Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My trip alone to Nebraska

Hello! I got an oppurtunity to take a trip alone to Nebraska. This was the first time ever that I took a trip with out my kids, just for fun. On Sat. Aug. 2nd my mom took my boys and my friend, Leighann dropped me at the airport. I was scheduled to take a quick flight (just 3 hours) at 11:00 am to Omaha, Nebraska. Well, my flight and all flights to NE were cancelled and eventually I got on plane to Minneapolis. I boarded that plan at 6:00pm (I had been at the airport since 9:30am.) The nice thing is I was bumped up to first class. Well, that plane sat on the run way for almost 3 hours. Which means I would now miss my connecting flight to NE. Yikes!

But God was with me all day. I spent so much time with Him. I was praising Him for a break for me and not being at the airport with kids and just for loving me so. Finally, the flight took off and first class got served dinner (I so needed that, I was starving!) I was not sure what to do about missing my connecting flight to NE, so I continued to pray. Well, even though we were late they plane I was on was the same plane going to NE. Yipee! So finally at 1:00am NE time I arrived in Omaha, NE.

I was so happy to see Duane. But boy was it HOT in NE. It was 100 degrees at 1:00am. So then we drove the hour back to Lincoln and then stayed up talking till about 3:00am. Then I went back to my hotel to go to bed.

Sunday we had to be ready for church by 9:30 am. That was tough to get up. But his church was really nice. The Holy Spirit was defanitly there. I was missing my boys alot at church though.

After church we went to his brother's. Then we took his niece lunch. Then I had to take a nap. Then we went back to his brother's and hung out and had dinner there. Their cat had kittens recently so I was in my glory to play with those little fur balls. One looked like my kitty from growing up. I also played Barbie's with Duane's 5 year old niece. She is too cute! Sunday night we went swimming, which was great! I love night swimming!

Monday, I slept in (yeah!!!) and then I got a nice tour of Lincoln. Monday night we went to dinner with alot of his family (his mom, oldest brother, youngest brother and his family,and his sister and her two kids.) They were all super nice to me and each other! They laughed and joked and talked with me. It was nice! Then very late Monday night we went to see The Dark Knight (not my choice) I watched half of it with my eyes closed!

Tuesday, I woke up early to get my flight. The flight was supposed to be about 11:30 am. But I ended up missing it, and getting out on next flight at 4:30. I was so upset, I wanted to see my boys so bad! But we went to this amazing lake and hung out and then went to lunch. It was nice to have a little more time with Duane. It was sad to leave him. He is such a sweetie.

At the airport my mom and boys were waiting with signs they made. It was so awesome. Plus my mom brought me home cooked food. Whenever I go away I always long for mom's home cooking.

So thanks Mom for babysitting, thanks Leighann for the ride to the airport, thanks Monica for babysitting Thur., thanks Duane for the nice trip, thanks to Duane's family for making me feel so welcome, and thanks to God for me coming home safely and for working out all the details to make my trip possible.

BY THE WAY, I AM NEVER MOVING TO NEBRASKA, it was nice, BUT I AM A JERSEY GIRL!!! (sorry but this trip confirmed it.) -Becky


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a good trip!!!!