Sunday, August 30, 2009

a calm moment

Things are actually calm in my house right now. We all went to church this morning. Then we hung out at home and I took a nap. We just had a nice easy dinner (pasta with sauce and garlic bread.) And the boys are outside playing catch with Duane. I am about to do the dishes but wanted to make a blog post (anything to procrastinate housework-lol.)

We made our homeschool schedule on Fri. and are looking forward to implementing it tomorrow.

7:30-me up, prayer on phone with friend, walk around block
8:00-boys up and dressed
8:30-we all meet at table for healthy breakfast (if I am not up my boys like to eat junk)/clean up kitchen
9:00-Bible and devotion time, we may all do together not sure yet
Mon. and Fri.
9:30-meet at table to start school
Tues. & Thur.
9:30-leave for co-op
3:00-return home
9:30-leave for latin class
3:00-return home
6:00-dinner and children's activities at church
everyday afternoon:
3:00-chore time
4:00-6:00-free time / outside play
6:00-dinner time
family activity (maybe board game, etc.) / ready for bed
8:30-boys in bed Josh read for 1/2 hour / Jason read for 1 hour
8:30-me time with God
9:00-10:00-me straighten house, next day prep
10:00-11:00-me relax time (a.k.a. tv time-lol)
11:30-me in bed (hopefully asleep)

Monday after lunch we will go to gym class. Fri. after lunch we will do mini field trips (park, reptile house near us, beach, etc.)
We still have to fit in Josh's karate two days a week and Jason's music lessons once a week. Plus I may do aerobics two times a week, and have to add that in. Saturdays is cleaning, errands, and me work. Sundays will be church, family, and no chores or shopping.
So this is my proposed schedule. Pray that if it is God's will we will stick to it. Also pray as our most important lessons are the attitudes of our hearts. As lately we all have angry hearts (me especially.)

Well, the calm is gone, the noisy boys are back in and we have to get ready for bed (the dishes will have to wait to later.)