Friday, August 21, 2009


This post is about my younger sister Samantha. She is beautiful and amazing. I wanted a sister so bad being sandwiched in between two boys (Eric and Kevin.) When I was 9 my sister was born. I was ecstatic. She was so so beautiful even then with her blue eyes and blond hair. I doted on her and adored her. I took her out with me and showed her off to my friends. She was so much fun.

She is growing up now though. At 19 she thinks she knows everything and doesn't need anyone. But even in normal everyday life situations we need each other. God has shown me we need Him and each other. We can't do this alone. But especially in times of trial and tragedy, we really need each other. But my sister is trying to get through this time of grief alone.

Yesterday my mom called me and told me to go to my sister's immediately. She had posted online how she was not herself and not wanting to handle life anymore, so my mom was concerned. I dropped my boys at a friends and went to my sister. She seemed ok, but was agitated that I thought she could not handle this. She feels we baby her (we do.) But in this situation I tried to let her know I need her just as much as she needs me (and my mom and Kevin.) We are the only ones going through this loss of Eric, we need each other. Yet, still I think we all want to retreat into our own worlds and minds, stay in our pj's and never leave the house again. I know I do at times. Still when I see my mom, Kevin, and Samantha it hurts, but I do feel comfort. They are the people closest to me. I wish Samantha could see that. Even if she doesn't I will still try to be around for her, as well as my mom and Kevin.

Pray today for my mom, Kevin, and Samantha. Pray that we would all lean on God and each other in this time of loss.

Thanks! -Becky

Samantha is to the far right