Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It has been so long since I have wrote on a regular basis that I forgot how to update my blog. I want to update my about me, descriptions, and more. Bare with me as I try to figure it out again. Thanks.


Today I am 39 weeks pregnant with baby boy #3

Maternity Shoot

Last month my amazing friend did a free maternity photo shoot for me. I was 34 1/2 weeks. Here are some of the pictures:

My "baby" is 16

Happy 16th birthday to my "baby!" I can remember the day this boy came into my life, screaming his head off. It has been some ride, but what a blessing that I have been able to be his mom. I am so proud of the amazing young man he is becoming. He is caring, respectful, helpful, kind, and funny. It is strange as the years pass and they need us less as a parent, and the relationship changes. I would... never trade those baby years, or young child years as we climbed trees together and read books, and did our craft (sweat shop's, lol); but I also am coming to really enjoy this new stage where we talk and have real conversations, especially when Jason has me cracking up. I am so proud of this young man. Who will always be my "baby" and my firstborn son, but who also is becoming a man right before my very eyes.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Where are we?

I know I have neglected this blog. Hurricane Sandy really devastated us, and we are still dealing with recovery.

We are home (after being displaced from after hurricane until March of this year.) Our home was repaired using insurance funds and volunteer work for labor from Christian Aid Ministries.

Our home is fully repaired with a new furnace, central air, first floor, fridge, washer and dryer, and more. However after being told we would not have to raise our home, we actually do. We are in the process of applying for grants to raise or knock down and rebuild our home since two contractors feel our home is unraisable (due to its age.)

I lost my business (in home daycare due to hurricane.) I now have one child back (my nephew Kaiden, he is 3.) But I am still down $260 a week from my pre hurricane income. But by the grace of God we are current on all our monthly bills.

We are still homeschooling. We took a break for Aug. & half of Sept., and started again last month. Jason is in high school and Josh is in 5th grade. These pictures are from the first day of school.

In all the hurricane Sandy craziness, we have some exciting news. On July 21st I got remarried.

I wrote last summer about beginning to date my now husband, Jay. Well, we decided that we were meant to be and got married.

Also I am expecting another baby boy due Dec. 18th. We are all very excited. This is me a few weeks ago. Today I am 31 weeks.

I am sure that is enough news for now, but I wanted to share that we are ok, and a few updates.

Anyone still out there?


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Over five years using cloth

I realize it has been over five years that I have been using all cloth in my house. I have not bought tissues, paper towels, or disposable menstrual pads since 2007. I use cloth toilet paper, but do buy for my guests and boys. I have a few reasons why I started doing this:

-our earth
-my sensitive skin

Are these reasons still relevant to me? Yes, they all still are. In five years I haves saved about:

Product   Monthly Cost   Yearly Cost   Five Year Cost

Tissues    $5                      $60                $300
Toilet Paper $5                 $60                $300
Paper Towels $10             $120              $600
Paper Napkins $5             $60                $300
Menstrual Pads $10          $120              $600

                                               Total        $2100

So I think saving about $2,000, maybe $1,500 if you factor in extra laundry it has made sense financially.

I also think keeping those trees from being cut down and all the resources that goes into making these products has benefited the earth, especially since I wash the cloth in cold water and line dry to kill germs ( the sun is great at that.)

But still the number one reason for using all cloth is my skin. I have not be one rash from a disposable diaper ( I had many before.)

So even if fianances and our earth were not a factor I would still continue to use all cloth.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where have we been

We are home again after Sandy badly damaged our home. However we have been busy trying to get back to a normal routine. Also my laptop is terrible with connecting online and my iphone is so small to blog on. But it is my goal to get back to blogging.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

After my haircut

I know it is a slight change, but for someone who has this odd aversion to getting a hair cut, it is dramatic enough for me.

Before my haircut this morning

This is me about to go to a salon for a haircut (with a gift certificate I got for Christmas.)
My last haircut was Nov. 2011 by a friend; and the haircut before that was Oct. 2002 (I am not kidding.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My nephew Kaiden is now 33 months old (over 2 and a half.) He has gotten a bit fresh, but he still is cute as ever.

                             Kaiden eating peanut butter and homemade jam on whole wheat. YUM!

                                                     I see you (at Josh's basketball game)

Bill update

Despite paying all my normal house bills, plus added expenses to stay in my brother's apartment, all my bills are paid up through Feb. 1st (including my Feb. mortgage and $1,144 tax bill that was due on the 1st.) I also am current on all my credit card payments as well (but they are pretty much maxed out with house stuff.)

I also am on track to pay all Feb. bills in full by the end of the month as well.

Praise God as with all this being displaced from hurricane Sandy and house stress, it is nice not to be stressed about overdue bills.


First real snow day

                                                                    Josh with his shovel

                                                                 Jason working hard

                                                                       Jason smiling

                                                                 watch out


                                                                    mischievous look

                                                                Don't worry, Josh is ok

We are not in our home yet, but on Sunday we went there to shovel the walk and driveway. This lead to an impromptu snowball fight. I can't wait to get home and make more fun memories like this.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hurricane Update

I have another blog where I post updates on our hurricane Sandy story. Today is 3 months since the hurricane hit, so I just added a new post. Please check it out, read it, pray for us, share it, and if you can make a donation to help us get home. Thanks


Monday, January 21, 2013

My budget has been a mess since the hurricane. I have lost my source of income (my in home daycare) and have all kinds of new and additional expenses (like expenses to stay in another place and extra gas for the car since I am driving all over everyday.)

By the grace of God all my bills are paid in full. But all my funds are now exhausted. It can be a bit stressful (on top of the stress of being displaced, and trying to rebuild my home.)

Right now I am waiting on insurance settlement so I can finish fixing the house. I have used all the donation money and the advance I got from the insurance company to get started. I have already had  the floor joists fixed and have had most of the walls replaced. I also paid for the furnace, ac unit, and ductwork. I still need to pay for the labor to install it. 

I never knew how expensive home stuff is. The cheapest kitchen cabinets (stock) are $2,500 (for my kitchen space.) Forget about countertops that start at $1,000. Ahhh. It is all making my head spin. I have spent no less than 40 hours at home inprovement stores in the past few weeks. I actually have to go back in the am to get white ceiling paint, and paint rollers. Then in the next few days to get tile for the bathroom. 

I have more debt now than ever and hopefully can pay it back with insurance money, but I have to spend money to fix stuff so I can go home. 

And that is all I want to do, go home. I want to not think about money, or paint, or kitchen cabinets. I want to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon, and read a book. I want to take a hot bath (ok so I never really did that before, but maybe I will in my new regular size tub.)

But until then I am grateful to have all my bills paid, and even today when I had nothing left and an empty gas tank God provided and the tank is full again.

He never ceases to amaze me. 


Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to save $1,000 this year / REPOST

Some of you may already be doing this sort of stuff, so the savings will not be as much, some of you may think I am too extreme. But by doing all of these things I saved over $1,000. I have been doing these things since 2008, so those savings are for each year.

1) Make your own laundry soap. Cost about $20 for 20 gallons. Get the recipe I use here.
Savings about $160 a year (if you spend $15 a month on laundry soap.)[Bonus the homemade stuff is free of added scents that irritate my son's skin.)

2) Use cloth paper towels. Chances are you have plenty of cloth towels in your home that will work just as well as paper towels, if not better. Savings about $240 (if you spend $20 a month on paper towels.)

3) Use cloth napkins. Again chances are you have some nice washcloths or a set of cloth napkins already. These work better than paper napkins. Savings about $60 a year.

4) Use cloth tissues. Use some of the washcloths, towels, etc., you already have around the home. One of my cloth tissues works way better than about 5 paper tissues. Savings about $60 a year.

5) Use cloth menstrual pads or a Diva cup. Switching to cloth menstrual pads has been amazing for me, read about it here. In 2008 I bought a set, so in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 I have had no costs (yes I am still using the same pads I bought in 2008.). Savings over five years, at least $600. Buy from a great work site here.

6) Use cloth toilet paper. I just cut up old clothes, see hereSavings about $120 a year.

7) Line dry your clothes. Did you know it cost .30-.60 cents per load to dry clothes in the dryer. If you wash 4 loads a week, that is about $2.00 to dry your clothes. $2 x 52 weeks is $104. I actually do about 6 loads a week, so for me that would cost $156 a year. So I line dry my clothes from March-Nov. Saving about another $100 a year. [Bonus it works out my arms to hang the clothes.]

8) Clean with only baking soda and vinegarSavings about $100 a year (or more.)

9) Use white vinegar as fabric softener. Savings about $20 a year.

10) If you need something, look around and see if already have something similar that will do the job before you buy something new. Savings can really add up.

11) Join This site was created to keep good items out of landfills. Join online for free and post things you need (and want to give away as well) before you go out and buy something new. I have gotten rugs, toys, clothes, and so much more. Savings can be very high. [Bonus you can give away stuff and declutter while not feeling guilty that it will be in landfill.]

Leave a comment with a great money saving tip you have. Thanks!