Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prayer Request

My best friend , Monica had surgery last week on her foot so she is on crutches and is in a walking boot. Pray that she heals quickly and is financially ok as when she misses work, she does not get paid.

Also her two sons have fevers, and stomach aches, please pray her boys recover quickly and do not get worse. Also pray her and her husband do not get sick.


Friday, October 30, 2009

aluminum water bottles

I love having my aluminum water bottle. I have like three now and the kids each have two. They really help me to drink lots of water. I fill them every night and put in fridge and that is pretty much all we drink all day long.

I was thinking these would make great Christmas gifts and I just got a coupon code for Gaiam company for $20 off $100 or more purchase. Plus they do free shipping on these water bottles. The water bottles are about $10 each, which is a great price. If you order 10 that will be only $80 with free shipping. I think teachers and others would love these for Christmas. Who doesn't want to drink more water without plastic going into themselves or the landfills?

Check out the Gaiam website here

Josh just got an orange one, and I got a turquoise one from them. Plus we got another orange one as a birthday gift.

The $20 off coupon code is GA09 and it expires 12/31/09


p.s. I also got a code for 10% off any order if you want to place an order under $100. That code is GREENBB and it expires 01/30/2010

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's the little things

I just went out to the car to get something and remembered Josh's bike in the back seat. Sometimes something like this would frustrate me, but tonight it filled me with such joy that I had a wonderfully healthy son who could ride his bike without training wheels and loves to do so. (It's in the car because it got dark when he was riding at his cousin's, who incidentally live almost across the street from where we are moving.) So I came in and got in bed with him (he was still up) and gave him a big hug and kiss and told him I am so glad he is my son, because I really am. Then I went in to Jason's room to find him reading and again instead of getting annoyed that he was still up, I was filled with joy at how he loves to read. I told him how much I love him, then I did pull the plug on his light. It is after 11pm after all.

But no matter my rantings and crazy days and venting on ths blog, I really do love those boys.


Want to write a guest post for me?

I have read some guest posts on others blogs. If you'd like to write a guest post for me let me know and on what topic. If I choose to use your guest post, I will send you a bar of The Body Shop Daisy bar soap or something else that is fun or cool.

Topics you can write on:
your life
your testimony
your walk with God
your kids and / or family
your finances
your budget
real work at home job ideas
frugal / green living (as it pertains to your life)
your dreams and goals for your life
a book review by you
an adoption story
how much you like me and my blog (tee-hee)
something else you'd like to write about

If I use your post I will also add a link to your blog (if you have one) so people can see your blog as well, or if you wish to remain anonymous and write a post with no name that is ok too.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your email address if you are interested.


Cures for insomnia

Help! How do you go to bed at a decent hour? Here it is 1am and I just finished making a batch of dish soap. I have to get up before 8am. I find it so hard to get into a routine to go to sleep. It doesn't help that my boys are usually still up around 10pm. I like having some me quiet time (don't even bother saying get up before them and have quiet time; in the am Josh has lowjack on me, as soon as I wake up so does he.)

What is your bedtime routine? How do fall asleep at a decent hour? When do you cut eating out before bed (maybe I eat too close to bed?) Do you exercise during day, if yes what time? Maybe I need to exercise more and not so close to bed. Ahhhhh!!!! I need help and I so need to be asleep.


If it works

If it works I will just have made 3 quarts of dish soap for about $1. I got the recipe online. I have tried a few of my own recipes, but they have been unsuccessful. Regular store bought dish soap smells too strong for me and I feel like it takes forever to wash off the dishes. I have been using Seventh Generation unscented free and clear brand, but it is about $4 a bottle and I was having it shipped. $4 is too much for dish soap in my opinion. So I searched online and found this recipe:

1 bar octagon soap
3 quarts water
1/2 cup baking soda
1/8 cup washing soda
1/8 cup lemon

I just grated the soap and heated it in water over stove top until soap was all dissolved. Then I added baking soda and washing soda. I stirred it a bit more. Next I turned off the stove top. Finally I added the lemon (I actually squeezed it from a lemon, not sure if you could use the real lemon they sell in bottle.) I stirred it all up again. The I poured it into a glass container. I can not wait to try it on my dishes.

If it works I just spent about $1 for 3 quarts. That even beats the smaller bottle at the dollar store. Plus what I made is free of smelly chemicals. I will let you know how it works.

Yes, I will do just about anything to save money, and also to stay up at night (it is almost 1am.)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sometimes blessings come in the least likely places. They come from situations that seem so bleak.

So many years ago when I was pregnant at such a young age I could not see the blessing that baby would be or how I would give my life to the Lord because of it. God certainly used that time in my life to strengthen me and bless me.

Once again God has sent a blessing into my family. My youngest sister told me last week she is expecting a baby. She is 12 weeks along. She is young (she just turned 20) and not yet married. Although the circumstances are not ideal I already feel so blessed by this baby (who I am sure is a GIRL.)

It does bring back lots of feelings of sadness that I went through, but I pray it will turn out better for my sister. I pray her and her boyfriend would turn to the Lord (he is not a believer, she is not walking with the Lord.) I pray that they would be all that God has for then and be blessed tremendously. I ask that you would pray that as well. Especially as her boyfriend has moved out and is not working at this time. Pray he gets a good job asap. Pray that he and my sister build each other up and encourage each other daily, and just overall are good for each other.

I am excited as I love babies. And since God has blessed me to be with home with my boys (for the time being) I pray that I will be able to watch my new niece 2-3 days a week once she is born so my sister can stay in college.

Joshua is super excited as my sister is due one day before his 7th birthday (she is due May 16th.) He is excited to get a baby cousin for his birthday. I hope he knows he doesn't get to keep her (lol.)

What are some blessings in your life that at first did not seem blessings; or where in your life can you look at a situation you are facing a new way and see God's blessings?


Monday, October 26, 2009

This blog has already seen me through a move

So this is my second move since starting this blog. But this will be my 7th move in the past 10 years. Yikes.

When I was 20 I moved into my first apartment (with another single mom and her 2 year old son)
When I was 21 I moved into my first ever alone apartment (with Jason who was 3 at the time.)
When I was 22 I moved to KY with my husband (Jason was 4.)
When I was 23 I moved in with my mom, stepfather, and sister (Jason was 5, I had Joshua while I lived there.)
When I was 25 I moved into a nice three bedroom apartment (Jason was 7, Joshua was almost 2)
When I was almost 28 I moved into my first alone house (Jason was 9, Joshua was 4.)
Now that I am 30 we are moving again (Jason is almost 12, and Joshua is 7.)

It has been stressful, but most of my moves have been for the better and baby steps. I never could have moved right into a house alone, I gradually worked my way up to that. Plus we are moving really close (same town and all.)

It is all God, He has allowed me to grow until I could handle a house alone. Not to mention the great group of people He has given me in my life who help me with home repairs and such.

He is so good! I have to say it again. He is so good! Amen!


Alright, alright

I guess my clues were too easy. Yes, we are moving. More details to follow, please pray it all falls into place in His perfect way.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yippee and my secret

Joshua was asleep by 9:30pm, Yippee!!!

We started calming down at 7:30pm. We put on pj's and played Uno attack. Then Josh brushed his teeth. Then we read Alexander, Who's Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to Move. We then prayed and cuddled for a few minutes. Then I left. He did get up two times though, so he will not have any video game time tomorrow. But he finally calmed down. That was about 9:00pm, and half hour later he was asleep. So tonight the whole thing only took about two hours. That is exciting.

Then I spent time with Jason talking and such. He said lately he has been thinking who will be his best man. Is there something he wants to tell me? LOL.

I had a good day (I only yelled twice-that's a new record.) I think being away and having such a calm weekend helped with that. (By the way my goal is to never yell.)

In the morning I went to church with the boys. After church I let them play on the church park while chatting with friends. Next I hung out with the boys playing Wii fit. Finally, we went to my mom's for dinner.

While at my mom's I was finalizing some plans for the secret I have been keeping.

I am not ready to spill it but will give two clues.
One is in this post, it has to do with something I did with Joshua today. The second clue is in the photo of the boys playing Wii fit I posted today, notice the background has three shelves built into the wall. The top two shelves used to have some collectibles and frames on them.

Can you guess my secret yet?


Support the Girl Scouts

One of the girls in our homeschool group is in Girl Scouts. Her troop is selling magazines to raise money. These would make a great Christmas gift. Please check out this site. Thanks!


Wii Fit

I got a Wii fit for my 30th birthday (Oct. 3rd.) I have been really dizzy for a few weeks so I had not tried it. Feeling fully better and wanting to do an activity the kids would enjoy, I just tried Wii fit for the first time. It was fun! I will admit being told by a machine I am obese is a bit humbling, but it is something I already knew. I am overweight. I need to lose weight. God has also been giving me this message for quiet some time (although He also reminds me how much He loves me just as I am.)

We all set up our profiles and got our weight and Wii fit age. Jason's was 19, Joshua's was 33 (but I don't think he understand what he was doing.) Mine was 33, much better than I expected (since I am 30.) I thought it would say like 68 or something. I did not like that the machine put Josh as overweight. He is not at all. I think this might be something that could affect a kid's self esteem. This feature should be something that can be blocked, maybe it can and I am not aware of how to do it.

We all each played for 10 units, which is equivalent to 10 min. exercise. Not too bad. The boys are actually still playing, they are running together. Although Jason figured out how to cheat and he is only moving his hand. No big deal as he exercises plenty.

Hopefully this game will be a nice tool to help me get healthier though. I even think the balance games will be really helpful as I still favor my left side (after not using my right leg after my surgery.)

Have you ever played Wii Fit? What do you think of it?

Boys running on Wii Fit

My mom and stepfather gave me the greatest gift

Fri. at 9:00am my mom arrived at my house to pick up my boys, and I am not picking them up at her house until 9:00am Sunday morning.

48 whole hours of not being responsible for anyone but me. AHHHH!!! (that was a sigh of relaxation)

I got to go to an appointment yesterday, visit with my best friend Monica (who is recovering from surgery,) go to my church's ladies retreat, come home alone, and tonight I will get to sleep in my own bed all night alone. The best part was two whole nights of not putting any very strong willed children to bed.

I so needed this time. I feel so rejuvenated.

Thanks so much Mom and Scott, I love you both so much!


Devotion-I did not write this

Happiness is a Choice!
"Give me your heart, my son, And let your eyes delight in my ways." Proverbs 23:26
How simple and yet so true. All God asks is for us to give Him our hearts!

Once you have done that, completely and honestly, your eyes will delight in HIS ways! It isn’t like giving your heart to some other ‘person’. God promises us unconditional love and forgiveness if we seek it.

He has allowed us ‘free will’ and therefore our access to His many blessings and delights is governed by our own choices!

Happiness, therefore is very simple, CHOOSE your Lord God in Heaven! Repent your sins and fully give your heart (mind, body and spirit) to Him.

You will find much delight!
Dear Heavenly Father,

Please forgive us for not always choosing You. Please speak to our hearts and help us to make the right choices every day. Help us to honor and glorify You in each decision we make. Thank you for your unconditional love Father!

In Your Son's Precious Name,


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Church Ladies Retreat

I just got in my from my church's ladies retreat. It was emotional and fun. (Thanks mom for making me stay.) Here is a picture of me and my friend with our colors. (Colors that look good on us and that we should wear.)

We were in our pj's

I will blog about the retreat in more detail later.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I really feel old

The tow truck driver just came out to put the doughnut on where I had a flat tire. I was casually talking with him and discovered he grew up in this town. Since it was dark and I could not see him, I asked him his name. He told me, then he said, "I graduated _(local elementary school)_ in 2000." That stung. That he had graduated 8th grade in 2000. I sure felt ancient when he said that. Then I remembered I graduated 8th grade in 1993, so he was only 7 years younger than me. Still hearing the 2000 was a shock.

At least I can drive again.

AAA to the rescue again (I used to have to call them alot with my previous cars.)



Yikes, I have a flat tire. I have never seen anything like it. My car was fine, then poof it was flat. The rubber actually fell off the rim. I have AAA coming out to put on the doughnut. But I guess tomorrow I will be buying a new tire.


Break Up Songs

Usually couples have a song that is there's. I have some of them, but this post is about my break up songs.

I have had four boyfriends. I started dating my first boyfriend in 7th / 8th grade. We dated until the week I graduated high school (June 1996.) Shortly after I started community college, I started dating my second boyfriend (Jason's dad.) We dated until Jason was 10 months old (Oct. 1998.) Four years later I had my third boyfriend, who later became my husband (in Sept. 2002.) And then even later my ex husband (in 2006.) Finally I had my 4th boyfriend, Duane, who you all have have seen posts and pictures of in this blog. But as of last night he too is an ex. So once again I am in my listening to the same song over and over mode, I call this my break up song.

Here is the run down:

First boyfriend- I will always Love You by Whitney Houston, and it is true I do still love him (in a you were my first love, innocent way, not a I want to get back with him way.)
Jason's dad- You Were Mine by Dixi Chicks
Josh's dad- Pictures by Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow (especially the line "I was headed to church, I was off to drink you away.")
Now- We've Go Tonight by Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton (because I feel like the time we had was good, but never really meant to be) and Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer also by Kenny Rogers

Of course I am sad. I am sad about my life. I am sad that Eric is gone. I am sad that I spent the past two years building a dream with someone without really seeking God's will for my life. I am sad that I can't get this relationship thing right. I am sad that I gave part of my heart to each of these boyfriends. But for some reason part of my healing is listening to my break up song until it doesn't make me so sad anymore.

It will happen one day. Songs #1-3 bring my memories, but no longer reduce me to tears.

But for now, I think it is ok just to be sad.


Saturday, October 17, 2009


I hate swallowing pills, but do realize the value of taking vitamins.

Everyday I take:
-400mg calcium Citracel brand in Petites easier to swallow size (I so need lots of calcium and should take 400mg 2-3 times a day)
-Multi vitamin For Her by Nature Made liquid soft gel to make swallowing easier
-B-6 100mg by Nature Made (was told it helps calcium absorb better)
-Advanced C plus 500 mg Nature Made brand (recommended to me in Donna Partow book I am reading)
Also once or twice a week I take extra fiber (should this be daily?)

I do feel more energy when I take my vitamins.

Jason takes:
-Ocean's Kids DHA chewables 250mg from Garden of Life (sugar free)
-Nordic Naturals ProDHA 500mg (purified fish oil)
-Flintstones chewable multi vitamin (we got these free from someone)

(Jason enjoys the taste of all of the above, which is odd, usually Jason has issues with tastes and textures.)

Joshua takes:
-Nordic Naturals DHA Junior 250mg (Joshua hates to take these)
-Nordic Naturals multivitamin gummy berries (all organic ingredients) (Joshua loves these)

I am not sure if I notice a difference in my kids or not.

I will say we rarely get sick. I am sure this is because God knows I can not handle anything else, but also I think the vitamins, eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water, and lots of hand washing sure does help.

Do you and / or your kids take vitamins? If yes, what and why?
What makes you buy a vitamin? Price? No sugar? Organic ingredients? Doctor or someone recommended?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Not sure if I should blog this

Is this normal, funny, or horrific?

Yesterday the UPS man ran our bell and dropped a package. By the time we answered he was gone. The kids started talking about being ding dong ditched and then about leaving flaming poop in a bag on someones doorstep and ringing the bell and running (don't let your kids watch Billy Madison.)

Well, I guess Josh liked this idea, so he went into the bathroom and peed into a plastic bag. I assume he thought the boys (I had 2 other boys over that I was watching) would think this was cool? He showed it to them and said we can leave this on someones doorstep. Well, they were disgusted, so Josh got upset and threw it at them. EWWWW! I was in my room on the computer and ran when I heard the yelling. I didn't even grasp what had happened. But after sending Josh to my bed to think, and after I cleaned up the pee in the boys bedroom; I got the whole story. I was mortified!!!

Josh got a nice talking to, time out for about 30 min., and he went to bed about 7:00pm.

Today I see some some humor to this story, but am wondering what is an appropriate response to your six year old peeing in a bag and throwing it at his brother?

Yikes, the things that come out of mouth now that I am a mother.


Good day

Today I got up on time and made it to my 10am appointment exactly on time. The appointment was exactly what I needed today. My kids actually finished all there school work (thanks Mom & Scott.) They even did there current events. (My goal has been to do one very week, and this was there second.) [I do think that is the wrong usage of there, I have to look that up and possibly edit this late. Sad, since I am teaching them. LOL.]

After lunch at my mom's (thanks again mom) we stopped at the post office to pick up Josh's new bike helmet. His had some sort of accident from being near furnace and was melted. Plus it was Cars from the Disney movie, he always hated that movie. It was time for him to have a new helmet. Especially since he loves to ride his bike (no training wheels since last year-go Joshua.)

Then we went home and we all had a snack and a rest. Josh's soccer practice was cancelled due to the rain, so we all straightened the house. Then we ate dinner. Next we made window art out of a kit I have (it is paint that dries and then you can stick it to windows and mirrors and such. I made myself to stick to my car and want to make the boys as well. Like when you see a family on the back of a car. Mine doesn't look so good though. LOL. Then we went to rent a movie and with lots of popcorn watched half of it together. About 9:30pm, my boys went to bed rather smoothly and quietly. Josh was asleep by 10:30pm, without getting up once. Yeah!

Next, I organized all the school papers so we are caught up on paperwork (too bad we are a bit behind in actual schoolwork.) I also did all the dishes, and checked some email.

Now I am blogging and soon will be folding and putting away five loads of clean laundry. What a blessing that we have enough clothes to last us all fall and winter and a washer and dryer to clean them in. God really is so good. My heart is literally bursting with how blessed we are.

I forgot to mention that my boys are grounded from video games and playing with friends (and tv too, but I picked the movie so I let them watch half,) anyway, the past few days I love how they have been finding other ways to entertain themselves. Some board games have come out. They have been doing some more art. They also found some old superhero costumes and have been wearing them around. Also today they were making videos on Jason's camera. They were taking things up close and far away to distort images and pretending they were on another planet. It was really neat to see that. I even think they got a nice video of me yelling to clean up the art supplies. I hope that one doesn't end up on u tube or mom tube or whatever.

Overall today was a good day. Thank you Lord! (I know, Lord, I do still need to work on the yelling.)


Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have been thinking about Eric lately. Yesterday was 4 months since we discovered he was gone. I have so many unanswered questions. I am not sure why I have to know every little detail. Maybe it diverts my focus. But no matter what or when or how, he is gone.

Today we were watching tv and the character on tv died, so I started to cry. Josh came up and hugged me. Then Jason said, "When you think of Uncle Eric, think of the good times you had together." My boys really can be sweet and sensitive.

I guess celebrating all our family birthdays in Sept., and then my birthday this month without Eric has really got me down. It isn't right not having him around.

this is Eric, he hated to have his picture taken

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lee Turkey Farm

me, photo by Amanda
ready, set , pick
mom and Jason picking cabbage
Jason, Joshua, and me in apple orchard (minus the apples)
my cousin, Charlene and her daughter, Amanda
Joshua on the hay ride
Jason on the hayride
Joshua with his 13 pound pumpkin

Monday, October 12, 2009

Notice anything missing?

besides a smile, notice anything else missing?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have a secret

I am busting at the seams waiting to blog about the exciting thing happening in my life, but I am waiting for all the details to fall into place. Please pray for God's will in it all.



My awesome birthday weekend

I have been so busy that I have not blogged about my incredible birthday weekend.

I turned 30 last Sat. (Oct. 3rd.) Saturday after Josh's soccer game, my mom took Joshua home with her and Jason and I cleaned the attic. Then we all had dinner at my mom's (yummy burgers.) Next we had cake with my extended family. Joshua made a cake and my mom made cream puffs. YUM!

I got two new pillows, note cards, a new Bible, a bracelet, a journal, candy, cookies, a t-shirt, a cell phone organizer (as silly as it sounds we needed this as my boys are constantly misplacing their cell phones), and Joshua made me a card with microwave popcorn and $5 in it (it was his own money, he is so sweet, but later he asked for the $5 back.)

The celebration continued on Sunday. My mom took my sister, cousin, and me to see Little House on the Prairie the musical at the Papermill Playhouse, staring Melissa Gilbert as ma. I love these books and the tv show. The musical was also great. That would have been way more than enough, but the best was still yet to come.

Finally, they took me to The Melting Pot restaurant for a surprise party with all my girlfriends. It was so cool. The Melting pot is a fondue restaurant. It was so yummy, especially dessert, dipping lots of goodies in chocolate.

I got awesome homemade earrings, a Target gift card, a Kohl's gift card, flowers, some cash, and a Wii Fit. I am so excited about using it. (I already spent the Target gift card and cash on myself-as per the instructions.)

My mom really outdid herself. She made sure I felt loved and special. It was the best birthday I have ever had. Also she really had me as I had no idea about the play (which I so wanted to see) or party. That took work, as I am so very nosy.

Mom, thanks for all you do and making my life and especially my 30th birthday, so special. I love you more than I can ever express. You are the best!!!


Yard Sale Bust

After all that work preparing for the yard sale, it was a bust. Yesterday at 8:00am it was cloudy and looked like it was going to rain. We sat around over an hour and the decided to not set up. Of course it ended up being a beautiful day. Today was cloudy, but not raining, so we set up. Although it only slightly drizzled today, we had very few customers.

I made $30, and my aunt made about another $20.

So in total I worked:

3 hours Fri. Oct. 2nd organizing and pricing my stuff
2 hours Fri. Oct. 3rd cleaning out anything to sell from attic
4 hours today cleaning out my grandma's shed to find stuff to sell
2 hours waiting yesterday and then putting everything back in shed
6 hours today, setting up, selling, and cleaning up

17 hours total for $30 yikes, that is less than .50 cents an hour

My poor mom worked yesterday, all day today, and made signs at home, plus put them up and took them down, without any profit.

Joshua was also upset as he had a kool aid stand set up and had candy to sell, but he only had 5 customers (my mom, my niece, my nephew, one nice guy who came to the sale, and me.) He even had his price right at .25 cents a glass. Poor kid. Don't worry too much though, he was alright as soon as he saw his cousins and they all rode bikes together.

The good thing is my attic and house have less clutter, plus my grandma's shed is almost all cleaned out. Also I got to bond more with my mom, aunt, and grandmother.

However, I am blogging this so I will not forget:



Thursday, October 8, 2009

How does God want you to help?

Good friends of mine are fundraising for an adoption. They have the opportunity to adopt a baby boy who is not even born yet. If they can raise the needed funds asap they will get to be there when he is born and take him home. They are awesome parents. They are doing an amazing job with the children they already have. They especially love the Lord.

I would love to adopt one day, and I may; but for now I can be a part of an adoption, and so can you. If this couple is willing to raise this little boy, I can surely chip in to make it happen. Can you?

Go to their blog to read their story and to donate to make this adoption happen. Also keep them, the mother giving the baby up (she is in jail) and the baby boy in your prayers.



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My broken pinkie toe

I have once again broken my pinkie toe. I have done this no less than 10 times in the past 10 years. It hurts, but the doctor will not do anything for it, it will heal on its own. I guess I need to reevaluate going barefoot so often.

Yes, I know I am in desperate need of a pedicure. LOL.


The last of my tomato crop

These are the last of my tomato crop.

They were still delicious, yet tiny.

I have had a good garden this year. I spent $44 at my son's school fundraiser on two types of tomato plants, purple eggplant plants, and pepper plants. I did not realize how many plants I had and was able to do my garden and bless two other families with the remaining plants. But my investment paid back even in my garden alone. I got no less than 25 peppers this year (and still have a few outside.) I got about 200 tomatoes in Aug. and Sept, with these last few stragglers this week (but they are the last.) I also got about 12 purple eggplant. I think it was a huge success. I am already planning on doubling my garden for next year and adding beans, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, and potatoes.

If you had a garden, how did it do this year; and what did you grow?


p.s. I didn't even weed my garden this year, as we put down this garden plastic first, then cut holes in it to plant the veggie plants. It was so worth it!!!

if homemade gifts are not your thing

My last post had some great ideas for some homemade gifts. If homemade is not your thing, or you don't have the time or energy, I will suggest for great gifts. The customer service is super. Plus here is a code for free shipping off any order over $35, 289124FF

You can get so many great gifts, many $5 or less. Think of teachers, Sunday school teacher, the postman, paper man, etc.

For my kids I am only buying them each a cd set of Adventures in Odyssey for Christmas (shh, don't tell.) They sell the cd sets at My kids love to listen to them in the car and in bed, and have done so for years. They have good moral lessons. I like to listen to them too.

I am not getting paid to post this, I just really like this company. Again the coupon code is: 289124FF


my poll

Please scroll all the way to end of this page and participate in my poll. Thanks!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NOT the same as cash

Some visa gift card ad or some gift card ad I heard said, "Card Name is as good as giving cash." Sounds like a great gift right? WRONG!

Last year for my birthday I got a Visa gift card as a gift from a friend. I love that she was thinking of me. I had the hardest time trying to spend it. The gas station would not take it. I could not buy anything online, and so on. I finally spent it at a store that I didn't really need the item.

Today another friend called that she had a Visa gift card and was not able to get gas with it (which she needed.) Tell her that that card was the same as cash.

If you want your recipient to buy their own gift, just give cold hard cash.

Or make them a lovely homemade gift. Here are some ideas (I can't sew or quilt or knit or crochet, if you can I am sure you can make some other really cool gifts):

-framed photo (get used frames at yard sales or thrift shops)
-make note cards
-make muffins
-make homemade bread
-make jam (to go with the bread)
-any baked goods (with typed up ingredients in case of allergies)
-write a letter expressing what the person means to you
-make a green clean kit (a bucket, a spray bottle, baking soda, white vinegar, peroxide, anything else you see fit, old clothes cut up to use as rags, small photo album filled with natural clean recipes (print some from online))
-make a meal they can eat now or freeze for later (lasagna or ziti freezes well, you can add veggies or meat, add a loaf of bread as well)
-make a fire starter kit (get wax [old candle stubs work well], melt and add cinnamon, coat pine cones with wax, once dry put in bucket with twigs and long matches-include instructions-light pine cone and put in fireplace under wood)
-make leaf poundings (use hammer to pound colorful leaves on muslin) these look great in a frame (Jason made me one)
-food in a jar (i.e. dry ingredients to make brownies, plus instructions on what else to add)
-make sock puppets for kids
-make bean bags for kids
-make homemade puzzles for kids (paint a picture or take a nice print from magazine and glue to cardboard, take a picture of it with your camera, cut up cardboard and put in a bag or box. print picture you took on camera and add to box or bag.)
-make homemade science kits for kids (i.e. instructions to make volcano with supplies, vinegar, and baking soda; instructions to make playdough with ingredients; instructions to make slime or goo with ingredients; etc.)

All the above ideas have lots of recipes online, like the slime out of starch and glue. Just google an idea.

Although cash has its place and can be nice, I prefer homemade gifts.

What are some other homemade gift ideas you have?
With Christmas in 3 months maybe we can encourage each other to make some nice gifts.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Me then

Me then (30 years ago) born 0ct. 3, 1979 10:36am

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today I am 30

30 years ago in Ohio, I was born at 10:36am (except my mom says it was around 1:00-lol), the second child of my parents. The first daughter. They named me Jamie. After my grandmother, who had no daughters, expressed her wishes for a Rebecca, they renamed me, Rebecca. No wonder why I am so confused in life. LOL!

I can't believe my 20's are gone. I had some good times, some great times, some really sad times, and some tragic ones too. Here's a review.

In my 20's:

I saw my cousin Charlene come to know the Lord, which later lead to her two kids coming to the Lord as well.

Worked as a Nanny for three years. Best family I have ever worked for. I still talk to them.

Moved out of my mom's (my first time living away from my mom), and in with my now best friend Monica and her two year old son (Jason was also two.) We lived together for a year and a half. We learned how to run a house, budget, share food and cleaning responsibilities. We also learned if you get kittens give them a bath asap. The flea fiasco was not fun!!!

Moved into my first on my own apartment (with little Jason of course, he was 3 1/2.)

Got my own cat (giving her a bath asap.)

I graduated community college with an A.A. in Education in May 2002.

I got married in Sept. of 2002.

Lived in KY with Jason and my husband.

Had Joshua in May of 2003 (already back in NJ.)

Worked in a preschool for one year (part time.) (Jason was in Kindergarten. My mom watched Joshua.)

Worked as a Nanny for one year (Joshua came with me, Jason was in first grade.) Worst family I worked for, they thought I was a slave. Have not spoken to them since I quit.

Got another apartment, my biggest yet (three bedrooms) in Nov. 2004.

Saw my cousin, Cristie accept the Lord.

Lost my cousin Cristie to a tragic gun death in Jan. of 2006. She was only 29 years old.

Opened and ran a successful state licensed in home daycare for 3 years.

Did over 50 hours of continuing education courses in childcare and early childhood development.

Directed my church's Wed. evening children's program for two years.

Volunteered as a teacher in our church's Wed. evening church program.

Saw my mom come to know the Lord.

Got divorced in 2006 (after being separated for three years.)

Broke my ankle by slipping on some ice. on Feb. 14th 2007.

Met Duane online in Aug. 2007. Began getting to know him. Later dating him (which I still am.)

Moved into my first ever house (a rental.)

Mowed my first lawn.

Had my first ever veggie garden. Enjoyed yummy homegrown Jersey tomatoes for months.

Discovered that my Grandma knew the Lord.

Taught social skills to special needs children.

Worked in an office that did OT, ST, and PT for children.

Got a new brother, Matthew.

Began homeschooling Jason in 2008.

Began selling my homemade laundry soap as a side business.

With my sister, brother's, and stepfather threw my mom a surprise party for her 50th birthday in Sept. 2008. It was a huge success.

Discovered I love baking homemade bread.

Gave up paper products and replaced with cloth (paper towels, napkins, menstrual pads, and yes even toilet paper.) Have never regretted this decision.

Lost my only Grandfather in April 2009.

Saw my brother, Kevin mature so much as he quit his job to move to Ohio and care for my grandmother while she grieved the lost of my grandfather.

Had surgery (April 2009) to have my ankle rebroken so it could heal properly (which I feel 90% it has.)

Lost my oldest brother Eric in June 2009. He was only 32.

Began homeschooling Joshua in 2009.

Celebrated my baby sister, Samantha's 20th birthday (just a few weeks ago.)

Saw God bless us beyond anyone's imagination.

Felt so much love from family and friends.

I laughed.

I cried.

I sinned.

I tried again.

And again.

I grew in my walk with the Lord.

I backslide in my walk with the Lord.

I loved.

I realized I could love my second child as much as the first.

My heart grew.

My heart broke.

God put it back together.

I realized I still have much to learn.

I am excited to see what I will learn in my 30's.

For me, have a GREAT day!

-Becky (aka Jamie)

Look at my amazing birthday present

My new niece born at 12:03 am today. 7 lbs. 9 oz. 20". Her name is Kayleigh Shea. It's her dad's birthday too, what a nice present for both of us.

Friday, October 2, 2009

God provides even for our pet bearded dragon


My bank (TD) is having computer issues, so because my direct deposits did not go through they gave me a $25 credit. Also I got $17 for having some stuff on consignment. And I had $9 in my car left over from Sept. gas money.

It came at the right time as our bearded dragon needed two new light bulbs (to keep her tank between 85 and 110 degrees. Plus she needed crickets, food, and new substrate (goes on the bottom of the tank.) Usually we do not need to buy all of these things at once, but since we did it was almost $50.

She will not need anything (other than crickets) for about 3 months now so that is good.

God even provided a way for us to properly care for our bearded dragon. He is so amazing!!!

He really is in ALL the details!!!

She is about 6 years old. We have had her about 4 years now.