Saturday, August 30, 2008

frugal living

Hello! My goal is to live very frugally. In the process it has made me aware how much we waste. So I am really trying to use everything up and not buy stuff if I have something similar. I have saved lots of money along the way.

This goes for:
-paper towels, dishcloths work great (but my mom does buy us paper towels, thanks mom, so hey I will use them if they are free to me)
-paper napkins, cloth ones I got used a long time ago also work great
-sanitary napkins, cloth ones are so much nicer on my skin (check out this site to buy some)
-toilet paper-fleece fabric (recycled from an old shirt) works wonderfully (and so soft too, and no lint) (no I am not kidding, it works great!)
-store bought cleaning products, vinegar & / or baking soda work great on most anything
-toothpaste, baking soda works great
-deodorant, again baking soda works great or corn starch

These are some of the things I do to live frugally.

I am trying to figure out frugal shaving, as shaving cream and razors can really add up. I tried an electric razor, ouch! Too harsh on my sensitive skin.
Tomorrow I am going to try shaving with my goat's milk bar soap (I love that stuff, not too frugal, but I buy in bulk and it is only about $3 a bar and is great on my sensitive skin and Josh's as well. Plus it lasts me about a month per bar.) I will let you know how that goes.
I need to find frugal, but good razors (I have very sensitive skin), any good tips?

I also am trying to use up everything consumable we have before buying anything new.

Right now we do not have kitchen trash bags, but we do have brown grocery store bags, plastic grocery store bags, and huge garbage bags (contractor bags), so I am using all those to avoid buying any kitchen bags. I have stretched these bags to last about 2 weeks so far.
Also I compost to keep some stuff out of the garbage, and before I toss anything, I see if we can reuse or the kids can make something out of it. They especially love paper towel rolls (from the paper towels my mom buys.)
I also use junk mail and envelopes as scrap paper before they hit the garbage or compost. My grandmother does this and I used to make fun of her. Sorry Grandma! You had the right idea.

This may sound extreme to some, and not extreme enough to others (I still buy those little flossers cause they are so convenient, regular floss is too difficult for me and the kids, but I do get them at the dollar store.)

I feel God wants us to be good stewards of His money, His resources, and His Earth. This is how I am doing my part. What about you? -Becky in NJ


KHynes3 said...

You can use conditioner as shaving cream. You can buy it at the dollar store and it will last forever. I do it all the time. I learned it from some home party.

Anonymous said...

I thunk it is awesome the ways you cut corners... you also are saving our environment!

Kristin Joy said...

Yes, I too like savings just like you & prefer discounts of online coupons for whole of my shopping.

Doris Korte said...

I just found your site. I need to be more frugal myself. I love your tips, keep up the good work. I work at a nature center, so am somewhat environmentally conscious. I compost, but also have a worm factory (vermiculture) the extra red wigglers are taken to the animal rehab and fed to baby birds in the spring. Now that's recycling! The compost goes on my flower beds. You can put your dryer lint, shredded paper, paper towels & plates etc. in your compost as well. Also if your vacumn cleaner is the canister type, that can also be added to your compost pile.
Keep up the good work.

P. Sinclair said...

Well, you've got me beat! I do enjoy cloth pads and sponge tampons, though. I've been using them for years. Also, I switched from paper towels to dishtowels...I had always felt guilty about my paper towel use. Additionally, I'm newly in love with reusable sandwich wraps and my plastic bag dryer.


Penniless Parenting said...

I realize that this is an old post; maybe you have this figured out by now, but have you tried sugar waxing?