Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogger Block

I think I have a bit of blogger's block (instead of writer's block.)
I have not posted much lately. It is partly because I was away on two trips, and partly because I want to talk about my Nebraska trip with photos. But while I was in NE, we used Duane's camera so I do not have the pictures yet! This is driving me crazy! I have become used to instantly putting up photos.
Rest assured I will talk about my NE trip. I will not divulge everything as I usually do as to not hurt any feelings of anyone, but I will tell you what I did and saw as soon as I can show you with photos.
The other reason I am on a blog block is that I am so busy. I am trying to get Josh ready for school, get myself ready to homeschool Jason and teach preschool at co-op, and just take care of the regular things. My house is seriously needing TLC.
I am glad we have done lots of summer stuff, but still half the time I feel so absent from the situation and like I am not enjoying anything at all. This is especially painful as many times I am there with my kids, but I am not actually present. I want that joy again. I long for it. I even know how to get it (more time with the Lord filling me up with it) yet still I am slacking. Pray I go to the Lord more so He fills me with joy which I can then pass on to my kids and others. Thanks! -Becky