Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I really feel old

The tow truck driver just came out to put the doughnut on where I had a flat tire. I was casually talking with him and discovered he grew up in this town. Since it was dark and I could not see him, I asked him his name. He told me, then he said, "I graduated _(local elementary school)_ in 2000." That stung. That he had graduated 8th grade in 2000. I sure felt ancient when he said that. Then I remembered I graduated 8th grade in 1993, so he was only 7 years younger than me. Still hearing the 2000 was a shock.

At least I can drive again.

AAA to the rescue again (I used to have to call them alot with my previous cars.)



Jeannette said...

Gosh your 30, not ancient or 110,

You feel old because you seem to be living an old persons life. Get out and do 30 year old things. Now I don't mean reckless, empty dumb things I just mean be a kid once in a while (oh and without your kids)