedge of protection around there vehicles as they drive my boys to and from activities.

Thanks for all your prayers! I am off to bed now.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got my hard cast today

Today I went downstairs for the first time since Thur. It was nice to move around a bit. I had a doctor appointment. The swelling on my ankle had gone down alot, so I got my hard cast on. I choose white this time. Joshua wrote, "I am Joshua" and "ILU" (I love you.) My aunt drew a happy face. My mom wrote, "Get Out!" and "vacuum." Jason wrote, "I love you from Jason" and he drew me as an old lady with a cane. Everyone is a comedian in this house.

I feel better. Plus after tomorrow I can start moving around more (with my crutches.) I am excited about that. Friday I am going to go home. It has been great being taken care of, but I miss my house. I miss my bed. I miss my mail. Yes, I am silly.

Thanks for all the prayers and support.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

another update

I am still in a bit of pain. Plus I was feeling pretty dirty today. My great mom helped me wash my hair and now I feel better. It is so hard not to be able to do much on my own.
Tomorrow Josh will go back to school, and Jason will have school again. Plus Jason has gym class. My brother is going to take him to it. My mom is taking Josh to school and picking him up as well.

I have to go put my leg up again.


Friday, April 17, 2009

I am in pain

Yes, I am a big baby, but ouch, I am in PAIN!!!

My mom is taking great care of me and my boys. We are still at her house. I am so grateful for her and my stepfather.

I will try and get some sleep now.



I am recovering

I am at my mom's recovering from my surgery. Thanks for all the prayers! -Becky

Thursday, April 16, 2009

heading to get surgery

Hello! It is Thur. morning, I am leaving for my surgery now (7:00am.) It is scheduled for 10am. Please pray. I am very nervous about my limited mobility over next few weeks. Plus about being in pain. Pray for blessings for all those involved in my care and the care of the boys. Thanks!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

photos of trip to Ohio

Me and my baby brother, Matthew
Jason, Joshua, my dad, & Matthew in the pool
my boys with there Uncle Matthew (weird)
my mom with Matthew (my mom is amazing!!)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ohio trip budget

Thank God I had an emergency fund in place.

I spent $1100 on my emergency trip to Ohio. Here's how:

$450 Minivan rental (so worth not worrying if my car would make it)
$ 50 gas for car (my mom paid for rest of gas)
$320 two hotel rooms (with pool and continental breakfast)
$150 donation to church for lunch provided after funeral
$ 30 tolls (yikes)
$100 misc. (fast food, activity books for boys in car, Walgreen's stuff)

That almost wipes out my emergency fund, but I am glad I had it. I think attending my grandfather's funeral was important to me and to my grandma, and my dad.

I will be able to get money back in emergency fund account after I am done recovering from my surgery. And since I have money to recover for 3 months and pay all my bills (which I have almost all prepaid until the end of June), plus I will not be driving, so I do not foresee needing any emergency money in the next 3 months.

I do need to save as since my brother will be staying in Ohio for awhile I will want to go see him sometime this summer, which will be about the same amount of money. I will still need to rent a car when we go, and get a hotel as for my sanity and my grandmother's my boys need a place they can be a bit crazy. And I need down time.
But I do not need to worry about that right now.


We are home

We are home from Ohio.

The funeral service for my grandpa was uplifting. My grandma is still in shock I suppose, or overwhelmed by all the people in her usual quiet house.

The very sad thing is that decisions have to be made about her that no one should be making at a time like this. She can not live alone. She is not well herself. So my brother, Kevin, has decided to go live with her until she gets into assisted living. This is very noble of him, yet I am selfishly very upset by it. He lives in the next town from me right now, not 10 hours away by car. I don't want to go months without seeing my brother. But the reality is someone needs to care for my grandmother. My dad has his new wife, Nola and son, Matthew (my baby brother who will be 1 next week.) They live in North Carolina. Nola can not leave her job until March 2010 due to her contract or she will have some sort of penalty fee (her job paid for some of her schooling.)

My mom drove to Ohio with me (Kevin left before us and is still there.) My mom was amazing, she did most of the driving and kept the boys occupied when necessary. It also was nice to spend three whole days with her. We played a fun license (Texas) plate game. Well, at least it is fun (Arizona) to me.

My kids were amazing on the trip as well. Today is another story. They are misbehaving because they do not want to have to do anything. I did finally get them to play outside about 5:30pm. They stayed outside beating each other with big sticks for over an hour. Wait, that is not a good game for kids? LOL.

We have gotten so off track with school work and chores over the past month (with Jason's standardized testing and Joshua being sick.) But now they do not want to do anything. My house is a mess. I have to clean it before Thur. I also have to get Jason's lesson plans caught up to date and write his lesson plans for the next two weeks.

I am overwhelmed, tired, and stressed. I am so nervous about my surgery Thur. Plus I am grieving my grandfather. I know this is life and tomorrow is another day. But I don't even want to talk on the phone at all (which I usually due a few times a day, especially to my best friend, Monica.) I guess it is good that I am blogging.

Now, I am going to straighten up and then work on Jason's homeschool lesson plans. Tomorrow is co-op. Wed. I will spend all day cleaning and getting ready for Thur.'s surgery.

Have a great week yourself and keep us in your prayer's.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Grandma & Grandpa

My mind is in a whirlwind. Tues. night my grandfather passed away. He lived in Ohio, so I am making plans to go there tomorrow morning. It is about an 8 1/2 hour drive (not including stops.) This was my dad's dad. He was such a good, kind hearted man. He has honest and hardworking as well. He loved his motorcycle, and he took me for a ride once. He also took us fishing every summer, although he told me I scared all the fish away with all my talking. (You all know me, I like to talk, so that was probably true. lol.)

I am grateful my brother, Kevin, and I had taken the boys to visit them this summer. But still I wish we had been closer.

I have so much to do today, I have to pack, and get rental car, and straighten my house. Plus I am working on getting ready for my surgery that is scheduled for Thur.

Keep us in your prayers over the next few days. Thanks! -Becky

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

need socks?

Alabama Wholesale Socks

This company is a Christian company. Click on there daily special link, it is about salvation. I have ordered from them a few times in the past. They have fast shipping and excellent customer service. They sell socks for children, women, and men. They also sell t-shirts and boxers for men. They even have socks for diabetics.

I just ordered 10 dozen pairs of socks for under $55 including shipping. That is 120 pairs of socks. That breaks down to about .45 cents for a pair of socks.

I do not work for them, or get anything for this post, but since we all wear socks and money is tight I thought you'd like to have this site.


Monday, April 6, 2009

sleep issues & prayer request

Both boys are once again asleep. Josh was asleep by 9:15 pm, Jason by 9:30pm.

Last night Josh got a full 11 hours of sleep, and Jason got 9 full hours, plus 2 more just laying in bed half asleep. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

It has been like this since last Monday (1 week ago.) Jason has been getting up early though, sometimes as early as 4:00am. Today he got up at 6:00am, plus he has been having weird dreams. I have to let the doctor know as this may be a bad side effect of the sleep medicine. But our nighttime battles that have lasted 3 hours are almost non existent. Last night Josh threw a fit that lasted exactly 2 minutes.

I have not known what to do with all this me time. Last night I spent almost an hour with God and was asleep by 10:30pm myself. I slept until 7:30am (after waking up at 7:00am to pray with Kristen, I went back to sleep until 7:30.) So I got 9 hours of sleep. Yippee!!!

I did not watch any tv or go on the computer at all yesterday. I want Sundays to be tv & internet free (and no shopping either), so we can relax, spend time with friends and family, and get ready for the week. Let's see how long that will last.

I also gave up two strongholds (things I was putting before God) this weekend. I needed to for a long time, but pray as today I have been already having withdrawal. I do not want to take these things back from God. I want to put Him first in all I do. But it is hard.

We convince ourselves these crutches get us through, but really they hold us back. God is what gets us through each and every day, and each and every joy and hardship. If we really trust in Him, we will see how much better His ways are. Believe me after I go to food or tv in time of trial, I feel no better in an hour. If I go to the Lord, my whole day is better.

Keep me in your prayers. Thanks!


goals instead of a pity party

I am going here one day:

Well, I realize I am a bit sad right now. Sad that my life is not exactly as I planned. Sad that I have spent the last 18 months building up a relationship that was never meant to be. Sad that I knew it, but just kept pretending anyway.

Well, instead of being sad I am going to start making and achieving some goals. I want to go see Havasu Falls. I have wanted to go since I was 16.

Even though I can't make being married a goal, that has to be God's plan. I can make a trip to grand canyon a goal. I can dream about it, save for it, and plan for it. So here's to some healthy goals!!!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things about me

Three blessings in my life:
2.Jason & Joshua
3.My family

Three Names I have been called:

Three Jobs I have had in my life:
2.daycare provider

Three Places I Have Lived:
1.NJ (from ages 6-19 & 27-now)
2.Louisville, KY (for 6 months only in 2003)
3.Ohio (I was born there)

Three TV Shows that I watch:
1.Little House on the Prairie
2.Law & Order SVU
3.Judge Judy

People who e-mail me regularly:

Three of my favorite foods:
1.sushi-California roll
2.sausage & peppers's meatballs & sauce

Three things I am looking forward to: caterpillars going into chrysalis & then becoming butterflies taking kids to FL without me
3.summer road trip with my boys

Three things I enjoy doing:
2.taking pictures (especially of my boys)
3.reading & napping

Three things I want to do one day:
1.learn to play the guitar
2.learn Spanish
3.go to and hike down to the bottom of grand canyon (camp there)

What about you? Anything you want to share? -Becky

April Budget

Budget April 2009

Jason $386 ($96.50 weekly)
Joshua $170 ($85 bi-weekly)
Office Work $180
Childcare $ 60

Total $796

*Tithe $ 80
Savings $
Offering $ 70 (Compassion Child $35 / Solutions $25 / F.O.F. $10)
*Rent $500
Car Repairs $
*Car insurance $ 80 (due 4/13)
Gas for car $ 60
*Allowance $ 64
Electric bill $105
*Phone $ 24 (for basic phone only with taxes)
Food $200
Non groceries $ 30 (contact stuff, misc.)
Freedom account $100
*HSLD $ 11
Clothes $ 0
Spending $ 0

Total $

Also need money for two day trips:
NY trip
Philly Trip

I am having surgery April 16th, so the negative money will come from my surgery recovery money

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Praise the Lord

All bills for March are paid in full!!!

I still had some unbudgeted for, unplanned spending, but I am working on that. Even so all March bills are paid, including April rent (it is due today, I mailed it out last week.)

God is so amazing to us.