Friday, October 19, 2007

joys of home ownership (sort of)

Hello! On Aug. 18th I moved into my grandmother's house. She retired to AZ. I am so blessed as she graciously only charges me her costs of taxes and insurance and water and sewer. So I pay $500 a month. But with that comes more responsibility. She is not making any money off me living here. So yesturday we needed an emergency visit from a plumber. It was to the tune of $187.25. Completely unexpected to me, but thankfully I have $500 saved for a dryer so I will take part from there and pay myself back. I guess we will hang the clothes outside a bit longer than I wanted. I am so thankful to God that I had the money, and that it is still less than my $1240 a month rent was for the past 3 years.
Actually the plumbing problem probably would not have happened if I did not have five people using the toilet about four times a day each. (Remember it's me, Jason age 9, Josh age 4, and two 4 year old daycare children that use the potty, one daycare child is still in diapers.) It is an old house. But that is fixed, thankfully. My grandmother said I could take it off the rent, but honestly I don't feel right doing that. So that is that.

Next big expense yesturday was deck stuff. Because I run a licensed daycare center from my home I have to comply with all state laws. My deck was not in compliance with such, so all railings and spindles needed to be replaced. So I got some free labor coming tomorrow (THANK GOD) some guys from my church and my stepfather. I am praying it does not rain. But the wood just to fix railings and stairs was $300.00. Yikes. This was defanitly not my grandmother's responsibility because the deck was fine for her, just not for daycare. Fortionately, I was expecting this and had saved for it. I am just so grateful I do not have to pay for labor.
So I am learning home ownership (I do not actual own this place but feel while I am here it is mine to properly care for) is full of unexpected expenses. This is a good lesson in case I ever actually own a home of my own.
It is all still so exciting though to be in a home and to love it and be making it my own. It feels good. Again God is so good.