Saturday, October 17, 2009


I hate swallowing pills, but do realize the value of taking vitamins.

Everyday I take:
-400mg calcium Citracel brand in Petites easier to swallow size (I so need lots of calcium and should take 400mg 2-3 times a day)
-Multi vitamin For Her by Nature Made liquid soft gel to make swallowing easier
-B-6 100mg by Nature Made (was told it helps calcium absorb better)
-Advanced C plus 500 mg Nature Made brand (recommended to me in Donna Partow book I am reading)
Also once or twice a week I take extra fiber (should this be daily?)

I do feel more energy when I take my vitamins.

Jason takes:
-Ocean's Kids DHA chewables 250mg from Garden of Life (sugar free)
-Nordic Naturals ProDHA 500mg (purified fish oil)
-Flintstones chewable multi vitamin (we got these free from someone)

(Jason enjoys the taste of all of the above, which is odd, usually Jason has issues with tastes and textures.)

Joshua takes:
-Nordic Naturals DHA Junior 250mg (Joshua hates to take these)
-Nordic Naturals multivitamin gummy berries (all organic ingredients) (Joshua loves these)

I am not sure if I notice a difference in my kids or not.

I will say we rarely get sick. I am sure this is because God knows I can not handle anything else, but also I think the vitamins, eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water, and lots of hand washing sure does help.

Do you and / or your kids take vitamins? If yes, what and why?
What makes you buy a vitamin? Price? No sugar? Organic ingredients? Doctor or someone recommended?


HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Don't take so much crap! all the vitamins your body needs can be found in fruits and vegetables, think about your kidney and liver next time you take so many vitamins, they have to process all those pills...

I don't take any vitamins or any kind of medications (tylenol etc), last time I was sick was 1999.

Becky R said...

regarding the vitamins. It was recomended to me that my boys take fish oil and even though they will eat fish we can't afford to buy it to eat 1-3 times a week. Plus they each take a multi vitamin.

I have no energy that is why I started taking vitamins, except the calcium is for my broken ankle to aid in its healing (it is almost fully healed now.)

I never took vitamins for years, but now they seem to help with my energy levels.

We do eat lots of fruits and veggies. Now that I can exercise again (that my ankle is healed) I need to get back into that for energy.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Becky said...

I just take a daily multi-vitamin. I take the Nature Made Women's multi. I'm really bad at eating fruits and veggies, so I know it's better than nothing :)

Out of curiosity, what are the purpose of the others? Doesn't the multi have enough vitamin C and calcium? I'm not judging, just curious :) Have you researched it? I never have, so I'd be very interested if you have info that I might find helpful!!

Becky R said...

The calcium is since I had the ankle surgery in April. My doctor recomended I take extra calcium for a year to help aid in it's healing. The B-6 is suppossed to help the calcium be absorbed. The mutli is for all around health. The vitamin c is since it is cold season.