Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I wanted to share my deck as I am so glad it's done (until spring when it gets stained.) The gas line picture isn't that so lovely? -Becky

my new deck railings

this is what $385 looks like

Feeling better

Hello! I am finally feeling better. What a way to jump start my wanting to eat better than not eating for 2 days. Actually I did eat some crackers and toast and lots of red gatorade. When I am sick I NEED red gatorade, but I find it is addicting! I will not even buy it again unless I am sick again.
My first goal is to start drinking 8 glasses of water a day and to write down everything I eat. I will use this blog to keep myself accountable and will let you know if I am meeting my weekly goals. I do not want to diet, but focus more on God not on food. Thanks! -Becky

Monday, October 29, 2007


Warning gross. I was so ill yesturday. At Sat. conference I bought a tuna sandwhich and then for dinner I had KFC. Not a good combo, my stomach rejected it. EWWWW!!! Anyway I have been praying alot about eating better and exercising more and being aware of my eating. I thought I might fast a day to get myself to focus more on God, well he must have agreed cause I could not eat anything yesturday and today I do not wish to try. Funny how sometimes God finds a way to make us take notice. I know I need to lose weight, so please pray that I could focus on God more and eat when hungry and seek Him when I am emotional. Thanks! -Becky

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello! It's 1:00. The kids are resting. It is so chilly today, I miss that unusual warm weather we had last week. I usually love fall weather, but today is damp and cold. Especially not a good day for drying laundry on the line. AHHHHHHH!!! Three days of rain. Last night I hung clothes all over when I went to bed, bathroom, kitchen chairs, my baby gate. It was hillarious. Some are still not dry. So if you come over excuse my unmentionables hanging from the ceiling (I am not kiddding.)

The other day I watched the movie Miss Potter with Renee Zell something. It's about the life of Beatrix Potter the woman who wrote the tales of Peter rabbit and so many more stories. Very good movie. Uplifting and moving. I like movies that are based in different centuries. At 32, because Miss Potter was unmarried she could not go out without another woman or her father present. How much better would our world be if they still did this? I would have avoided some mistakes.

Tonight I am driving Jason half way to meet his dad. He is finally resuming visits after 3 months of his dad being unavailable. Not sure what is going on there, please pray though as I have not gotten all my child support for Oct yet. I wish I could live with out this money, but I can not.

Tomorrow I am going to a Christian Ministries Convention to learn how to be better in my role at church with the children on Wed. evening. The convention is 8:30am-4:00, and it is an hour away. A few others from my church are also going, so I will not be alone. My friend, Monica is watching Joshua. I will not be working at night and will spend special time with Joshua when I get home. He wants to go to KFC. What fun! I don't really like fried chicken, but they have great biscuits.

Sunday will be church, then a nap, then the fall festival at my church 4:30-6:30, then get Jason, then everyone to bed. I feel like my weekends are busier than my weeks. I have to schedule a nap so I can relax a few minutes. I am sure you can relate? Try to get a nap in yourself!!!

Have a great weekend! -Becky

Thursday, October 25, 2007

proud of myself

Hello! Today the gas was shut off so I had to relight the pilot on my stove on my own. I did it. I am so proud of myself. I also just went into my attic for the second time and got some more fall / winter clothes down. No big deal, but for me it is. I am proud of myself for small victories.
Too bad only about 10% of the clothes from last year fit me. That is a whole other issue that I wish to work on soon.
But my boys do not really need anything for fall, so that's good.
It's off to put these clothes away now. Have a good night! -Becky

more unexpected expenses

I wanted to put in a stackable washer and dryer (no room for two appliances in my laundry spot) but the gas line was not long enough and the outlet is only a 110 volt (an electric unit needs a 220 volt.) So I just had the gas line extened to a tune of 385 dollars. I had $500 saved for a used washer dryer unit, but now I have to wait to get one until I can save up more money. I am torn as I have my freedom account fully funded for one year (this is an account that I contribute a set amount each month to cover all expenses that come up during the year, but not monthly -i.e-oil changes, car registartion, AAA membership, Christmas, my glasses, and a few other things.) I could use this money to buy a washer dryer unit but then the account would be empty again. At least I did not have to use a credit card (which I do not have) to get the gas line.

So in 2 months I have spent (to move):
moving truck $200 (including gas and misc. for moving day)
emergency plumber $187
deck and new shelves $400
gas line extended $385

I will have to spend more to get washer / dryer unit about $600 used, $1200 new

still with the total of $2372 including the new washer dryer unit, this is still less than it cost me to move into my apartment three years ago with security deposit of $1800 and first months rent of $1200, and now I will have my own washer and dryer.
I am glad I have had all the money so far. Now I just need to save up for my washer / dryer unit now. Pray for the rain to let up so I can use my clothes line again to dry my clothes.(I have a washer just not a dryer.)

God is so good to be teaching me all about having a home and what that entails without a mortgage. -Becky

Friday, October 19, 2007

joys of home ownership (sort of)

Hello! On Aug. 18th I moved into my grandmother's house. She retired to AZ. I am so blessed as she graciously only charges me her costs of taxes and insurance and water and sewer. So I pay $500 a month. But with that comes more responsibility. She is not making any money off me living here. So yesturday we needed an emergency visit from a plumber. It was to the tune of $187.25. Completely unexpected to me, but thankfully I have $500 saved for a dryer so I will take part from there and pay myself back. I guess we will hang the clothes outside a bit longer than I wanted. I am so thankful to God that I had the money, and that it is still less than my $1240 a month rent was for the past 3 years.
Actually the plumbing problem probably would not have happened if I did not have five people using the toilet about four times a day each. (Remember it's me, Jason age 9, Josh age 4, and two 4 year old daycare children that use the potty, one daycare child is still in diapers.) It is an old house. But that is fixed, thankfully. My grandmother said I could take it off the rent, but honestly I don't feel right doing that. So that is that.

Next big expense yesturday was deck stuff. Because I run a licensed daycare center from my home I have to comply with all state laws. My deck was not in compliance with such, so all railings and spindles needed to be replaced. So I got some free labor coming tomorrow (THANK GOD) some guys from my church and my stepfather. I am praying it does not rain. But the wood just to fix railings and stairs was $300.00. Yikes. This was defanitly not my grandmother's responsibility because the deck was fine for her, just not for daycare. Fortionately, I was expecting this and had saved for it. I am just so grateful I do not have to pay for labor.
So I am learning home ownership (I do not actual own this place but feel while I am here it is mine to properly care for) is full of unexpected expenses. This is a good lesson in case I ever actually own a home of my own.
It is all still so exciting though to be in a home and to love it and be making it my own. It feels good. Again God is so good.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Field Trip

Friday we went on a field trip. My kids had no school (in service day) and so I took them and daycare kids (plus some others joined us) for a great day of a hayride, pumpkin picking, corn maze, and apple picking. We also saw turkey's and honeybees. We got a tour from the farm owner who actually lives on this farm. It was a great fall day. We all had a blast. Only some of us finished that corn maze (Jason & his friend.) We also played on farm playground. I love fall and this was a great way to start fall this year. If you want to order your Thanksgiving turkey this year call Lee Turkey Farm Phone 609-448-0629 or check out there website http://www.leeturkeyfarm.com/ Or if you want to go on a hayride, or other fun fall suff check them out. You will be supporting a family farm if you do. Happy Fall! -Becky

Apple picking

My finances

I just ran across a Christian website of someone trying to get of debt and live debt free. I shared my expenses and income and wanted to share with you.
With God all things are possible!!!!!!!!!

A bit about my finances:
I am self employed, I run a daycare out of my home to avoid daycare costs myself. I drive a 1992 Dodge Shadow that was $500. I save for what I want. I follow many of Mary Hunt's ideas, and I work in my daycare Mon.-Fri. from 6:50am-5:30pm.(plus after hours cleaning and next day prep) Now I just moved and my rent was $1240, I paid this for three years with 4 or 5 daycare kids, but now I am living in my grandmother's house (a blessing from God). I also work a part time job Sat. nights for spending money
my budget:

child support $544
daycare children (3) $1530
food for daycare $200
total $2274.00

tithe to my church $230.00
savings for emergencies $200.00
offering $200.00
rent $500.00
car insurance $100.00
gas for car $120.00
boys allowance $52.00
freedom account $100.00 (for yearly expenses, like car registration, glasses, AAA, oil changes, etc)
gas & electric bills $180.00
phone & online $70.00
business insurance $30.00
business supplies $50.00
food $250.00 (for whole house and daycare breakfast, lunch, & snacks)
non groceries $20.00
spending $100.00
Wed. night dinners $32.00
someone to get Josh $40.00
total $2274.00

Sat. night I work babysitting. I make $55, I tithe and use for spending (like school fundraisers, birthday and baby gifts, snack at school money,etc) (I only work 2 times a month)
now my budget does not include clothes (I ask at birthdays and holidays), which growing kids need, or vacations (we don't go), or alot for food $250 a month does not go too far with 3 people in home, and 3 daycare kids. Also I do not have a car repair fund, but if have to will use my savings. I have $2500 in savings for emergencies, and $1200 in my freedom account (one year's worth of stuff.) I also have $500 saved for a dryer which we do not have. I am now saving to repaint my house in the spring and for car repairs (savings for these will resume after Christmas.) For Christmas my boys will get three gifts each and we will make others gifts. We will not spend more than $300, including cards, cookies, etc, which will come from freedom account. This does not include any savings for the future (like college & retirement), this will have to come later.

Also I pay taxes but with my refund, so I still get a refund (because of head of household and earned income credit). I will get about $3300, this will go towards:
tithe $330
offering $200 (star 99.1 and our sponser child family gift)
life insurance $400
great adventure season passes $300
summer and possible vacation $2000 (I work less in summer to be here more for my kids)
ALL OF THIS IS POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF GOD. He has blessed us so much!!!

It has taken me many years to get to this. When I was in my apartment and paying $1240 a month in rent I was not saving or giving much offering, but I have always tithed (since shortly after becoming a Christian) because it does not belong to me, it all belongs to GOD. Who am I to get $100 from Him and keep it all when all He askes for is $10 back.

If you want to discuss fianances or have me pray about yours I will be happy to do so, send me an email or comment. -Becky R in NJ

Monday, October 8, 2007

Day off

Hello! Today is Columbus Day. Thanks Chris, I like America alot!
I took a day off as I thought my kids would be off from school, but they were not. So I slept in this morning. Got Jason off to school. Relaxed and watched tv with Joshua, and brought Joshua to school. I went to an appointment and then I went to Kohl's to spend a birthday gift certificate. Wow! Me in a store alone. I was overwhelmed. I wondered aimlessly, not sure what to do with myself. It was NICE! Then I went to get Josh from school and he watched a movie and then I took a nap. I couldn't belive he let me and that I was so tired. Are you shocked? I spent the day doing nothing. Very unlike me. But so needed.
I just helped Jason finish his homework and book report. And now dinner is cooking. Jason has been doing so good at school and he got all his work done so quickly that I let him play his video game, a rare treat on a weekday. So basically we watched way too much tv today. I guess I really could not live without my tv. Tonight I will do a devotion with the boys. They really enjoy this devotion book I got. Then showers and bed. I hope I will be able to fall asleep after all that relaxing.
Life is good. Thanks God for letting me have some down time and not feeling guilty (well not that guilty-lol)
-Becky at 6:30 pm (time below is wrong)

Friday, October 5, 2007


to the right is me, fresh out of the shower (hence the wet hair) how do I look now that I am 28? I think pretty much the same as when I was 27-lol

Tragedy to two families

Hello! One of the boys on Jason's soccer team's father was killed in a motorcycle accident on Monday. They live in Navesink. The boy's name is also Jason, please pray for his mom & him. Dad was only about 45 years old. Also pray for the 44 year old woman who hit and killed him all on accident. What a burden she will carry all for making a turn without fully paying attention, how many times have we all done this? In one second two families lives were torn apart. It is a reminder how fleeting it all is and what we really need to be focusing on. Not the to do list or messy house, but on God and trying to tell others about Him, all while growing in Him ourselves and growing in our families. I may get annoyed when Jason & Josh want 5 more minutes of cuddle time or just one more story, but really what is a better way to spend my time anyway? By loving them more I show them more of God's love. This is a hard lesson for me. I want to do everything that I get so busy just to be. God help me to be able to relax, and have fun with the boys you have given me. -Amen!