Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can you see any area to change???

Becky’s Budget Sept. 2008

Jason $386
Joshua $170
Office Work $600

Total $1156

*Tithe $116
Savings $
Offering $ 70 (Compassion Child $35 / Solutions $25 / F.O.F. $10)
*Rent $500
Car Repairs $
*Car insurance $ 70
Gas for car $160
*Allowance $ 60
Gas & electric bill $215
*Phone $ 24 (for basic phone only with taxes)
Non groceries $ 30 (contact stuff, misc.)
Freedom account $ 80
*HSLD $11
Clothes $ 0
Spending $ 0


-$180 a month

Notice no cable or phone, I cut them


jersey girl said...

Hi BEcky,

What about the over $200.00 you spend on tithing and donating? That is more than 10% of your income. While commendable and o kay to take money out of your pocket, is it o kay to take out of kids pockets? As they get older, they cost more, especially if you want them to participate in activities such as sports and recreation. Those activities are so important to supply to your kids as they build character and when they get to teen years, it is so important that they have something they can do that makes them feel special and good about themselves. That is what makes them resistant to peer pressure.

You are to be admired, because you do so much with a limited budget. Imagine families if we were all this thrifty and budget conscious with our spending.

Becky R said...

Dear Aunt Kathy,

Hello! I appreciate you reading my blog and wanted to respond to below comment.

All the money that flows in our lives belongs to God, so giving him back 10% is no big deal. (He does ask for that) and the offering is because even though we have little by America's standards, we still have so much. So actually for me the tithe & offering are non negogiable. I will work a 2nd or 3rd job to make sure those get paid.

In actuality I am only working 14 hours for pay (mon.9-4, and Wed. 9-4) and 9 hours for co-op (Tues. & Thur. 9:30-2.) So this is less than a full time job. But homeschooling is also a full time job as well, as is being a mom (which you know!)

In reagards to activities.

We do church Teamkid's every Wed. night which builds great character. We also go to Sunday school and church Sunday.

In addition Jason has done football, soccer, baseball, karate, & Odyssey of the Mind. This year he will do Odyssey of the Mind again as well as either an instrument or start up karate again. So even on my limited budget he has been able to particpate in many things.

He also is studying for his hunting license and is practicing right now with Scott.

Joshua also does the church stuff and did soccer, and is doing soccer again this fall. After soccer he will probably start karate.

While I absolutely agree that sports and extra activities need to be a part of there lives, I also believe first we have to give back to God and second help others.

I was just reading of a family who is in Ethopia picking up there 2 adoptive daughters and how poor the country is and stories of a few orphanges, where even food is not always a given. I think teaching our children to help those kids and so many more always helps them to be well rounded.

My kids are part of our budget. They love having a sponser child, who we pray for at every red light. They rather send him money than have cable & internet. They know they have so much, and others have so little (but if I could afford cable, and internet after helping others I so would.)

I have a Saturday night job that I make $60 a week at, if I work 3 Saturdays (which I usually do) this will cover the shortfalls in the budget, but I'd prefer to use that money as spending on th elittle things that come up, but will of course use it for bills first.

I hope I don't sound preachy or judgemental, this is just on my heart!

I love you! -Becky