Friday, August 14, 2009


The past few days have been calmer.

Monday I went for a physical. My heart is healthy. I got some blood work, results not in yet. I didn't realize but it had been two years since I had been to my primary care doctor. I guess I need to remember to go every year from now on.

Tuesday was a nice relaxing day.

Wed. my boys had dentist appointments and they had no cavities. Yeah! Jason only has three baby teeth left. Josh has another loose tooth (he lost two already-I forgot to blog about that, will follow with a picture.) They both did well, although Josh was a bit apprehensive.

Thur. we walked around a town close to us that has a harbor with boats and stuff. Lots of people were crabbing and fishing. It was fun to watch. I also went to see my therapists. It is so helpful to have a professional to talk to about all my sadness and stress. It is also helpful to blog about it and talk with friends as well.

Today I am watching two boys from my church. They are 7 and 4, so my boys are happy to have some playmates. I used to watch the youngest in my in home daycare so it is nice to spend some time with him again (he is so sweet.)

My house is completely painted. It looks so nice. I will also post a picture of that later. Now the fence and awnings have to be painted (I want them white.) The fence is about halfway done.

Today is the 14th, it has been two months since my brother Eric died. It is still so hard, I would even say it is harder. I think going through this whole process is normal and healthy, but it hurts so much. I am glad I have the Lord to lean on. He makes it possible for me to face each new day. Yet still my heart is heavy and sad.

I so appreciate all your prayers and concerns.



Bones said...


I have been reading every post and praying for you. I have tried to comment and had trouble moving from Google Reader to your blog to comment (my pc kept locking up). I just wanted to assure you I am reading, I am praying, I am sending you e-hugs.

Blessings! Heather (aka Bones)

Becky R said...

thanks so much for the prayers. I can feel them.