Thursday, October 25, 2007

more unexpected expenses

I wanted to put in a stackable washer and dryer (no room for two appliances in my laundry spot) but the gas line was not long enough and the outlet is only a 110 volt (an electric unit needs a 220 volt.) So I just had the gas line extened to a tune of 385 dollars. I had $500 saved for a used washer dryer unit, but now I have to wait to get one until I can save up more money. I am torn as I have my freedom account fully funded for one year (this is an account that I contribute a set amount each month to cover all expenses that come up during the year, but not monthly -i.e-oil changes, car registartion, AAA membership, Christmas, my glasses, and a few other things.) I could use this money to buy a washer dryer unit but then the account would be empty again. At least I did not have to use a credit card (which I do not have) to get the gas line.

So in 2 months I have spent (to move):
moving truck $200 (including gas and misc. for moving day)
emergency plumber $187
deck and new shelves $400
gas line extended $385

I will have to spend more to get washer / dryer unit about $600 used, $1200 new

still with the total of $2372 including the new washer dryer unit, this is still less than it cost me to move into my apartment three years ago with security deposit of $1800 and first months rent of $1200, and now I will have my own washer and dryer.
I am glad I have had all the money so far. Now I just need to save up for my washer / dryer unit now. Pray for the rain to let up so I can use my clothes line again to dry my clothes.(I have a washer just not a dryer.)

God is so good to be teaching me all about having a home and what that entails without a mortgage. -Becky