Saturday, August 23, 2008

Some prayer requests for us:


Joshua is starting Kindergarten next Wed. It will be all day, 8:30am-3:00pm.

Joshua gets angry and acts on it quiet often, pray for him to think first and remain calm (he mostly does this with me and Jason, he has never done it at school, thank God.)

Pray for Joshua's dad, Jose. He is having some health problems. Also pray he would desire a closer relationship with his three kids, who all live in NJ (Joshua-5, Joey-12, & Cynthia-13.)


Jason will be homeschooled and is starting 5th grade. Pray as it will be a change to have me as his teacher. Pray also for our co-op where he will learn some subjects as well.

Pray for Jason's dad, Jason, and his wife , Donna. They had to move and are not seeing little Jason at all. They need prayer for financial provisions, and some medical care. Also pray for Jason's two sisters, Faith & Hailey.

Jason misses his dad & sisters very much, pray for his heart to be comforted on this.

For me pray:

my ankle would not hurt at all (without any surgery or further intervention)

my uterine fibroids (which thankfully are very small) would go away on there own

I need to lose at least 20 lbs!! I need more motivation to eat healthier and exercise ( I think would help some of my health problems!!!)

I need to grow closer in my walk with the Lord and spend time with HIM daily

I need more patience with my kids

pray for me to be the best daughter of God, mom, homeschool teacher, co-op preschool teacher, and office employee I can be and give 100% in all I do

pray we can meet all our financial obligations from this point on, especially with reduction in income

Thanks! -Becky