Sunday, August 23, 2009

One year of homeschooling complete

I know it is late August and school will be starting up again soon, but I have finally completed Jason's paperwork regarding his first year of homeschooling. It was an interesting year. We did not get through as much as I'd have hoped, but we still did alot. Jason also took a standardized test in March and tested at 5th grade or above in everything but spelling, which he tested at 4th grade. However, in science he tested at 9th grade. This gives me a sigh of relief. He also came out of his shell alot this year (which has back sliden a bit since my brother's death, but I think that is due to me more than him.) But overall I am extremely proud of the progress we have made.

This year we did

Bible reading

two times a week or more:
journal writing
language arts
Odyssey of the Mind (his team came in third place at competition)

once a week:
art appreciation (for half the year only)
music appreciation (for half the year only)
gym (at class, but of course we did more activity than this a week)

once a month:
current events
book reports
pen pal letters
field trips

for 6 weeks:
art class

Now I have to get everything organized for our new year of homeschooling. I have almost everything purchased that I feel we need. Tuesday we start co-op, and next week we will start at home as well. I am actually excited about it all again (I have not really been too excited lately about anything.)
Jason will be starting 6th grade. Joshua will be starting 1st grade. They seem excited to get back into a routine as well. We so need that daily structure that summer seems to lack. But I will miss sleeping in a little, ok A LOT! LOL!



Jeannette said...

Wow 9th grade level in Science that is awesome.. I knew he was a smart child, must take after his gm...
I can't wait to see how this year goes for both. I pray you keep your sanity. You give up so much for your boys