Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aug. 2008 Budget

Becky’s Budget August 2008

Jason $386
Joshua $170
Daycare $300
Daycare $ 88
Office Work $505

Total $1449

Tithe $150
Savings $
Offering $ 70 (compassion child $35 / Solutions $25/$10)
Rent $500
Car Repairs $
Car insurance $140
Gas for car $200 (Aug. has 5 Sat., I put gas in every Sat.)
Allowance $75 (Aug. has 5 Sat., boys are paid every Sat.)
Gas & electric bill $200
Phone & online $70
Business supplies $
Food $
Non groceries $20 (contact stuff)
Clothes $0
QVC (last payment) $40
Freedom account $0
Spending $0

also I am selling green car for $400
this money is going as followed:
$65-Joshua soccer sign ups
$60-wedding gift
$200-camping trip Aug. 15th (includes food and site rental)
$35-school supplies

Please pray as of now I have no more money left in my savings for extras that keep coming up. I do have an emergency account that has 3 months living expenses but this is for absolute emergencies only. I also still have $325 for new breaks or glasses whichever I need first. I have bought most of Jason's homeschool stuff and have $100 left to buy additional books needed (but I already went over budget with homeschooling supplies by $200.) I need prayer because as of Sept. 1st my only income will be my office job and child support, so I can not have any extra stuff come up. I have to completely trust God as I feel He wants me to homeschool, but still I worry. Pray I give that over to God! Thanks! -Becky