Sunday, August 2, 2009

Being Lazy

I am starting to feel like I am using my brother's death to be lazy. I am not spending time with God. I am not exercising. I stay in bed till about 10am. I stay up late. I am not working either. I have not been back to church. I dropped out of teaching VBS.

At what point do I snap out of this and do what I need to?

I am sure I should be spending time with the Lord every day.
I am sure I should be exercising, even if only a 20 min. walk everyday.
I am sure I should be in bed by 11pm, and up by 8am.
I am sure I need to be at church.

At least I am:
-keeping house clean
-keeping laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away (so / so on the putting away part still have three loads in living room to put away)
-keeping food in the house
-making sure the boys eat something healthy daily (even making sure I cook something daily)
-having boys do chores daily
-having the boys do schoolwork three times a week
-talking with a friend at least once a day
-talking with mom, Scott, Kevin, or Sam at least once a day
-praying with boys at night
-doing some fun stuff with boys (we did water park, regular park, two fires with smores, swimming, and lots of movies in the past week)
-making sure boys still play with friends once or twice a week
-praying with boys at least once a day
-cuddling with boys a few times a week

As I reread my lazy list I was doing all that stuff before my brother died, so these are not new problems. I guess they are just worse. I need some motivation.

I think my goal tomorrow is to get up and go to VBS even though I said I would not teach I can still help out. Pray that I get up at 7:30am and get in gear. Thanks!



Jeannette said...

not to worry I will call you at 6:30 AM

be glad or be mad,,, ha ha