Monday, August 31, 2009

First full day homeschooling both boys

Today I followed the schedule I posted yesterday pretty well. I got up at 7:30am to pray with my friend on the phone, but then fell back asleep. At 8:00am Josh was fully dressed and ready to go on a walk. He was like, "we are behind schedule." It was cute. So I got up and we walked around the block. It was nice to have a few minutes alone with him.

I think this alone time really helped, because Joshua only ended up in time out two times today and he did not have any real meltdowns. I am so proud of him. He did annoy his brother a bit during schoolwork, but that is normal sibling stuff. He also tried to whine his way out of his journal writing, but when he saw I was not going to give in he did the work.

After our walk, we all had breakfast and did our devotions together. We got through all our school work (except I think the boys did not do all their reading time.) Josh even did two art projects (these were not even on the list, but I needed to keep him busy while Jason and I did language arts.) Joshua loved his math, he got to make muffins, but he had to do all the measuring himself. He was so pleased when we all ate his muffins at lunch.

During recess the boys got to play catch with Duane, which led to after chores us going to a baseball field to play catch more. Both boys really enjoyed themselves.

So here it is 10:00pm or so, both boys are sound asleep. The house is clean, all schoolwork for today is done. Lunch is ready for c-op tomorrow, as well as all clothes laid out for the morning. I feel so accomplished and so exhausted. I am going to watch a little tv, then off to bed.

Today was a good day, a really good day.



Carlee said...

Praise the Lord for good days! We praise Him for bad ones too, knowing that He is good all the time, but man do those good days feel so...well, good!

We have just started homeschooling our 3 kids as well. It's a TON of work! I am very impressed you are able to homeschool 2 boys! Good work!

What is the book in the picture for devotions? It looks fantastic but I can't read a title.

We are using a Bible curriculum, but I really want my 2nd grader to do her own devos too.