Friday, October 16, 2009

Not sure if I should blog this

Is this normal, funny, or horrific?

Yesterday the UPS man ran our bell and dropped a package. By the time we answered he was gone. The kids started talking about being ding dong ditched and then about leaving flaming poop in a bag on someones doorstep and ringing the bell and running (don't let your kids watch Billy Madison.)

Well, I guess Josh liked this idea, so he went into the bathroom and peed into a plastic bag. I assume he thought the boys (I had 2 other boys over that I was watching) would think this was cool? He showed it to them and said we can leave this on someones doorstep. Well, they were disgusted, so Josh got upset and threw it at them. EWWWW! I was in my room on the computer and ran when I heard the yelling. I didn't even grasp what had happened. But after sending Josh to my bed to think, and after I cleaned up the pee in the boys bedroom; I got the whole story. I was mortified!!!

Josh got a nice talking to, time out for about 30 min., and he went to bed about 7:00pm.

Today I see some some humor to this story, but am wondering what is an appropriate response to your six year old peeing in a bag and throwing it at his brother?

Yikes, the things that come out of mouth now that I am a mother.



Jeannette said...

Gosh does painting a fence sound furmiliar???


Anonymous said...

that's disgusting!

Becky R said...

I agree