Friday, October 5, 2007

Tragedy to two families

Hello! One of the boys on Jason's soccer team's father was killed in a motorcycle accident on Monday. They live in Navesink. The boy's name is also Jason, please pray for his mom & him. Dad was only about 45 years old. Also pray for the 44 year old woman who hit and killed him all on accident. What a burden she will carry all for making a turn without fully paying attention, how many times have we all done this? In one second two families lives were torn apart. It is a reminder how fleeting it all is and what we really need to be focusing on. Not the to do list or messy house, but on God and trying to tell others about Him, all while growing in Him ourselves and growing in our families. I may get annoyed when Jason & Josh want 5 more minutes of cuddle time or just one more story, but really what is a better way to spend my time anyway? By loving them more I show them more of God's love. This is a hard lesson for me. I want to do everything that I get so busy just to be. God help me to be able to relax, and have fun with the boys you have given me. -Amen!