Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our day at co-op

Today co-op went incredibly well.

Joshua did so good. His teachers commented that he was polite and cheerful and seemed to fit in well.

Jason did well, but had some difficulties adjusting to new classes and rules, especially during history as the teacher was one he had never met. Last year it took him about 6 months to warm up to his history teacher.

My preschool class was awesome. I have two teachers assistants, which is great. There are 6 preschool boys in my class (no girls at all!!) If you have ever seen an active preschool boy you can only imagine 6 of them. Yikes. But we have a very structured morning planned with Bible songs, verses, and stories, plus crafts and lots of moving activities. After lunch is science and free play for my class. They get a bit tired after lunch, so free play works well. Today we went outside and saw two amazing butterflies landing on flowers. The preschoolers loved that. Then we played with a parachute and ball. They all had a blast.

Joshua said he enjoyed his day, but for some reason has turned into a crank and has gotten in trouble, so he lost his DS lite and had to go to bed early. I guess he is tired, but he still has to have consequences for misbehaving.

Jason also landed himself an early bedtime. I think getting up and back into school routine will take a bit of time (pray not too long.)

I was super glad to be in fellowship with some wonderful Christian homeschool families today. Starting our day in group prayer was awesome. Plus getting up before my boys (thanks mom) this morning was so helpful to our day running smoothly.

I pray Thur. at co-op goes as smoothly, perhaps even better, especially for Jason.

When do your kids start back to school or back to homeschooling?



Sarah said...

I started homeschooling my 3.5 year old today... for pre-school. Right now our oldest (6th grade) is in public school. I'm trying to find a co-op for both boys so we can try to homeschool them both. Our oldest has been a public schooler since preschool, so we're also trying to respect his wishes by giving this first year in middle school at public school a go... but it's really hard for me!!! Selfish of me.

I want them home, safe, and in a homeschool environment... I'm so torn!!! Please pray that we make the right decisions. Good luck with your coop on Thurs!