Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In four weeks school starts

Four weeks from today Joshua will start kindergarten. Jason will start 5th grade (but at home with me and in co-op school two days a week.) I feel good about our summer so far. We have been to the beach a few times and we all went to Ohio together and I went alone to NE. Plus we have been relaxing alot as well as working and seeing friends. And on the 15th we are going camping for three days as well, so our summer is going well.

My goals for rest of the summer are:
-spend at least 30 min. with God daily (including my study, prayer time, & Bible reading)
-exercise 30 min. daily
-family time 30 min. or more daily
-straighten house 30 min a day
-me time 30 min. daily (reading or scrapbooking or blogging, stuff I really enjoy!!!)
-drink 8 glasses water daily
-sleep 8 hours daily (be asleep by 11:00pm and up by 7:00am)

-clean out my yard (weeds, tall grass, garden, etc)
-clean out front hallway, paint front door and front hallway (to make the entrance to my home more inviting)
-clean out my living room in entirety (remove daycare and make homeschool space)
-do Sept. & Oct. homeschool lesson plans
-do Sept. & Oct. co-op preschool lesson plans (I am teaching preschool in co-op)
-do daycare license paperwork (THIS IS AN ASAP!!!)
-go to beach a few more times
-go to fair at Navesink firehouse this weekend
-Mercy Me concert Sat. night
-camping Aug. 15th, 16th, & 17th
-school shopping ( I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!)
-blog about it all

What are your rest of the summer plans? When does your summer end? -Becky