Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After 8 weeks of being the exact same weight, I lost 2.5 lbs. finally. I am so excited. It is super hard to:
go to bed by 11:30 and get up at 6:30 (I think this helps with weight loss)
spend 30 min. with God in am (with study, prayer, & Bible reading)
drink 8 glasses of water a day

these are four things I am now doing at least four days a week, that I was not doing before. I want to work my way up to 6 days a week, but it is all about baby steps.
I also want to limit myself to only 1,600 calories a day. It may seem easy to some, but I find it to be quiet a challenge. (I have been able to stay about 2,000 calories a day.)

Anyway, I am doing a happy dance as 2.5 lbs. is awesome!!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Are used gifts acceptable?

Let me preface this by saying, if someone saw something in a thrift shop or at a yard sale that I would like, and gave it to me as a gift for my birthday or Christmas, or any other reason, I would be fine with that. I like used stuff, in fact I almost prefer it. I like to keep things out of landfills and find new uses for stuff.
I just got a huge bag of books, and things from a friend. We have alot so I can't use it all, but I thought some of these books and things are in really good condition and would make good gifts. With all the kid's birthday parties we are invitted to it is a tempting thought. But is this tacky? Is it frugal or cheap? I thought if I pair say a used (but looks new) children's book with a gift card or something. I am not sure. I feel like it would be looked upon as strange. I think our sociey is getting so materialistic. My kids have so much as well. And we really got rid of alot when we moved. We got rid of half our toys, books, etc to move here. But I am still in love with books. We have 3 bookshelves filled with Children's books and still about 10 boxes in shed and attic (I rotate books by season, so winter, fall, and summer books are away.) We love to read and spend lots of time doing it, but still sometimes I feel books are taking over. Especially when we could go to library and take out as many books as we want.
Anyway, back to my original question, are used gifts or even regifts tacky, cheap, frugal, ok sometimes, etc? Let me know what you think? Thanks! -Becky

Not to go into too much detail

Hi! I had such a fun, relaxing weekend. After all that stressing, I never got the half the stuff I needed to done, yet it didn't matter (it usually doesn't, but those little things can seems so big.)
My friend, Duane, from NE flew in this weekend. So Fri. night I went on my first date in a long time (like over 5 years.) It was nice. We didn't have much time as I was limited with sitters (but thanks Monica & Debbie & Peter & Leigh Ann for watching my kids this weekend for free.) We went to Appleebee's and just talked. We also walked down by the beach. He is from NE, so they do not have a beach. I can't imagine this and I guess I take the beach for granted, but his awe of it made me appreciate it as well. How often do I spend 5 min. or more just staring at New York from the beach. It was very calming, and the ocean always reminds me of God's awesome power and that we are just a small part of it all (since sometimes I think I am the center of it all.)
Saturday he came to Josh's soccer game (at his request) and then we all just played outside and such. I didn't really want to spend time with my kids and him (sorry, I wanted it to be all about me-lol, but he did want to spend some time with them and I thought I should let him see how they can really be. Surprisingly they almost did not misbehave at all. Jason actually only talked back to me once this whole weekend. Joshua was pretty good too, only talking back about three times and once almost pushing me out of the way to hang his helmet when I told him it was time to stop playing outside, but he didn't actually do it.)Saturday while playing outside we also spent time with my good friend (of 16 years) and neighbor, Joanna. My kids think she is so much fun (and so do I.)It was nice to have her spend time talking with Duane too. Then Sat. my stepfather took the kids for a haircut (thanks Scott, they so needed it.) And of course my mom drove by to investigate (that line about feeding him was so true mom, I forgot about that part of being a hostess-lol!) Anyway, so he met my mom & stepfather. No pressure for a first date right? Sat. we all went to Sandy Hook for a little while. It was so nice down there. Josh was so happy to throw rocks in the water. Jason was freezing and sat in the car (the problem with being so skinny-I was fine at the beach with my extra insulation.)
Sunday he came to church with us (again at his request) and then we had pizza for lunch. We were all going to drive him to the airport, but the kids wanted to play video games at there friend's. So I drove him to the airport, and did not get lost on the way, but of course I did on the way home. So he is back in NE.
So that was my weekend. It was relaxing (I did not do any cleaning and very little cooking, ok that is still funny to me.)
My kids said they had fun. They said my friend was fun (they do not think I am fun.) I had fun too. Now back to work and cleaning and such. I do hope I will remember not to stress on all the little details so much and take time to enjoy the view more often as I did this weekend. -Becky

p.s.-he did ask to hold my hand and I said ok. So that was nice. But he was such a gentleman, it felt very Little House on the prairieish.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have alot of stuff to do by tomorrow. I am really stressing. I get this way when I procrastinate. Pray for me to be calm and just follow my list and not to yell at my boys because I have a timeline.
I have to finish cleaning boys room (Josh had a meltdown and it was bad)-1 hour
Straighten kitchen & mop floor -1 hour
straighten living room-15 min.
clean my room-1 hour
help Jason study for 2 tests tomorrow-30 min.
make dinner and clean up from that-1 hour
paint my nails and toenails (I am trying not to bite them and I am wearing sandals, so I thought my toes should look pretty.)-15 min.
put kids to bed-30 min.
total 5 and a half hours. It is 6:00pm now, so if I start now I can be done at 11:30, but I know it will take longer since my kids are home.
Ok, it's not that bad. Praise God I have a home to clean and boys to help with homework and bedtime and even praise God for nail polish and sandals (which I bought over winter for $5 and they are a good brand.) Thanks for letting me vent! -Becky

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Desires of the heart

Last night our lesson in the First Place Bible study talked a little about how God will give us the desires of our heart when our will is aligned with His. We can't make plans and ask God to give them to us or bless those plans, we have to seek what His plan is and have that be the desire of our heart. I certainly have made my own plans many times and asked God to bless my plans. Sometimes it went ok, mostly it did not. Waiting on God is hard, but I know it is the best for me. God loves me and wants to prosper me and keep me from harm. This is why He often says NO to what I want, to spare me heartache and missed blessings.
Ten years ago when little Jason was born it was a desire of my heart to always be with him, no daycare, etc. I believe that this was aligned with His will as He has made a way over the past ten years for me to for the most part be with Jason & also now Joshua. When Jason was a baby I did child care and then became a nanny for a wonderful family. I worked for them right up until I got married. Since Joshua has been born I have worked part time in a preschool, been a private nanny and brought Joshua, and now I run an in home daycare.
It has been a challenge for me to be able to work with my kids. It has not always been easy. Especially since many people ask when I am getting a real job. But the blessings have been amazing. I thank God for giving me the desire of my heart in this issue and the ability to make it work.
Recently I have been thinking that it was time to start working outside the home, as in Sept. Joshua will be in school all day, and benefits and a retirement plan would be nice. Plus I do not make much money doing the in home daycare. I even had an exciting opportunity in a preschool presented to me. However I have been lifting this matter up in prayer, and I asked God recently, "God where do you want me, what job do you have for me?" And clear as day I heard (in my heart, not my ears) "You are already where I want you, in the home." It made me realize that this is still where I am supposed to be and want to be. If that is still His will, He will make it work, as He has done for the past ten years.
I know that people do not understand, but I can't concern myself with the ways of the world, but the ways of the Lord.

Thank you for giving me the desire of my heart to be with my boys. I thank you that on paper my life does not make sense, but you work all the details, because you love us that much! Help us to give you glory and honor and praise!
In Jesus Name, Amen


We have 5 amazing butterflies! They are painted ladies! Watching them has been so amazing. God is so indescribable!

Here are 3, one just hatched minutes ago. The other two are on other side of habitat.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange-It is Free

Hi! Do you use paypal to pay for stuff online? If so you may want to sign up for Revolution Money Exchange (see link at right.) If you sign up through my button you will get $25 and I will get $10. I will add all $10 to Jason's camp fund! Thanks! -Becky


I am more excited than the kids!

We bought caterpillars to go with our growing garden and bugs theme. We watched them as caterpillars crawling around and growing. Then we watched them spin themselves into there chrysalis. Well now one is emerging. I am mesmerized. I am trying to take pictures, but it is not working too well. I am so excited! It is so amazing how God knows exactly what He is doing each and every time. I know He will take all my trials and heartache and turn it into something good too. It may be that I can help someone else or show them Him, or I may never understand until I get to Heaven, but still I know God is always at work. I am so thankful for that. Now back to my emerging butterfly. -Becky

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hi! yesterday was Saturday. Joshua had a soccer game at 10:00am. I planned to get up before it and do my Bible study time (didn't happen). After the game I planned on doing yard work, but Fri. night I planned on cleaning the house which I was too exhausted to do after our field trip. So I was supposed to try and clean house and do yard work, but instead I took a nap. I guess I was still tired from Fri. I also had my best friend Monica over for hamburgers on the grill last night. We don't really hang out too much now that we both have houses that need so much work. So it was really nice to have them over. Well, we are now getting ready for church and I thought i would do the yard work after church (I did finally clean most of the house yesterday), but it looks damp outside. I guess I should not have procrastinated so much! Well, today I can actually give the house a thorough cleaning after church anyway and do my daycare prep for the week. I guess tomorrow after work I will be doing yard work. I need a handy man!!!

Have a great day! -Becky

Liberty Science Center

Hello! Friday we went on a field trip to Liberty Science Center. It was alot of fun, and exhausting. Jason enjoyed the skyscraper and bug / reptile exhibits; Joshua loved the I explore kids room, especially a kid powered ball thrower; Daycare girl loved the wall painting and bug show (she held a real cockroach-ewww!); Daycare girl #2 enjoyed the Hudson home exhibit, especially the live horseshoe crabs; I enjoyed spending time with my kids, and friends Joanna & Allison.
We left the house about 8:30am and arrived home about 5:30pm. The day was great, traffic not too bad. I would recomend everyone check out this muesum sometime soon.

I love this wallpaper. All of us. except Joanna, Left- Right: Allison, Jason, Joshua, Daycare girl #1, Daycare girl #2, Becky (me)

Joshua doing kid powered ball shooter
Jason using his phone to find out more about exhibits (you can call for recorded messages)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I like about me

This is a tough one. I think it would be easier to type what I do not like about me, but I will give it a try:

totally vain -I love my hair
and my green, sometimes blue eyes

how much of my mom I see in me (her strength, love and caring, and her take charge attitude)

the heart for children God has given me (yes, I get stressed with mine) but I generally love children

my ability to trust God in the area of my finances

being able to live on less and still be happy (actually delighting in ways to save more or reuse what we already have)

not dwelling in my pity parties but the ability to overcome them (although I do still have them from time to time)

the ability to laugh at myself and my life situations

when I am filled with the joy of the Lord

I like that after 10 years I am finally able to fall asleep by 11:30pm and wake up by 6:30am (this is hard for me, but I am doing it)

my desire to always learn, whether it is more about God or daycare or just about anything

that I make goals

that I still have a for me list (I want to: learn Spanish, learn to play the guitar, ride in a hot air balloon, get my BA in Education, get my masters in Education, go to the Grand Canyon and camp at the bottom, and of course grow closer to God everyday)

my writing, even though it is just blogging and journaling for now, I still like what I write (usually)

my ability to make friends and keep them

I am outgoing

I care about others, especially children

My mom asked me to write 10 things I like about me, but I think that is about 15.
Despite all my flaws, overall I am pretty happy with myself, especially since I know how much my Heavenly Father loves me.

What do you like about you? -Becky

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our week

6:30am- wake up, shower
6:50-first daycare child arrives
7:00-Jason up & in shower
me Bible study 10 min.
pray 10 min.
read Bible 10 min.
7:30-make breakfast, throw load laundry in
8:00-Jason leave for school
Joshua dressed
8:30-Joshua & Daycare child #1 breakfast, laundry on line or in dryer if raining
9:00-second daycare child arrives
9-9:30 free play me daycare set up
10:00-arts & crafts, science, hands on activities
11:00-11:40-outside play
11:45-walk Joshua to school
12:30-daycare kids lunch
1:00-1:30-straighten kitchen & living room
2:15-leave to get Joshua
3:00-free play, me daycare paperwork
4:00-Jason homework
daycare kids outside play
5:00-straighten up
5:30-daycare closed


Family night after dinner

Joshua bed
Jason bed 8:30


5:30-leave for aerobics
6-7 aerobics
7-8:15 Bible study
(mom babysit at my house)

Joshua bed
Jason bed 8:30


5:30-leave for church
6-6:45 dinner at church
6:45-8:15 class

bed for both boys at 8:30


4-5 Joshua soccer with Monica

5:30-leave for doctor’s

bed for both boys at 8:30


Clean house night after dinner


9:00-both boys already in bed
9-10-straighten house, do dishes, wipe down kitchen & bathroom
10-11-me time
11:00pm-me bed!!!


7:30-Bible study 10 min.
prayer 10 min.
read Bible 10 min.
8:00-boys up and dressed
8:50-leave for soccer

food shopping & yard work & outside play & keep house clean

4:30-leave for mom’s
5:00-boys at mom’s
5:30-me work


8:00-wake up, me dressed & shower
boys up & dressed
9:00-leave for Sunday school
9:15-10:30-Sunday school

RELAX, time with family & friends
Exercise 30 min.

Get ready for next week, all clothes ready for week, all daycare activities ready

Family night with boys

Weekly goals:
me at least 30 min. with God daily
me 5 hours work out a week (six days at 30 min., and 2 hours with trainer)
family fun nights at least 2 nights a week
at least one load laundry daily Mon.-Fri. with drying on the line outside
aerobics & Bible study Tues. night
attend Wed. night church activities
Sun. Sunday school & church
no work or shopping on Sunday
me bed by 11:00pm and up by 6:30 am Mon.-Fri., up by 8:00 on weekends
me time daily
boys in bed & asleep by 9:00pm

Monthly goals:
me one night out without kids a month (in addition to Bible study night)

How do your days and nights look? How do you want them to look? -Becky

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting discouraged

Hello! I just got home from aerobics and Bible study. After all my workouts in the past 2 weeks I have not lost anything. My body is stubborn. I think I need to really start weighing and measuring everything. Maybe I am still not aware that I am eating more than I think. Maybe the pork roll and cheese sandwich I had for lunch was no good. OK I knew it was not but it was yummy. I want to still eat food I enjoy. Maybe a better choice would have been half the sandwich and a huge salad.
But overall I am closer to the Lord as I am spending about 30 min. with Him at least 4X's a week, sometimes more. I am drinking at least 4 glasses, mostly 8 of water daily, I am exercising 3-5 hours a week. I was not doing any of this 8 weeks ago (except I was spending some time with the Lord.)So this is good. And it is ALL God helping me resist temptation. It is so cool how He always gives us a way out of sin. -Becky

Monday, April 14, 2008

I tried

I tried:
putting liquid medicine in an icee, no go
making a smoothie (yogurt, OJ, strawberries, and a banana), he said it tasted rotten
putting in regular yogurt, he gagged

now that I have wasted 3 doses of Tylenol I think I will have to go with the force method again. Ahhhhh!

Joshua's fever was back up to 102.4 today. That is sort of high, and the third day for the fever so please pray he gets well asap. Jason has no fever but a sore throat and cough, but he takes his medicine no problem. Although he did refuse a culture swab at doctor as it freaks him out. I can't win with these two boys.

Who wants to come over in 20 min. and help me torture Joshua by giving him his medicine? See you then. -Becky

I need suggestions

I know when to chose my battles with my kids, I can't fight over everything. If they want to wear pj's everyday or clothes that do not match. I am ok with that. But Joshua refuses to take any medication. He is supposed to take his allergy medicine everyday, refuses. Now he has a fever and needs Tylenol, but he refuses. I know it may seem who is the boss? But how can you force a kid to chew something. The only thing I can do is get liquid, put it in a dropper, forcibly hold him, hold his nose and put the dropper in the back of his throat. He may look small but it is near impossible for me as one person to hold his arms and legs down and give him the medicine. Plus I feel like I am torturing him. But I want him to feel better, hence the medicine. I have tried bribes, I have tried rewards. He does not like the taste of any medicine so he will not take them.
Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do? I need suggestions, as I am very frustrated as he really needs the allergy medicine. The Tylenol I will do without because I do believe a fever is our body at work to rid ourselves of germs and viruses. But the poor kid has really bad allergies in spring and fall. He gets headaches and earaches and such. He at 4 does not understand the medicine will make him feel better.
So I am at a loss, help! -Becky

made another $10

Last night I sold another bag of clothes and got another $10. So in a little over a week I sold $40 worth of stuff we were not even using anymore with very little effort on my part. The people buying the stuff picked it up and paid cash. This money went towards Fri. night outing and Sat. lunch and gas money to driver to competitions. I feel very happy. As of right now my April budget is only short by $30 (I bought something I did not really need) but otherwise all bills will get paid. I will adjust a few bills to compensate for the -$30. I may sell more used stuff. I still have a double stroller for sale $10.

Boys my boys are slightly sick. I am going to take them to the doctor's today to ensure they do not have strep throat. I don't think so but I want to make sure. It always seems to be something around here, but actually they do not get sick very often. So we have been very blessed in that area.

Have a great day! -Becky

Saturday, April 12, 2008

we're home

After an exhausting day. We were up at 6:00am, gone by 7:30am and just got home about 9:30pm. Jason's Odyssey team placed 4th in the competition. They did great and I am so proud of them for even getting to the state competition. The kids were of course all exhausted and a bit disappointed to not get 1st or 2nd place and go on to nationals.
I felt really bad leaving this morning as Joshua had a fever. He was with my mom, then my aunt when my mom went to the funeral, then my mom again. He slept on and off today. He is asleep again. Pray for a quick recovery!

I am off to bed , I need to pray first myself for Joshua and a situation that has me really mad but not sure what to do. Satan likes to tempt us when we are weak (now I am so tired and have to deal with a situation that gets me mad, but actually I can choose to forget about it until tomorrow when I am not so tired and can calm down.) God is so good to always give us a way out of our temptations. -Becky

Friday, April 11, 2008

one more thing

I had to post one more thing before I go to bed. Exactly 8 months ago I met this guy online and we have been talking via email, phone, and written letters ever since. He lives in Nebraska (I know what? right.) We are, of course are just friends.
Anyway he is going to come visit sometime soon. Just in case you hear me talk of it and are like where did that come from. I have not posted too much about it because I am weary of online meeting and he reads this blog as well (Hi Duane!)
I will tell you a little before I fall asleep while typing.
He loves the Lord, has a personal relationship, and is walking with Him. We talk about God a lot and pray as well.
He is 28 (3 weeks younger than me.)
He is one of 7 siblings. He has 5 brothers and 1 sister. He is the 5th born in his family.
He was born in TX, but has been in NE for past 8 years.
He has never been married and has no children.

OK, I am off to bed. -Becky

Girl's Night Out

A few friends and I just got back from Applebee's. It was very nice to relax with out children and chat with friends. I am so blessed in that I have an amazing group of friends (Monica we really missed you tonight.) I started Girl's Night Out over a year ago and we just get together, usually in someones home,and chat, play games, eat, and occasionally watch movies. To celebrate my cousin's birthday we went out to dinner tonight. It was a nice change. And we were all a frugal bunch with water, no appetizers, no dessert, and no coffee (except my cousin did not have water and had coffee.) But even without all that we still had fun, imagine that?
I hope you get to relax this weekend too.
I am off to bed as tomorrow we will have to get up at 6:30am to go to Jason's Odyssey of the Mind competitions. Good night! -Becky

one more prayer requests

Please pray as Jason's odyssey team has the state finals tomorrow. We will be up at 6:00 and gone all day again. Pray for all the boys on the team to have energy and be focused! Also pray for Joshua who will be with a few people tomorrow as my mom has the funeral to go to. Pray for me as last time it was an exhausting day! Thanks! -Becky

prayer requests

Pray for my stepfather Scott and his family. His uncle killed himself on Monday. The viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. Thanks! -Becky

earned another $10

I just sold a bag of 4t clothes that we no longer needed for $10. So now I have $20 for dinner and $10 to give my friend who is watching the boys to order a pizza. I wish I had sold the double stroller and another bag of clothes as I need to give the person driving tomorrow to Jason's competition some gas money, but I am grateful for making $30 this week in extra income.
I still have half a tank of gas myself so I will give driver half of my weekly budget for gas for this week, as my half a tank will last me all week.
God is so good. If we are willing to be creative, work hard, and seek Him in all we do, He will provide a way! -Becky

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

earned $30 and my week and weaknesses

yesterday I sold 7 DVDs for $30. I had $10 so I was at the $40 I needed, but Jason needed stuff for his science project which cost me $20 (including stopping for ice cream for no reason.) So now I still need to come up with $20 extra dollars by Friday. I think I can do it. I also secured a sitter for Friday night, so I am so excited about that.(no, it's not my mom, she is already sitting tonight 5:30-8:30 while I do aerobics and Bible study and Thur. 7:00-9:00 while I go to an appointment, and she is sitting all day Saturday for Joshua while I take Jason to his state Odyssey tournament-in addition to her own family and working alot, so my mom needs a break. My mom is so awesome though. I love her so much and could not parent without her!)

This week has been awesome, I exercised Tues. at aerobics, an hour at home Wed., an hour Fri., half an hour Sun., and half an hour Mon. I drank 8 glasses of water every day this week. I wrote down everything I ate. I stayed under 2,000 calories a day, some days even meeting my 1,600 calorie a day goal, I prayed daily, read my Bible, and did my study. It was a good week, until late yesterday. Jason "Forget" he had some school work to finish and we had to go to store last night and then start it at 7:00 last night. This is never a good time for Jason to start anything. We were all tired so I was getting angry with him and he was doing sloppy work. I apologized as he went to bed, then I exercised to try and relieve stress. I prayed while I exercised. Then I even went to bed by 11:00pm. But still the bad feelings were with me when I awoke. So the morning was also not good. I realize the closer I get to God the harder satan will work to knock me down and tempt me, so I know I just need more time with God, but it is hard. I feel yucky inside. I want to great each day calm and set the tone for my home and kids. I want to be the best Christian and mom I can be. I want to put God first and my kids next in all I do. But then my old self sneaks in and wants it to be ALL about ME! I want to not be bothered with school projects and cranky kids. I want to sleep in and not clean up after all these kids five minutes after I finished cleaning up after there last mess. ME, ME, ME! I sound like a bratty 6 year old. But I know that ultimately Jesus gave Himself completely, so my goal is to try to grow closer to Him and more like Him. I know this process will last my whole life, but it certainly won't bring me any closer to Him giving in to myself and my selfish desires! Thank God our God is a God of second chances (and third, and fourth, and seventy seventh chances too.) -Becky

Monday, April 7, 2008

needed additional money

Hello! Below my budget I posted this:
"also need additional money:
April 11th Girl's Night Out $40 (half for dinner, half for sitter)
April 18th Daycare Field trip $100 (including gas, admittance for 4, and food)
Baby shower gift for friend April $25"

I will say I already have the $100 for the field trip as my gas bill this month is already paid giving me an extra $100 in budget. I will also have the baby shower gift money as we had to give a work bond when I signed my son up for soccer and the 19th is my day to work and I will get the $25 back then. I just need to come up with about $40 by this Friday to get a sitter and go out. We are going out to celebrate a few birthdays amongst my friends. I have to pay a sitter so this is about $25, and I will have a very modest dinner at Applebee's with water, no appetizers, and no dessert. I have $10 saved already for Friday but need to come up with more. I am going to list a few things I have on craigslist and a local site I belong to. I have some DVDs and a double stroller and a bookshelf that is great for preschoolers (the books lay flat.) I hope this will be good.

I will let you know if I make the $30 more I need by Friday.

PS- Jason is still fundraising for a week at a Christian sleep away camp if you can donate! Thanks!

April Budget

Becky’s Budget April 2008

Jason $450
Joshua $162
Daycare $200
Daycare child $510 (paid $128 weekly)
Daycare child $540 (paid $135 weekly)

Total $1862

Tithe $190
Savings $170
Offering $115 (compassion child $35 / Focus on the family $10 /Solutions $25/Building Fund $45)
Rent $500
Car Repairs $200
Car insurance $80
Gas for car $120
Allowance $56
Gas & electric bill $200
Phone & online $70
Business supplies $30
Food $111
Non groceries $20
Spending $0
Clothes $0

Sat. night job $120
Tithe -$12
Freedom account -$76 (towards Christmas ’08 only)
Wed. night dinners -$32

Need to save: 3-6 months emergency fund

also need additional money:
April 11th Girl's Night Out $40 (half for dinner, half for sitter)
April 18th Daycare Field trip $100 (including gas, admittance for 4, and food)
Baby shower gift for friend April $25

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I did it!

I finally did it, I made good bread from scratch. I have been trying. I tried wheat to start with but that was too ambitious. So I bought fresh flour and fresh yeast and fresh honey. Also I followed my beginner's bread to the tee. I also kneaded the bread for long time. It made me feel good to do so like I was connecting with my ancestor's who made everything from scratch. Well, after smelling the yummy bread cooking and letting it cool, I cut it open and buttered a slice for Jason. He said, "this is so good, mommy you're the best cook." This is a huge compliment from him, he is fussy with bread cause I only buy wheat and he does not like it. Now I have a dilemma, how do you slice the bread thin? I could not get my slices too small.
Anyway, I am so excited!

After a few more loaves of white, I will try wheat again. -Becky

Saturday, April 5, 2008

sigh of relief

Hello! Well, I once again have a working washer and dryer (thanks so much Scott!) and hot water (I had to get a new hot water heater.) It feels nice to take a hot shower again (wow I went without one for one day-lol.)

We just got back from Joshua's soccer game. It was at 9:00am, so I had to get out of bed early. Yikes! I am making lunch now and then we are going to clean 12-2, and rest 2-4 and watch a movie, then I have work at 5, but we have to leave at 4 so I can bring Joshua to my mom's. After work I will go to the food store as Joshua will be sleeping at my mom's tonight.

I am back on a cash only system. I had a problem with my debit card last night (unauthorized usage) and plus I use my card to buy unnecessary purchases too much. With cash I can't overspend. I will get the unauthorized money back, but still I am going to try cash only for a while. I used to only operate this way.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh again!

Well, let's see, since I moved in to my house in Aug. I have had plumber out for clogged drain, busted pipes, and install a gas line. I have had leaky roofs and wash machine repairs (Thanks Scott!), well today Jason told me he took a cold shower and I thought maybe he was exaggerating. But he was not we had no hot water all day, our hot water heater busted. Tomorrow I have to call the plumber again. I can't imagine what this will cost. I feel like I am living in the movie money pit.

I am trying to keep laughing, but sometimes I want to yell ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

But I had two great days Tues. & Wed. I did my Bible study, reading, and praying in am and worked out an hour each day and did not exceed my calories and drank all my water. Today I drank my water and have not exceeded my calories, but I do not want to exercise as then I will have to take a shower which will be cold. No thanks!

At least I know a good plumber! -Becky